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  1. Hi there, I am from the UK Its been a while so I hope everyone and their fishies are ok. I would like a new fish tank to replace my old one. I would like it to be 16-20 gallons but a corner one or bow shape if possible. Does anyone know what my options are, which is best etc. What pumps are best. I will only be keeping one blackmoor in the tank, I have a 10 gallon one at the moment but i would like somthing bigger plus my tank is leaking I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance Bubblefish x
  2. Thank you why lightly boiled - I put mine in raw !
  3. Hello fishy friends, I took your advice and bought a fan for my fish tank, I also let him play with the Kinder suprise pots and a large slice of cucumber, is cucumber not acidic? I am worried that maybe this would change my water readings. The fan is brilliant but if anyone wants one, they are hard to find in the UK at the mo. thanks
  4. Hi there I ws wondering, isn't cucumber very acidic, would this not affect water readings? I did try the cucumber and kinder trick, my moor seemed to play with the cucumber but I think he was a little affraid of the kinder egg cup. hehe, I will deffo try it again though. I have a a tank which sits on a stand, how would I put a mirror against it? Do any of you have pictures on how I could do this? :listen:
  5. I forget to mention that my tank has been running for months now, any other thought other than water params causing the white spots. I have looked at the picture posted by Clay and my moor has exactly the same but it tends to be only on his tail. I can sympathise with you, I've has this problem for months now. Thank you
  6. I too have a moor like this and if its anything like mine the white spot will make a small hole through the tail, this then clears once the white has gone. My ammonia is perfect and no problems with any nitrite, nitrate ph etc and I change 50% of the water once a week. I have tried fungas along with various other meds that people have suggested and nothing works. He can even develop a white spot the day after his water has been changed. thanks
  7. I also forgot to ask if it would be ok to add some cool water to the tank (as long as I have dechlorinated it ) or would that cause stress to the fish? thanks
  8. Dear Daryl Thanks but what is a water fall filter and how much are they ? thanks
  9. Hi there - I hope everyone is standing the heat but I am worried that my black moore isn't. The temperature of his water is nearly 28 degrees and he is a little sluggish, I wondered if there was such a thing to keep the water temp exactly as you want it, basically a water cooler instead of a heater? If these are sold do you know where they are stocked? Just out of interest what temp should coldwater fish be kept in? I am thinking of doing a water change tonight, would putting some cooler water in as well help? (I filled two buckets last night so that water will be warm too ( ) thanks
  10. Hi there - thanks for your reply. I read somewhere that snails were bad for your water results, could this be true, could they make your fish unwell? thanks
  11. I seem to have developed a family of small snails and wondered whether I should fish them out or are they ok to live in my tank? thank you
  12. Hi Would I find this Aquaclear in the UK? thanks
  13. I have also read that I could have an external filter is this true, sorry for the three posts but i forgot to add something to the last one.
  14. I should also point out that my tank is 54 litres.
  15. Hi I have been recommended to purchase another internal filter to work beside my Juwel Rekord 60 filter (I cannot remember who recommended it). I would like to know which is the best and why its better to have two. What do you think about under gravel filters? If I were to buy one where would I put it, ie RE the other juwel filter. thanks
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