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  1. Have been on here before re swimbladder regarding my black moor Ruby....i have not filled in all the parameters cus have done this time and time again and I know they are ok now ie no amonia, no nitrites, nitrates below 10...so easy to keep when you only got one fish in 20 uk gallon tank I had resigned myself to her floating on top of tank for times in between starving and feeding peas, but eventually found that she was ok all the time by feeding frozen daphnia. I kept up that diet all the time but was unsure if this was enough for a balanced diet so tried to introduce different types of food every now and again with the same result..............floating on top of tank. I wished I had left it at that but tried sinking algae wafers, leaving them in water for hours before feeding so they were really soggy, as I am going on holiday and wanted something that neighbour could administer easily, I can't expect them to defrost food and then give for a few times throughout day. Over a few days this really seemed to go ok until this morning when I left a whole wafer that had been left soaking overnight........I have come home from work and she is continually resting on the bottom of the tank!! This is so unlike her, if I knock on the tank she will move and swim around as normal, but cannot understand this staying still on tank bottom. I have gone from floating on top of tank which I seemed to resolve to now a problem of resting on bottom, I don't know what to do Obviosly I am not going to feed any more, see if it resolves and go back to frozen daphnia, but is there something I should be doing now? I do not want her to die she is the last of 4 fish that I acquired 6 years ago (2 have died and one is in a huge outdoor pond) I am hoping that by morning she will be back to normal, but my oranda that died started with the same thing, just laying on bottom of tank and I never really knew what was wrong with him, but this definitely only started today when I left the whole algae wafer in tank this morning
  2. Hi Daryl, Thanks for replying When I say floating, she does'nt ever turn upside down. She just rests listlessly at top of tank. She is able to swim around but does have difficulty swiiming to bottom of tank. This tends to happen immediately after feeding and can last for couple of days depending on what she has been fed. If fasted she returns to normal and can sometimes be ok if fed only lettuce peas brocolli etc I use frozen worms and daphnia. I also use hikari sinking wafers, even soaking them for 1/2 hr before feeding. I dont use any kind of flake food. I have made gel food in the past, mixing tuna with veg, but nothing seems to work No amonia or nitrites in water. I struggle to keep nitrates below 10. PH 7. I do 25 to 50% water change twice a week. Doing everything more than need to really to see if it makes any difference and I always hoover the gravel and is only approx 1" deep 2 things you have mentioned could be the cause of her problem. She was almost certainly exposed to amonia and nitrates when I first got her about 5 years ago when I did'nt know how to look after goldfish properly............too small a tank, not enough filtration, didnt cycle the tank, not enough water changes, feeding dried flake food etc etc. This could go a long way to causing how she is now but I think she has got worse recently. Another thing is temp of water. I have never used heater in tank as water never really got very cold but we have had a more severe winter than normal this year I have got a heater here somewhere if I can find it. I could put that in and stabilise temp more and see if that helps Thank you so much for all your advice
  3. Have posted on here a couple of times re swimbladder but I think there is no easy solution for my 6" black moor Ruby. I have tried all the diet suggestions but none really work 100% She may be ok for a couple of days but always ends up floating listlessly on top of tank. It got to the stage where I was feeding her more veg than substantial food just to see her swimming round normally, even the veg did'nt completely ensure that she would not float to top of tank I may be imagining this but I really think she looks thinner since I have been feeding more veg. Am I feeding her enough protein? I guess what I want to know is does this floating on top of the tank cause any pain or discomfort? I don't think she looks too happy floating on top of tank compared to when she is swimming around but I think I would rather feed Ruby a tasty and nutritious diet rather than worrying about what will make her float on top
  4. Thanks for all your replies, I did'nt know that about brocolli causing gas build up. I will stop feeding that and use other veg. I have done gel food in the past but it did'nt seem to make any difference, I thought it might have been because I was feeding too much and made portions smaller but this did'nt help. I have about 2 inches of gravel but hoover every time I do water changes. I've never seen her gulping air, and as for getting a pic of the grey like markings on her I have tried but it doesnt show in pic. I can only see it myself in certain light. Would she be ok on mostly all veg for her diet?
