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  1. hi, you posted the nitrate twice. what about ammonia? karla
  2. On general mills website, I looked up their Green Giant frozen green peas b/c they do not say whether they add salt or not to the package, on their site it says a small trace of salt. Is that ok? karla
  3. Well your fishies are adorable. I laughed when I read Tonto . karla
  4. I'm happy your ryukin is better and that you did not give up on him . I think it makes perfect sense, I mean anybody or animal would get pretty upset and a little shocked if they were ganged up on. I think Pinto is a good tank mate for him. karla
  5. Thanks for all the replies . I talked to my friend last night regarding her fish and she is happy that i decided to adopt them. She will be bringing them to my place next sunday though b/c i still have to give the gf babies to a friend so that i can use the rubbermaid to house them before setting up the new tank. I think it is a good idea to put the commons in first before the fancies. I may try to keep one baby though since it will be hard to give them away. Just a question, the babies have been living in the 27 gal rubbermaid for a month and a half, so once they go is the water still cycled to house the commons? The commons are no more than 2 and a half inches right now. Also if i do keep one baby will he/she be able to live w/the commons or will i have to move him/her? I only have another 5 gal and the babies are roughly 1 inch w/o the tail. thank you and i will post pics of the commons when i get them. karla
  6. hi patchthefantail, your goldies are so cute. Is it ok if i ask if you speak spanish? I'm asking b/c i named my oranda gordita but since people could not say her name properly i translated it to Butterball. karla
  7. Thanks Daryl for your advice. The only thing i cannot do is seperate the fancies, they've been together for so long i fear one is lost w/o the other. But i do have room in my bedroom for another tank, i just thought it would be cheaper to buy one big tank w/adequate filtration as oppose to two seperate tank w/two filters, etc. I like the idea of getting a 55 gallon temporarily, maybe a 60 gallon for now until i can get a bigger tank for the commons. Hopefully Casper and Butterball will be polite when the commons move in. karla
  8. Hi, a friend of mine is moving away but she can't take her 2 commons w/her therefore she has to leave them here, possibly w/her family. I only have a 20 gallon tank for my 2 goldies + a 27 gallon rubbermaid where i house the goldfish babies. Unfortunately i cannot take care of all 14 babies b/c i do not have enough room for a lot of tanks and i cannot get a 140-200 gallon tank either so i will be giving them away. I'm not worried b/c the person who wants them is a very good fish keeper and i know she can provide a better environment for them . I will miss them though Anyway, right now my friend is housing her commons in a 5 gallon tank. Her problem is although her family says they will take care of them, she is worried that they won't since they do not value a fish's life and figures if they die who cares. So since i will still have my 27 gallon rubbermaid availabe i was thinking about adopting her commons so that they will have a better chance to live happily. The rubbermaid is temporary though. I had planned on upgrading Casper and Butterball's tank to a 40 gallon but since i may be adopting her commons i was thinking of housing them together, in a bigger tank of course. Is it ok to house them all in the same tank? What size tank is suitable for all the fish, 1 fantail, 1 oranda, and 2 commons? I would really like to give her fish a good life. They were feeder fish, she got them in november 2005 and as i already stated, had been living in a 5 gallon since. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks karla
  9. oh, sorry they have been bothering your ryukin. I hope he feels better soon . Sorry i could not give you advice on the pictures, i am not really good w/computers. karla
  10. hi, welcome to kokos i am not an expert but your tank is too small for your 3 fantails, 3 koi and 2 plecos. I am unsure if koi need the same amount of gallons as commons but fancy goldies need at least 10 gallons per fish and commons need a minimum of 20 gallons per fish. You need to also do weekly water changes to keep the water clean. Since you may be overstocked you need to do large water changes. You should also get your water tested, if you do not have a test kit then you should take a sample of your water to the petstore to get it tested. Be sure they tell you the exact numbers for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and ph. Are you able to get water conditioner, such as Prime? As for the black outline on your fish, not too sure, could be ammonia burns healing or your fish changing colour. I hope this helps a little. karla
