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  1. it may just take a while for your oranda to get use to it. When i moved my baby goldies into their tub, they stayed in one corner for about 2 days but soon realized that this was better for them. Now they are even more active than they were in the tank i had them in. karla
  2. hi, my goldies usually sleep beside each other at the back right hand corner of their tank behind their big leafy fake plant. Usually i have to move it so there is enough room for both to sleep in. I love it when they wake up and they make this big yawn like we do when we get up. It is so cute !
  3. I'm pleased that Sunny D is doing great, she is such a beautiful fish and very strong. I hope your fiance gets well soon. I'm praying for him and your family. I understand how hard this must be for all of you. I too was in a car accident 4 years ago due to a drunk driver so my heart goes out to your family. karla
  4. hi, how big is your oranda right now? how old is she/he? in the food section of this forum there is a posting of foods that help w/wen growth. I believe high protein foods help but i am not an expert. You will need a bigger tank asap even if it is a inexpensive rubbermaid tub. karla
  5. maybe there is someone who can take the snails for you. I bought a whole bunch of anacharis, rinsed them but put them in a bucket so that i could treat for parasites and i found tons of snails. I couldn't kill them (felt too guilty) so i called a friend who will be going to her cottage next week, she told me she would take them and put them in the lake. She does this w/snails she does not want to keep. karla
  6. thank you all for your advice, just one last question, I put zucchini in my tank yesterday, clipped 1 piece on to a veggie clip, Butterball nibbled but i do not think she knows that it is food, but Casper, he went crazy, started nibbling it and trying to yank the piece from the veggie clip . Anyway when it got close to bedtime there still was zucchini left on the clip, can i leave the zucchini in the tank for them to finish or is it a good idea to take it out? I took it out for fear of polluting the tank. Oh I have cucumber but it is not organic, but tomorrow i'll be giving them a piece of orange since it's their tank cleaning day I was told only to feed them organic. karla
  7. Thank you goldfishcrazy2 . I am planning on feeding zucchini today. karla
  8. Thank God you arrived just in time, I wish you and her all the best. People should be more careful when transporting any animal. karla
  9. Hi, I've had my 20 gal tank for over a year and although I've had algae many times in my tank, I've never had brown algae before. I use to have gravel rocks in my tank but then went barebottom for a while since I always worried that my fish would choke. I decided a couple of weeks ago to put gravel substrate in my tank because they were smaller and it looks more natural in the tank since the gravel is sand color and now there is brown algae. I read in one of the posts at the top that phosphate levels can cause brown algae, that is why I am wondering if gravel substrate can affect phosphate levels? I've never been able to lower my nitrates, my nitrates always seem to be between 30 and 40, but they've never caused brown algae before. My fish appear fine, very active, always hungry, etc. thanks karla
  10. Hi, currently I believe they are about an inch long w/o tail, fourteen living in a 27 gal tub, will they be ok for a while? I do not want to give them away just yet since I would rather wait until their mouths are big enough to eat a whole baby pellet. thanks! I wish I could keep them , I really like them. Thanks Blue, that is why I cannot go into petstores, I want to take them all home . karla
  11. thank you , their mom is my orange oranda, Butterball, and the dad is my white fantail, Casper. this is a old photo of them. karla
  12. Hi, Ranchugirl, thank you . They are hard to measure since they swim around very quickly, but from what I can see when i try to measure them I believe the majority are an inch without tail. Some are fatter than others . I've noticed that since feeding them bloodworms, they are growing a lot faster. karla
  13. Hi, I now have fourteen 12 week old goldfish in a 27 gal rubbermaid tub with an elite sponge filter and a lustar hydro 3 sponge filter. I have anacharis plants in the tub with a pot on its side for hiding. I siphon and change their water 3 days a week and use aqua plus and stability. I just need to know when should i get them into a bigger home? I plan on giving them away but i do not know when it will be a good time to do so. To be honest if i had a bigger place and more time i would rather keep them but i know the people who want them and all of them know a lot about raising fish . Here is a video of them. thanks, karla
  14. Hi, I am sorry your Fats passed away . I am happy that you still have a fry . I had never raised fry until I found several fry after cleaning my goldies tank. I found Sorsha's post on how she raised her fry very helpful. Her post is the second one in this forum. Just be sure when aerating to keep the airflow low. Good luck karla
