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    http://livedigital.com/APXfbQA_eQ/content/46814/ sorry, this is the picture. i went through paintbucket, and i got livedigital somewhow. let me know if you can't view it. Thanks
  2. manoosh


    Hi, i have had a salt tank for about a year now. today i looked in there and found some bluish eggs on one of the fake coral pieces. we have only various damsels and a shrimp, and 2 snails. i would like to get some help on what i should do... and if anyone knows what kind of eggs these are. any help would be appreciated. Thanks for you time jen
  3. that is such a CUTE picture!! i voted #1.. Love it! how do you guys take such great pics of your fishies? i can't seem to get a good one no matter what i do. Oh, your fish are Beautiful!! jen
  4. Hi, i wanted to let you know that lucky is doing GREAT!!! he is healing very nicely! the water tests are right on also! i wanted to thank you soo much for all your help. and i will be keeping in touch on the board, there is a GREAT bunch of people on here. jen
  5. Hi, lucky seems to be doing fine he is eatting now. he has some healing to do, but i think he is going to make it!! nitrate 10 nitrite 0 gh 150 kh 120 gh 7.4 ammonia 0 not to sound insensitive.. but how long should i wait to get any ?? 55 gallon is big for one fishy. i want him to have some friends. hope to hear from you soon. Thanks laurie for all your help. this is a GREAT site! jen he isn't darting or rubbing:).. and he doesn't seem to have any visiable signs of anything. the tips of his back fins have to heal. he swims around. no sitting on the bottom of the tank anymore! we have been putting in the stabilizer everyday since we cleaned the tank. just to throw that in there.
  6. ok all the stats look good to me. you let me know. nitrate 10 nitrite 0 gh 150 kh 120 ph 7.4 ammonia 0 we have offically named the gf lucky he was eatting a little tonight, so i think we are progressing!! thanks soo much for your help! jen
  7. i know what you are saying. i screwed up yet again! the last two test results i gave you are from the 55 gal after the "cleaning". i seen him a little bit ago go after a piece of food, but stopped short. not sure what that was about. but i am hoping that is a good sign! i will test the water tonight, and report. Thanks for your help!!
  8. we didn't scrub the stones. we got new ones. i didn't know what to do! it sucks seening all your fishies die. when we put the tank back together we put in some stability (new tank stabilization system) by seachem. we had that in the tank for a couple hours before we put him in. the day i got the test strips i bought some wardley goldfish food. so that is what we have been feeding him. while we were cleaning the tank we had him in a tank with his old water. and made sure the temp matched. he swims around and acts fine.. other than the eatting. i wonder if he isn't eatting because of all the stuff that has gone on. we did the tank switch over yesterday. so he did make it through the night. he doesn't seem to be weak... i am not totally sure how long it has been since he ate. i think he has suck in a flake or two the last couple days. but he doesn't go after it... i figured with all this water changing, just giving all fresh would have been better.
  9. morning.. well my one little guy left seems to be doing ok, other than eatting. have any suggestions? here's my tank info nitrate 10 nitrite 0 gh 150 kh 140 ph 7.4 ammonia 0 we did a total tank change over. got new rocks. soaked the deco in salt water for a few hours. then scrubbed them.... i just wish the little guy would eat well anyway. Thanks for your help!! jen
  10. well we are down to one but all the levels are good. so i am hoping we can save this one! nitrate 20 nitrite 0 gh 150 kh 140 ph 7.4 ammonia 0 i will keep ya posted. Thanks soo much for your help! jen
  11. here is my tap water info nitrate 0 nitrite 0 gh 150 alkalinity 120 ph 7.4
  12. ok the temp in the tank is 74 nitrate 50 nitrite 0 gh 150 alkalinity 170 ph 7.4 ammonia 1.5 should i do a water change? i did loose the last sickly looking gf this morning. so i have 2 left. but they are looking really good. no spots, no fraying... looks like a couple scales may be gone, but fins are all intact. Thanks for your help!! jen how do i keep the nitrates down??
  13. HI, sorry it took soo long for me to respond! i went to nnnnnn, but i wanted a kit... not just the strips. so i went to the local chain pet store and ended up with the strips Anyway. everything looks good. when i got up this morning 2 more of the gf were gone they were the last to small ones in there (about 1ich). everyone looks really good tonight spots are still going away. anyway.. here are my numbers. nitrate 30 nitrite 0 safe hardness 150 (hard) alkalinity 120 ph 7.8 ammonia .15ppm what is kH?? let me know what you think of the results. Thanks soo much! jen
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