  11. i have hagen GEO system aquarium substrate but it tends to raise your ph levels. I have a very thin layer so my ph, kh, and gh are at good levels so far. karla
  12. hi, if you are unable to test your water right away or get a sample to the petstore for testing, i think you should go ahead and do a big water change just in case it is the water, that way you can at least for now releive your fish in case there are any toxins in the water. I know you just added melafix in this morning but that will not help your fish if this is a water quality issue. But be sure to get your water tested asap. Welcome to kokos karla
  13. To be honest, I agree w/x-Lucy-Fish-x, there are just too many out there. At least a goldie has a fighting chance in a 10gallon or 20 gallon(for commons) than to be left at the petstore living miserabely. Most sites just tell you 10 gallons per goldfish, at least here we see this rule as a minimum and not an ideal size tank also we have a forum where we can give advice and learn from others. karla
  14. My lionhead who died was my mother's fish. She had him in a 5 gallon tank and then when she had to go away for a while i took him in and he stayed with me until he passed away. I wish I would have known about this site before he died, he probably would have made it. Prior to me getting the 20 gallon tank I had done my research all over the internet, learning more about their diet, housing, etc. In almost every site I've read it says 10 gallon per fish is good enough space. So I do not think people do not do their research I just think when the majority of sites are telling you the same information you are more likely to believe they know what they are talking about therefore you go out and do what you have learned. I did a lot of research, read up on people who own goldies and what they have done to keep them healthy. I would spend hours just trying to find all you can, that is why i had to convince my mom to get a bigger tank for her fish. And I know it makes no sense that w/all my research i would have known more about water changes, which i did but as I've stated before, I messed up on water changes thanks to the "expert" at the fish store and was new to canister filters. So to say there are no excuses is not fair b/c we do the best we can, we try to learn before we get our pets but with so many so called fish experts and sites telling you from "their own experience" we do not realize that perhaps they are sending out the wrong message. Just recently I came across a site from another "expert" who states that UGFs are ideal filters for goldies, whether that is true or not, people will read this and either continue researching or figure this guy/girl knows what they are talking about and will go buy one thinking that they are doing the right thing. I'm doing the best I can, I made mistakes and I'm learning. My fish, believe it or not appear happy, well except for now b/c they are waiting for breakfast . Same w/ raising kids, you do the best you can w/the first, learn from your mistakes and try to do better w/the next one. But like i said i am grateful for your post and from what i've learned and will upgrade asap. karla
  15. sorry just to not confuse anyone, these mistakes that i had made since getting my goldies occurred during the first 5 months that i had them. like i posted earlier, this website made me realize my mistakes and ever since i've been doing weekly water changes and monthly canister maintenance. So for 2 months during the cycling process i only changed the water 3 times and the 2 months after the tank was cycled i did not change the water at all. I felt so bad . karla
  16. thanks, not too sure if it is the same one, it looks like tiny pebbles, but i am not too good at being able to describe gravel, but it has raised my ph, which to be honest i needed since my ph was usually between 6.2 to 6.8, sometimes at 7.0 but rarely. But my gh was always good, my kh is usually low. So far my goldies appear unaffected by it plus i have a very thin layer so hopefully there won't be a problem. Thanks again and I'll monitor the ph, kh and gh levels to see if they stabilize at a safe level. karla