  15. thank you! i did just like you said but i only got 2 posts, mine and another that was not very helpful. Casper is a very strong fish and although i can cut the zucchini into big chunks, as they munch on it it will get smaller and i fear it will get small enough to fit into Casper's mouth and he will choke again. I would rather clip it on the veggie clip so that it is able to stay and i may be able to remove the peice as it gets smaller. I just want them to munch on something while they wait for their next meal. Also to keep them entertained . Any suggestions will be appreciated . karla
  16. hi, i just bought a organic zucchini to feed my goldfish but i am not sure how to feed them. I tried a long time ago to feed the zucchini by clipping a piece to the veggie clip but Casper ended up taking the whole piece off the clip and putting the whole thing into his mouth. He ended up choking but was able to get it out after some time. I know to peel it and remove the seeds but how do i clip it onto the veggie clip without him yanking it off? He is a very determined and strong fish. thanks karla
  17. This morning i cut the bloodworms into tiny bits and fed the babies, they loved them. But it turns out i never had to cut them up in the first place. I decided to see if they could eat them whole and they ate them like we eat spagetti , they just slurp them up. I think they knew it was food because i took a bunch of worms with my finger and put it in their water, i do this when feeding them their pellets all mushed up. I guess they associate my finger with food . Even the one who is a little deformed had no problem. Thank you karla
  18. Hi, there are many reasons why he/she got chased. Maybe your fantail is a girl and the others are boys or maybe they just felt like chasing him/her. Once in a while Casper, my male fantail will chase and push Butterball, my female oranda around just because i guess he feels playful and they've lived together for at least 3 years. One minute they are swimming fine, then Casper gets the mischievous look on his face and darts right to her and pushes her . karla
  19. Hi, I wouldn't worry too much, both my goldies sleep at the bottom of the tank on their bellies. Also your ryukin could just be looking for food. When my goldies search for food they often will spend a lot of time at the surface looking for food, looks like they are sucking air. How big is your tank, how many fish do you have, and do you have a filter, what size? Also do you have any aeration equipment, i.e. air pump, air stones, etc. karla
  20. Thank you! I just did not want to add something new to their tank considering that so far they appear to be doing well. Very active and always hungry. Their main food is hikari gold baby pellets that i soak and mush(if this is even a word) small enough for them to eat. They also get hikari algae wafers. I will be giving them bloodworms today. karla
  21. Hi, I'm not an expert but i do not think 1/4 of 33 gal is enough. I do think you should remove the fish that is being chased since he/she is probably going to get stressed out. Can you get a 10gal or 20 gal rubbermaid tub or a container/bucket big enough that you can house your fish in to give him/her some rest? Hopefully someone who knows more can advise you but i would definitaly seperate the fish in order to releive him/her. good luck. karla
  22. Hi, I read that you should add salt to your goldfish baby tank after 1 month. Is this true. I have 12 week old babies that are doing fine, should i start adding salt? Also can they still eat live baby brine shrimp? The petstore near my place ran out of frozen daphnia but i still have some brine shrimp eggs that i have not used in weeks. I also have frozen bloodworms. I do have hikar bio pure frozen brine shrimp but i find them bigger than the babies. thanks karla
  23. Hi, sorry to ask but do you shake the second bottle of nitrate test solution for 30 seconds? I use to think i had no nitrates until someone asked me the same question. karla
  24. Hi thanks for all the suggestions. I will probably get a tall 10 gal even though i just thought that they will not feel too compfortable with one on top of the other for 14 hrs. Casper is extremely fat. I will be using an battery operated air pump with tubing for the sponge filter. I am planning now so that i can get the sponge filter asap in order to start collecting beneficial bacteria. I do like the blanket idea, i never thought of that. The hard part will be not feeding them since Butterball tends to jump and tap on the glass with her mouth whenever it is time to be fed. I just thought that by adding a good sponge filter i will be able to still feed them and only fast for 24 hrs before we go. I have a fluval 205 for their tank that i will not be able to use since it requires an outlet. I will add plants for extra filtration and snacking. Is it less stressful for them to be in the dark because they think it is bedtime? I'm a little nervous but i have until fall to prepare everything so thank you for all the help. karlla
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