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  1. Just got back from college and he's still alive, plus he rushed up to the top for his dinner and ate like a pig so I think he's pretty much fine Glad to hear I'm doing things right, I think I just wanted reassurance that there was nothing more I could do. Already the big patch on his gill cover seems less open, as if the slime coat has restored itself there. The most awful looking part is his tail, it's split along every ray and just looks like a bit of ragged orange lace. That's an awful story about your moor! I hope she's fine now. Goes to show how sturdy they really are even in that state ^_^ thanks for reassuring me. The meds I added are Interpet Anti Internal Bacteria as a preventative measure, it said it was also for the prevention of ulcers and finrot so I figured it would help ward off any potential infections while he heals. I'll be sure to keep an eye on my parameters and I only added a half-dose just in case Additionally, I'll be phoning my LFS later to arrange a swap for the bristlenose, just in case this happens again. The bugger might now have a taste for goldie flesh! I reckon a 4-inch albino bn will trade quite nicely for a red cap oranda
  2. So I woke up this morning to find Dorito, a 5 inch fantail and my favourite fish, wedged behind the filter. My first thought was that he was dead, so with a horrible sense of dread I moved the filter to free him. He bobbed to the surface and thank god started gulping for air. My joy at him being alive was soon overshadowed when I examined him, however, as he's in such a mess. My guess is that while he was wedged there overnight my bristlenose decided to take a munch on him. Here's a rundown of the damage: - Large section missing from dorsal fin - Tail split along almost every ray, large end sections missing - Large patch of scales missing from left gill cover - Other scales missing all over body In the short time I had this morning I did the following: - 30% water change - 3 tablespoons of salt added - Half dose of anti internal bacteria added (it said for the prevention and cure of ulcers and finrot on the label, as well as internal infection. It's the only med I currently have) Tank Details: Ammonia Level - 0 Nitrite Level - 0 Nitrate level - 40 (normal) Tank size - 35 UK gallons, running for nearly a year What is the name and size of the filter/s? Rena Filstar internal canister How often do you change the water and how much? 30% a week Fish - Dorito the fantail, a black moor and a supposed oranda who never grew a wen also the female albino bristlenose, 4 inches. I guess I just want reassurance that what I'm doing is right and is there anything else I can do for him? He's in a bad way
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