  5. I have got a black moor approx 7 inches with quite bad swim bladder. I only feed frozen blood worms,daphnia, Hikari sinking wafers, brocolli and peas She is fine if I fast her or feed veg but as soon as I feed her anything substantial she ends up floating on the top of the tank..................it is getting to the stage wher I deliberately feed her veg to see her active and swimming round tank but am scared that I am not feeding her enough protein I know I will be questioned about water quality.....can I just say that she is in a 20 UK gallon tank with more than enough filtration, nitrates below 10. I do everything to maintain water quality that I learned from this site in 2005 There is only one thing that is perhaps cause for concern. I noticed a grey like appearance at base of top fin travelling up and across top of fin. I was not sure what it was and salted up to 0.3% then over period of time treated with Melafix and Wormplus with no effect whatsoever, the grey tinge is still there but Ruby is still swimming around as normal Would welcome advice from anyone that could help
  6. Hi Newbie Thank you so much for replying to all my cries for help, I really appreciate the help I got from you and in the past from this site itself. But I cannot go on any longer hoping that Clive will recover. He is in a 25UK gallon tank treated with Wormplus. I have only fed him on minute portions of homemade gel food (to include protein in diet, advised by someone on this site) and various veg. I have used Melafix after prevoius Wormplus treatment, kept water as pristine as I can and really thought he was getting better. Before I went to work this morning I fed him with a Hikari sinking wafer for the first time thinking that he was ready to resume a more or less normal though modified diet and came home to find him upside down floating on surface of water, the worst I have ever seen him......................I really had to sit down and come round a bit, I have never ever seen him that bad before I was quite ready to do anything possible to get him better, but I cannot tolerate seeing him like this. I have done a 50% water change to try and get this wormplus out of the water, cannot change any more water yet as I think it is really stressing Clive out, especially as I removed him out of the tank into a small container to try and get some good photos to post, and wish I had'nt as he got really agitated and it was obvious that he did'nt have that much energy to start with, it has really upset me and I cannot bear to see him like this..............I have phoned a friend to ask her if she will put him to sleep for me. She cannot make it until tomorrow but says she will do it for me tomorrow. She is sympathetic but cannot understand why I should be upset about a fish He is now worse than I have ever seen him, he can swim when I go up to tank but at rest is floating on top of tank, sometimes with head down and tail floating on top of water, and sometimes he is upside down, it is awful to watch. I cannot put him through any more treatments, even water changes, he never used to mind me messing about with tank, used to eat out of my hand and was never bothered about what I did with water or ornaments inside tank but now seems nervous and agitated when I do anything with the tank I am really upset about this and cannot believe that he has deteriated so much, but thank you all for your help
  7. [*]Test Results for the Following: [*]Ammonia Level?0 [*]Nitrite Level?0 [*]Nitrate level?0 [*]Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? 7.2 [*]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? [*]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops?tetratest, drops [*]Water temperature?78% [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running?25 UK gallon [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s)?tetratec ex700, aqauflow 200, hang on back type filter dont know make [*]How often do you change the water and how much? 50% 5 times in last 11 days [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 approx 4" [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners?prime [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? gel food, sinking wafers and assorted veg [*]Any new fish added to the tank?no [*]Any medications added to the tank?wormplus added yesterday [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus?no [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? finding it hard to stay at bottom of tank. When water had'nt been changed for 11 days (due to holiday) he was much worse. Water is better than I have ever kept it, I was hoping that it was high nitrates that was causing the problem. Thats why I now like to keep them 0. I added the wormplus yesterday and am going to leave it for a week There is nothing more that I can do. He looks quite normal when he is swimming but as soon as he stops he starts floating to the top and has a problem staying on the bottom, I have tried fasting him, then only peas for 3 days,, nothing seems to work. I have a day off today so am going to persevere and try and get a pic which shows the bulg on his back end
