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  1. Hi there, this few picture i just took show my goldy.As compare with the first forum its skin have improve alot.There is a white stuff on the wan it is its birthmark. any ideal..
  2. THx for your concern eveyone.. Yahoo.......... As for now.. the goldy start to recover. It skin start to look better, after several days of treatment as well as every day changing 100% water.Indeed helping it alot. Pass few days, the goldy look tired.. every time i do a inspection on him/her. the fish will stay near the air-stone floating in sleeping position. As for now the fish swim around. as when i move over to look at him/her. the goldy will swim forward as usually... open and close its mouth non-stop. Thats a good sign..
  3. THX ok will take note abt it... just now u say the slime coat is it slime disease? Do i need to treat slime disease?
  4. Thx ok noted but in the Q-bowl i did a 100% water change every day and usually at night i will do a 20% water change incase the ammonia goes up.
  5. At the moment i am adding this into the Q bowl measuring abt 5-6 liters... 0.5 ml of both MelaFix? , PimaFix? & 4 drops Stress Coat?, abit Aqua salt and very very slighty doxymycin think not even 1mg. u told me to move it into main tank... what if... it is fungus ... than my whole main tank fish will be infested isnt? You know what the vet told me when i bring my goldy to see vet... he told me is parasitc.. I did ask the vet... "Is there any treatment for SBD?" than what he told me there is.. Currently i will be doing a full water change everyday else if the water smell stink i will do abt 20% water change. That all.
  6. Before this happen, this goldy suffer from blood steaks. therefore i treat it with medication inside a Q-bowl. I was afraid that i over dose the medication which lead to this. Does over dose lead to skin disorder?? well at the end of fins i seen some of it drops off but is mild. now it seems that is alright (no dropping of tail)
  7. Hi guys.. Need your great help here abt my Lionhead fish... It seems is suffer from some skin disease... and abit of SBD. Well.. yesterday bring ths goldy to see vet and the vet give me medication of doxymycin.. any ideal how effective is this medication again what the photo shown??? Can anyone pls tell me what skin disease is this goldy suffer from?? pls help this poor goldy fish. Pls
  8. thx so much. will do a check abt the PH value in 1 week period. see wheather will i drops its ph value. What do u think abt the water quality? will the fry dirty the water as much as 1-2 inch goldfish?
  9. thx so much.. days have pass now i can see soem fry growing quit big, so happy abt it. put what worry me is the water quality for this 1 feet fish tank. i just fill up abt 2.5 / 4 of the tank with water during the start. So when should i have some partial water change?
  10. Ranchugirl, I move them to a small tank before that is a jar. but faces some question abt fry. i manage to see few fry swim around. but after a while i find it landed on the base of the tank. Is it dead? If the fry not swimming around is it dead?? Can anyone help me identify. Is the survior one keep swimming non-stop?? After it become fry first day, should i feed them with hardboiled yolk? pls help anything i need to take note??
  11. Thx so much JemW Think there is no sign of dropsy. I have already move the fish to Q-bowl. Interpet finrot and Interpet internal bacterial Liquid is given to the fish. The left and side of the fish. The right and side of the fish
  12. Hi guys, First time seen these kind of things in my main tank have taken few shot and post in the wrong section can you all help me to identify.. PLs Link according to some of the guys written is eggs may be?? i dont know.. What should i do if it is eggs??
  13. ya i did do a water change abt 60% of it. since i am doing the cleaning of filter might well do a water change also.As i need those water to clean the internal filter also.
  14. This fish.. very mischief .. he like to swim around and making itself trap at a place.. therefore sometime its scale drops off .. Since yesterday, after i have change new filter cotton and change abt 60% of water this morning i find that its scale abit strange.. can anyone help?
  15. This morning about 40-50 kind of this thing found in my main tank.. Any one know what is this??? Is kind of sticky. it spread all around the base of the tank. some of them is around flat some is round having something strange looking inside the round things.. Next thing is that yesterday i did a clean up of tank and external filter (changing the internal filter) Can anyone help??
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