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  1. WOW! Mongo is huge, Hidr! It was nice seeing a picture of him. It's been a long time. I hope all is well. Take care.
  2. Very pretty! I love that big oranda.
  3. The nice thing about this video is that the color is true, except the background, it's brighter in person. It was easy to do, I didnt even use painters tape, I used clear scotch tape and news paper to protect the plastic molding, and the opening of the tank, then spray painted two coats of burgandy on the back and bottom, then painted two coats of black on top of that, then used black electrical tape along the back pane to protect the paint from scratches. I'm thinking about trying a color paper to see it that will work. Also, I have to consider that I have a 220 gallon tank, and that may be impossible to do right now.
  4. It's nice when you both can enjoy the same hobby. I do all the work and my husband sits back and enjoy. Nicely done.
  5. I am loving that red paint! Seriously thinking about adding red to the bottom of my tank.
  6. I bought my tall plantss from the LFS in the area. I couldn't line them online. Thanks! I not sure what the call the purple plants, but everything you see is plastic and very easy for me to clean.
  7. I love the little white ranchu.
  8. I love it! I felt so relaxed just looking at your pictures.
  9. I really like the blue. It's very pretty.
  10. It looks like the goldfish are having a great party!!!
  11. My obession started while shopping in the mall. There was a place that had bettas and one snail in a small plastic cube. I bought one, and the snail died weeks later. I decided I wanted another snail for the betta, so I went to the LFS and they gave me the snail free of charge. Well, as I was looking around, I spotted the goldfish section. They had beautiful orandas, moors, etc. The moors were huge and so black and velvety. I had to have the moor and an oranda. Since I didn't have a dog, I really needed some kind of pet in my life. I ended up buying a 28 gallon bow front tank and the rest is history.
  12. Very nice! Be careful of the sharp edges of the rocks in the middle.
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