  8. Am back again and problem still not resolved, quick update...................Clive my Oranda has not been well for a while, just a change in behaviour at first, or not acting like he always had done but it eventually ended up with him having major bouyancy problems. One morning I found him upside down leaning against one of the filters, someone on here told me that it could have been because he was so weak he could'nt even swim against the pull of the filter................................. I initially removed him from his shared tank and kept him in clean salted water in a 3 gallon container (nothing else avaible at the time), after advice from this site I bought wormplus and melafix. Eventually transferred him into a 25 UK gallon tank (vacated by Stan my shabunkin who has gone into the most fantastic pond that I could imagine, kindly arranged by a friend of mine, he is only alive today because of the help I got on here about 3 years ago, hope you can do the same for Clive!) I went on holiday 2nd July and Clive was ok, not perfect, but I thought ok to leave. I returned 11 days later and it was obvious he was not. I did 50% water changes for 4 days running although not even sure that water was the problem, did them just in case, nitrates continue to be undetectable!!!!!! obviously because of all water changes, never had such good water but it is still not doing Clive any good Have started wormplus treatment again today, can only hope that this will do any good, at the moment he is resting nose down in gravel body just floating in water. There is definitely something wrong, but what I do not have a clue I am still convinced that there is a physical deformity in that there is a bulge on his right side (which no one else except me can see) I am continually trying to get a photo that I can upload for you experts to see, but have taken loads of pics which do not show the problem, I have 5 pix camera which I thought would have been good enough, anyway will continue to try, hope someone can help
  9. Thanks Trinket and Newbiefishgirl, just wanted to let you know that Clive is much better............still has a slight problem with staying at the bottom of tank but seems to manage. I still think he has a bit of a bend in his tail but am going to keep taking pics until I get one where it is obvious. Maybe he is always going to have buoyancy problems now as I can't think of anything else I can do for him I started giving him more veg for a couple of days and now he is on gelled food of dried shrimp, broccolli and organic tuna....he is going mad for it but am feeding him tiny amounts at a time. I have got 2 airstones, a spray bar from the external filter and a hang on back of tank type of filter, not that good as a filter really (media compartment too small) but good for extra aeration I am not sure of sex have always he was a boy, so just assumed really. Hope he will be ok while I am away, I will be straight back on here if he is'nt ha ha. Thanks for all your help
  10. Hi Trinket thanks for replying, I have only been feeding home made gel food, veg and sinking wafers for a while What I do not understand is that Ruby my black moor has always had swimbladder problems but I have always manage to control it by diet.............................this thing with Clive has seemed to come on over a couple of months but his symptoms have been much worse than I ever saw in Ruby Clive was always the hardy, tough more energenic one I have been been feeding him half a pea twice a day, and today started him on gel food, he is more lively and swimming around but Il can still see that he has to make an effort to stay on bottom of tank (he is now in tank on his own) (I also treated the tank with wormplus on Sun, gonna have to remove all that on Wed before I go on holiday) Am getting frustrated now cus do not know what else I can do
  11. Thanks for your reply Mustlov, but am really concerned now, I am in the UK so we do not have access to the medications that you have in other parts of the world He is not face down in gravel with body upright at moment (although has been like that) I am a novice when it comes to fish diseases but after salting to 0.03% for few days followed by wormplus and then Melafix for 7 days there was much improvement.................although, I personally think that improvement first occurred when I had him separated in container on his own, salted 0.03% and fasting him and then feeding peas..............................obviously the treatments contributed to him getting better, but then when I thought he was ok, he was upside down again, floating to to the top and unable to swim against the flow of water in the tank. The only thing I can think of that could have happened is that he gulped down the amount of food for 2 fish straight away..............normally I used to separate Ruby (black moor) and Clive when they were feeding because of obvious reasons but I could not do this all the time so am convinced that Clive ate more than he should have done which caused his relapse.....................please tell me that you agree that this could have been the reason I go on holiday in 2 days and not sure what to do
  12. Am sorry for starting second post here when I already had one in Disease and discussion but I just panicked. If someone could transfer this to my other post as it is not a life or death situation and I do not want to take up room here. Clive has now eaten another half of pea and though lethargic and seems to still have bouyancy problems at least he is not floating on top
