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  1. My oldest goldfish were a white common named Ed, an orange common named Butthead, and an orange and white comet named Beavis. All three were 8 and a half years old when I had to rehome them to a 4 acre goldfish pond near my work. Although it was sad to let them go, they got a good home with plenty of live plants and aquatic insects to nibble on. Plus the other goldies to congregate with
  2. Yep 8 years and about 5 months. I originally bought 6 of the 12 cent goldies from my local nnnnnnn (when they still sold fish) with the idea of getting the tank started. At the time, I didn't expect any of them to survive, but 3 of them did. They outlived all of the other goldies I had over the years, including my moor Boggles that passed away after about 5 years. I wish I could have kept them longer, but the new apartment I moved to is quite small. I only had space for one tank. I was going to keep the goldie tank and give away/sell the tropical tank. But as luck would have it, during the move the goldie tank cracked while in my back seat and the stand was damaged by some heavy furniture. I had to keep the guys in a 5 gallon bucket for a few hours until I could find someone to take them. But I'm sure they are happy and have many more years to go.
  3. Yep guppies can be quite tenacious. I recently gave away nearly all of my guppies when I moved. I kept 2 males and four females. I'm down to one adult male now, but recently notice a male and a female fry swimming around the floating plants. This is in a tank with tiger barbs, mollies, platys, and a couple of tetras. Even with all the competition, I still managed to get at least 2 new fry. Who knows if more are still hiding in the plants. I should also mention that these guys are all decended from the original pair of guppies I bought about 5 years ago. Given how many times I've done a guppy give away, I'm almost thinking the only way to get rid of them for good is to nuke the tank. Not that I would want to do that anytime soon
  4. I'm a bit partial to commons, and it's always a bit sad walking into a chain petstore and seeing how crowded the common tanks are. They are packed in quite literally wall to wall. It saddening to know the potential most of the commons have if given the right enviroment. Just ask my 3 commons I bought about 8 and a half years ago. Although I recently had to give them to a new home when I moved, they grew up to be very large and healthy under my care. Quite suprising since they came from a local nnnnnnn.
  5. I have quite a few pics, but here are my best
  6. Here's Ariel Here is an old pic of Fuzzy. Not exactly a comet, but still a handsome fish
  7. Here's some of my black moor Boggles. and when I first brought him home 4.5 years ago
  8. I definately understand. When the goldies do get bloodworm, it's just as an occasional treat in addition to their regular diet.
  9. Thank you everyone for the compliments. Part of me can't decide if I want the plants as dense as they used to be on my 10g or if I like it the way it is. I guess would be best to wait and see what the various plants do. The crispius, ulvaceous, and dwarf lily have the potential to take over the tank, given enough time. The ulvaceous DID take over my 10g when it was there. I should also add both of the A. crispius have nearly reached the top of the tank.
  10. My guess is that it varies from merchant to merchant. One might sell a portion as wide as say a half dollar, another might sell a portion 2 or 3 inches across, and so on. edit: Oops, I guess I should look around a bit more before I post. Most sites sell by weight, not by volume. One site I've ordered plants from before, plus some others I've browsed, (other plants, not duckweed) sells it by the pound.
  11. Here are the latest pics. There has been alot of growth in the last 2 weeks. Various aponogetons and a dwarf water onion What seems like an unusual apon to me and a couple of lily pads. The tiger barbs are getting nice and chunky A full tank shot.
  12. I've used those in my planted 10g tropical tank and to me they seem barely effective even for that use. I tried it because I wanted something that had minimal surface agitation since I was running DIY co2. I replaced it with an Aquaclear hob because the internal took up too much space in the tank, and it was a pain in the #$% to get to the pads to clean them. Plus the pads seemed to clog up very quickly, but that may have been due to the heavy plant and moderate fish load I had at the time.
  13. Those will be fine. I have the same thing in my 20g tank, for a few years with my black moor Boggles. They are still there, but buried in the regular gravel I used to set up a planted tropical tank.
  14. Don't know what company or store that is referring too, but I right clicked the links, viewed the properties, and one is for Tetra brand freeze dried bloodworms, the other is for Tetra Sun dried baby shrimp. I've tried the blood worms on many occasions and the fish love them, no ill effects. I tried the baby shrimp, but my goldies did not seem very interested. They are safe, since they are made for fish to eat.
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