  17. hi, a year ago i bought one oranda and a fantail. Apparently they have been living together since they were babies. When i got them they were already 3 years old. All I had available for them was a 20 gallon tank. Unfortunately I never new about tank cycle, all i was told was to buy a fluval canister filter and i would only have to change the water twice a year. So for a while they appeared inactive, so i did a water change and all was well. During their first 2 months w/me, I changed their water three times b/c i knew nothing about cycling and i was misinformed on fluval canisters and water changes. Long story short, I clicked into kokos website and discovered my mistakes. Ok, so believe it or not i still had a lot to learn about water changes since i was still unsure of canister filters; therefore for 2 months i never changed the water, never checked the canister, just tested the water for ammonia, nitrites, and ph, which were always perfect. I did not have a nitrates test at the time. I also give them a variety of food. Anyway, thanks again to this website and all the info. the members here have provided I soon learned that water changes are important as well as testing, especially for nitrates. The reason why i am posting this is because from the time i got my fish until now they have grown at least 2 to 3 inches bigger. Also my oranda's wen has developed more beautifully each month. So far they have been w/me for about 13 months. Now perhaps I was fortunate to have purchased these amazing fish who for the first 3 years of their lives had lived in a tank less than 20 gals and despite all of my mistakes, including not getting a tank larger than 20 gals have managed to still grow almost twice the size they were at the petstore, I cannot help but be confused on growth of fish in general. Do not get me wrong, I do believe the bigger the tank the better for the fish. I had been planning on getting a 30 gallon for my goldies but thanks to this post will be getting a 40 gallon instead . I just need to know how my goldies were able to grow despite all of my mistakes and the obvious mistakes of their previous owner? Believe me, i had a lionhead live in a 5 gallon for a year and he was bigger than my oranda when i bought her and she had to have been at least a year and a half older. Side note, my lionhead did not die b/c of the 5 gallon, he died after i moved him into the 20 gal and added a friend who i did not realize was sick. karla
  18. Hi, I use to have colored gravel in my tank but I was always worried my fish would choke on them since every once in a while it would take him a while to get them out of his mouth. I went barebottom for a while, which I know makes things easier but I decided to go back to gravel. I read that the gravel should be small almost sand like to prevent choking so i bought Hagen GEOsystem Aquarium Substrate. My fish seem fine, I'm just wondering if this product is a bad idea. It does affect my ph levels though. I do not want to hurt my fish, I just need to know if anyone knows anything about this product that I should be aware of. Thank you karla
  19. hi, according to goldfishinfo.com, you feed them 3 times a day for the first 4 weeks, and then 2 times a day up to 4 months. My baby goldies are now roughly 13 or so weeks old and i still feed them 3 times a day. karla
  20. Hi Jeana, I got curious when Trinket mentioned your blog so I just got back from reading some of your info. on your goldies, are the measurements you posted in your blog their current? They are all really adorable. karla
  21. Hi, Jeana, I would like send them your way but I live in Ontario, Canada . I cannot wait for them to grow like yours have, how big are your babies now? Thanks Trinket. I had been planning on upgrading Casper and Butterball's tank from 20 gallon to 30 but I may just buy a huge tank for both parents and little ones, well the ones I am unable to give away. Not now, since they are still too little. Either I'll divide them as Ranchugirl suggested or get a bigger rubbermaid tub or something similar, since I do not have enough room for more tanks/tubs. So far they are doing great, I wonder though if they sleep. Every morning they are up at 5 and at least most of them do not seem to rest, I've caught a few swimming at 1 in the morning . I've even turned off the light for at least 2 hours in the afternoon to see if they'll rest but no, they just keep swimming around. Silly fish karla
  22. hi, i posted a video of them in the 12 week old thread of this section. They are a little bigger now. I have a really fat one that looks like my oranda, I also have a few small ones with an orange head and white body . Most are still a little black. I think most of them are about an inch right now. karla
  23. Jeana727, your fish are adorable. So far my goldfish fry are 3 months old. Their dad is my white fantail and their mom is my orange oranda. I hope some of them get wen growth. So far 3 look like my oranda w/o the wen. karla
  24. hi, I am so sorry for your loss . Wildthing seemed like a strong sweet fish. Welcome to Kokos karla
  25. karla80

    Peas ?

    thanks for the help guys . wayneson.chan, i will tryto look for Safeway peas, thank you. karla
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