  13. [*]Test Results for the Following: [*]Ammonia Level? 0 [*]Nitrite Level? 0 [*]Nitrate level? 0 (only cus done 100%water change) [*]Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? 7.2 [*]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? 7 [*]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? Tetratest [*]Water temperature? 75% [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 25 UK gallons approx 3 years [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s)? Tetratex External 700, Aquaflow 200 internal. hang on back type of thing, not a very good filter but adds more aireation [*]How often do you change the water and how much? he has just been moved to this tank, previously was in 20 Uk gallon with a black Moor, water changes over past couple of months between 50% and a 100% a week [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? One oranda approx 4 to 5 inches [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? homemade gel food, Hinari sinking wafers, brocolli, peas and spinachwafers, [*]Any new fish added to the tank? no [*]Any medications added to the tank? at present no, gonna add worm plus later today [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? no, but seems to have a small bulge to left hand side of tail, always thought for a while that his tail twisted to one side [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Lethargy, sleeping a lot, floating to top, sometimes floating horizental, still eating ok He is not floating about this morning so at lwast is on the bottom, still very lethargic, starved him yesterday and fed him half a pea this morning which he has ate
  14. water def not proplem...... checked evrything....................all said in previous posts looks worse than ever,,,,,nose down, body upright,..........when disturbed swims around normaly. trouble swimming to bottom and staying there..................wish it was just swim bladder! going on holiday in 3 days, was going to add worm plus tomorrow and leave 7 days (then back from holiday) If swimbladder (and I hope it is) how on earth do I control..............only ever use sinking food or home made gel food cannot leave him for 10 days if he has got something physically wrong........................................he looks ok but seeing him struggling to get to bottom is really upsetting
  15. He is getting worse........................I know for definite now that it is not water......I know quality could not be better................cannot believe after all this time that he is goon suddenly gonna d die
  16. Hi Tink, thanks for replying, I used the worm plus when clive was on his own in 7 gallon container, but moved him back in to 20 UK gallon with Ruby (black Moor)) to treat with melafix I can see where you coming from but Clive is only fish that having problems, Ruby was and still is in perfect shape........................strange really cus in the beginning, Ruby was always the one that was 'sensitive' ie needed that extra bit of attention I am startng to think that maybe he has got a problem that is not treatable,, if that is the case then I will have no hesitation in putting him to sleep. I have heard that fish have no feelings.................. think I am saying that to ease my own conciensce
  17. This a new problem............ done the wormplus and melifix treatments, seemed to work but now worse than ever, looks like swimbladder ie floating towards surface, buoyancy problems, problem of his back end turning sideways seems more pronounced and he has a kind of swelling or lump to his right side near his his tail. Thought at first that it was him gobbling all the food meant for 2 fish, normally I would stay around and make sure that Ruby (black moor) got her share, but that was not always possible........now I do not know what to think my shabunkin moved into the most fabulous pond last Tues so his 25UK cycled gallon tank which I had planned to get rid of is now to be used again......I have changed 100% of the water, internal filter I have cleaned but have left external filter untouched Amonia, Nitrites and nitrates 0 PH is 7.8 same as tank he coming from have matched temp exactly am convinced it is not flukes or parasite, but am a novice so would love to be proved wrong.........do not know what else to do, can do another worm plus treatment tomorrow (7 days since last one), am feeding him peas and brocolli only at present in case this is some kind of blockage..................I go on holiday in 4 days so do not know what to do. I have 2 friends who come in and feed when I am not here but would not expect them to do any more than that I have taken about 50 pics this afternoon trying to get a photo of this swelling I can see is, but he wont stay still when I am close to the glass If he is really ill I would rather put him to sleep than go on holiday and leave him in the hands of people who will feed but not notice if there is anything wrong.......I do not want him to die, but I do not want him to suffer
  18. Thanks amy and lynda, It does'nt actually say on packet of Wormer Plus how long to leave fish in it. Just says it is designed for a one off treatment and to repeat in 7 days if necessary. This would have been no problem if Clive had been in his tank as I could have left it in for a week but because he was in just a 7 gallon container I had to change water every day. I did try a small internal filter I got but it seemed to take up so much room that I decided to just change water daily...........so the Wormer Plus was only in the water for 24hrs............I have kept the packet so can always treat again in 7 days if need be I would have had this same problem with the melafix as well, as that says to dose daily for 7 days then do a 25%water change so have put Clive back in with Ruby his black moor tank mate. It will be easier for me to moniter his behaviour as well now that he is in his normal environment. I am assuming it will be ok to use the Melafix and still keep Ruby in the tank as well.........it does sound as if it is quite safe. My other option would be to put Ruby in my other tank with Stan my Shabunkin and just make sure that Ruby got her share of food at feeding time Will look up more about Melafix before I add it to tank water Thanks for all your help, will keep you posted
  19. Have had a terrible week, computer crashed unable to get it on at all, treatments that I had ordered over internet for my oranda Clive never arrived on Tues when I had been assured they would and I was unable to contact the company as all details were on my computer. Eventually found that it was only my moniter that had died and I have bought a new one today, so have come on here immediately I continued to keep Clive out of the main tank but transferred him into a storage container, it is not much bigger than the bucket he was in but does hold about 7 gallons compared to the 3 he was in before I carried on doing 100% water change daily and kept water salted to 0.03%. I started feeding him sinking wafers and shrimp and broccoli gel food. I fed tiny amounts at a time to make sure he ate it all. He did start to seem ok, he was eating fine, no marks or sores on body, no fin clamping, he in fact did look ok except for this kind of kink in his tail and still resting more than he used to, though it is a bit difficult to gauge as he is in such a small container. I was so disappointed when the treatments did'nt arrive when they should have done and all I could do was carry on with what I was doing. I did not get them delivered until yesterday afternoon (Fri) a little bit different to Tues morning like I had been promised, but found that it was mistake by Royal Mail rather than supplier. I was not very pleased to say the least Anyway used the Wormer Plus yesterday.....supposed to kill fluke and parasites, but not sure what to do now. It says it is a one off treatment but may require further treatment in 7 days if heavily infested, although don't think I will need to use again. Thing is does it work in 24hours? if it does'nt I have got a problem as I am doing 100% water changes daily (I have tried everything I can think of to try and get a filter in this container without success) I have got melafix to use when Wormer Plus has been removed...........I could'nt get online to find out for definite so just assumed that you cannot use both together I will hold off doing anything for as long as possible, but in the event of getting no reply in time I will just assume that the wormer plus has done its job and maybe change 50% of the water, I can always check the water quality, only thing I am worried about is if I do not do the whole 100% water change I may find that readings are ok tonight, but what if amonia spiked overnight? can it go high quite quickly? plus Clive is not 100% himself, plus he is also in a very small container. I will wait and see..........................if I do not get reply in time, will maybe search other areas of the board to see if I can find similar circumstances PS Amy, thank you for your reply when I needed it Lynda, thank you also, microscopic evaluation was totally out of the question, friend I asked nearly fainted and thought I was joking, so fish swabs definitely no no!! as for bend in tail, I do think it is still there though every time I try to take photo it is not apparent, maybe I am imagining it Newbie, thank you for telling me about your fishes problems, I always assume that you all have perfect fish because you know what you are doing and that any problem is down to the owner Daryl, thank you for all your info which I have copied and printed off, you frightened me a bit but it made me do something straight away and order treament stuff just in case (despite them not arriving for nearly a week)
  20. Thank you all for your replys, I did do a an itemised answer to all who had helped but computers tend to do what they want Anyway thanks for all your answers, I have ordered melafix and wormer plus (was unable to purchase locally) You all do a marvelous job and am gratefull to you all
  21. I do not believe this, I just spent ages replying to everyones replys and advice they gave me and when I tried to reply it just crashed
  22. Have been checking but no one has answered my post, maybe I worded it so that folk thought I did'nt want a reply, or maybe not enough details Im' not sure Anyway i have had Clive in 3 gallon bucket for 4 days now with just airstone, doing 100% water change daily and perhaps even more, trying to do it in little bits to avoid stress. He is just lying still all the time with his back end twisted to one side (this is not a new thing, I thought a while back that maybe he was deformed in some way, perhaps from breeding???? heck am grasping at straws here) he does move when I go near or move his fibre plants (just put in to give him some cover) and then looks normal and swims around ok, but just goes back to laying still again. I have not fed him for 2 days and have just given him one pea this morning which he ate Have just read a post by toothless about parasites and flukes and also about a product called 'wormer plus' which is available here in the UK. I am going to give that a try even though Clive has not displayed any of the obvious symptoms of parasite infection but will try it anyway. Toothless also mentioned abot microscopic parisites. I work in an environment where there are microscopes..........I no longer work in that area myself but there may be a chance that I could ask someone to do the testing for me...............................Would it be a swab from fish body? and would it have to be a wet or dry slide? I cannot see any way that I would be able to provide a wet slide in time I think he is going to die but I would do anything I could to try and save him....................would welcome any kind of advice at all
  23. I posted some time ago about Clive my oranda, he shares a 20 UK gallon tank with a black moor, they been together since Oct 2004 when I got them as babies. I said that I had noticed a difference in his behaviour, used to sleep flat on gravel then started with having nose in gravel and body floating upwards, or he was floating on top of water.............thought at time it was swim bladder but did'nt understand why it happened all of a sudden.....he was swimming ok, still going in frenzy at feeding time, no marks on his body. I did more frequent water changes, fed more fruit and veg, started making gel food and he seemed to improve then he seemed to act odd again, it was more pronounced at some times than others (though never coincided with water changes, ie water quality did'nt seem to be an issue) I became obsessed at keeping everything ok in case it was my fault. I increased water changes and checked it more frequently, added another filter just in case, in fact I actually got nitrates to undetectable (had always tried to keep below 10 but sometimes was 20) Anyway water was as perfect as it could get, better than it had been all the years I have had fish, but sometimes he was ok and seemed his normal self, then other times seemed as if there was something wrong Recently, he started sleeping more than usual, but always woke when I went to tank, still went mad at feeding time but started this nose on the bottom and body drifting upwards again................did what I always did when it happened, an extra water change, did'nt feed at first then just fed veg (poor old Ruby, my moor has to put up with this treatment too) He always seemed to be a bit perkier when I did this but I am beginning to wonder if I was just seeing what I wanted to see, over the last 3 to 4 weeks or maybe even longer, I knew he was getting worse but he still looked ok.............. I did not come on here cus I would have just been repeating what I said before and I know I would have been asked about the water etc which I know I have got right, I also tried to take pics to post in case they showed something that experts would recognise but that I could'nt but he would'nt keep still..................8 days ago I found him nose in gravel but body upright against latest filter I put in (its only a medium internal thing I added to over filter kind of thing) I panicked thought he had got drawn into it or something, but he started swimming when I tapped on the glass but I knew he was not ok Anyway I know now there is definitely something wrong, I have taken him out of tank, put him in small 3 gallon bucket which is all I got at present, put in air stone and am changing 100% water change daily and have salted up to 0.3% over last 2 days.................I think I know he is going to die. Now that I can see him so close up he seems to have very thin vein like things in his tail, he has always had orange streaks in it it but these are very fine and dark, I have tried to photo them but does not show up in pic. He does'nt seem so active when I go up to the bucket but he could be missing Ruby his tank mate as they were always so close I am sorry for such a long post but I just wondered if it was possible for a fish in captivity to become ill from something not attributed to water quality ie could it have been something that I did not cause
  24. I am trying to find a home prefferably an outside pond for my shabumkin. Stan (thats his name) just continues to grow and I am no longer able to ensure that he is living in the best of conditions. He is in a 20 UK gallon with an external Tectratec Ex700 and I am doing 50% water changes twice a week. I know this sounds excessive but I know that Stan deserves the best..........................I posted this message cus I am hoping that there is someone in the UK who likes goldfish and can give Stan a home
  25. I already posted this in the UK section yesterday as I thought that would be best place seeing that I am in England and knowing that we are limited in what we can buy here, but had no reply so thought I would post here in case someone maybe able to give advice. I have'nt listed tank size, fish etc as have already been through the very traumatic training session on this site!! .............3 years ago you helped me save a fish that would surely have died, I still have the awful photos to remind me. Anyway he is now big healthy and strong, I may not have that many posts but I still log on regularly to pick up tips or when I think I have a problem. Question I have is.. I want to buy another external filter but not sure whether to go for Tetratec EX 700 which I already have or the fluval 205. I already have a tetratec EX 700 and admit I like it because it is easy to take apart for cleaning etc but I am not impressed with the flow. I can no longer use the spray bar as the flow is so weak, I have cleaned it out tried new media and even bought replacement pipes when I could no longer get the old ones clean, and tipped it continually so that not a bit of air remained in canister to no avail (this one is less than a year old) Does anyone know if the external fluval is as easy to clean as the tetratec? All I want is an effective filter that is easy to dismantle and change media, that is an important factor for me. I have had the 'old' fluval 3 internal filter which was difficult to open when it needed cleaning, after that I tried the Fluval 4 plus (newer version ) which was even worse. Fluval internals I do not like, but thought maybe external ones easier to open when needed? I have'nt really looked into the Eheim filter but would be prepared to pay more if I thought it would be an easier and more effective option. Hope someone can help
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