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  1. Hi, are you able to post a picture of your fish? Sounds like popeye but not entirely sure. Nitrates should be less than 40 though, less than 20 is better, therefore you may need to do a water change to bring the nitrates down. Is Moses eating at least? Also, do you have any epsom salt? Adding 1/8 of a teaspoon per 5 gallon may help the eye a bit, as well as raising the temperature in your tank to 78-80, but slowly. Do you have another tank that you can use as a hospital/quarantine tank to put your fish in? As for your ph problem, a lot of people recommend getting crushed coral to help raise and stabilize your ph but I'm not an expert. Hopefully someone with more experience can give you more advice. I think for now, try to get those nitrates lowered. Hope Moses gets well soon. karla
  2. Hi, I know that it may seem a bit irritating when there are people who tell you one thing and others tell you another, especially when providing an ideal environment for your goldies, but a lot of us here would love to see goldies live a long, happy life and although it may seem like both fish are fine it their tank, eventually it won't be. Goldies need lots of room to grow and swim around, not to mention the amount of waste they produce in a given day is enough to dramatically affect the quality of life and health of the goldie. I think that goldies need tank mates to interact with so I think it is a good thing you introduced Nibbles to a friend, but eventually they will need a bigger tank. Here is an old video of my goldies I still have them in a 20 gallon, yet I will be getting them a 40 gallon asap, just to give them more room to swim. Regardless of what the "experts" at the petstore tell you, goldies need more room. My goldies would never fit in one of those Spongebob tanks. I hope I have not offended you, I know you want to do what is best for your fish, that is why so many of us are encouraging all goldie owners to consider getting bigger tanks. Nibble and his mate are very cute I wish the best for you and your fish. karla
  3. Hi, have you tried feeding him his regular food again to see if he spits it out as well? If so he could be sick but if not maybe he doesn't like this brand of flakes. When I had my betta, he would only eat one brand of freeze dried bloodworms. He would ignore any other brand that I gave him . Fish know what they like just like us, I'm a Pepsi fan . karla
  4. I glad Nibble is happier now w/his new tank mate. I cannot wait to see pics. karla
  5. Hi, ok I know goldies compete for food and it's every fish for him/herself but Casper can be such a hogger. According to the instructions, when feeding seaweed selects you break off 2 by 3 inches for a 55 gallon community tank. So since I only have 2 goldies in a 20 gallon at the moment, I tore 1 by 2 inches and placed it in a veggie clip. At first both fish ignored it, Casper even seemed afraid of it, so I left them alone. Well I was gone for no more than 10 minutes when I heard a noise and thought that the veggie clip had fell to the bottom. Well I went over to the tank and saw Casper yank the whole seaweed piece off the veggie clip and gobble the whole thing . I thought they would nibble on it for a while, but no, Casper got greedy. Anyway, I do not know if anyone is familiar w/this product but should I clip a bigger piece than what is recommended on the instructions. karla
  6. I hope the gel food helps your fish. I'm sorry you lost your other fish . karla
  7. Hi, I do not know much about Canadian or U.K. laws regarding shipments from U.S. but I live in Canada and I have ordered from fishsempai and everything worked out. I have also emailed Andrew and he is very good at replying asap. Good Luck w/everything, I hope he can help you. karla
  8. Congrats on your new fish, I cannot wait for pics. karla
  9. To be honest, I never heard of eyes popping out if left open while sneezing, and regardless of whether this is true or not, when people are about to sneeze, they do not say to themselves "better close my eyes or i might lose them", it is just done automatically. Anyway, I just wanted to know what is it that they do that looks like they've closed their eyes, I put Goldfish Blinking as the topic b/c it is much shorter than putting a long descriptive sentence. karla
  10. I mostly notice this when they're yawning, almost like a automatic reflex. Like when we yawn, we tend to close our eyes without actually meaning to do it. Or when we sneeze, not many people sneeze with their eyes open. I'm sort of a nerd when it comes to animals. I like observing them and getting to know their mannerism, behaviour, etc. Given that goldies do not have eyelids means that they do not blink but maybe there is more to this than just moving their eyeballs. Not necessarily blinking, just another character trait or conditional response. karla
  11. Oh, I hope she gets better soon. It was the same as my Butterball, the filter wasn't working and she got really weak, when i finally got it to work, the outflow of water was sooo strong, she ended up injuring her left eye. I cried when this happened since the last thing anyone wants is for anything to happen to their fish. Now she has one eye a bit bigger than the other, but she's happy and still super cute . It's not your fault, these things happen, at least you are doing the best you can. Good luck with her, may she recover quickly. karla
  12. Good for both you and Negi, and unless his poop is stringy and white, or have lots of bubbles in it, I wouldn't be too worried. karla
  13. I'm happy Negi is doing better and has eaten a little. I hope he continues to improve. karla
  14. Hi, well according to what i've read, it sounds like a ph crash. Have you've done the water change yet? You may have to get a ph stabilizer but I'm not familiar with them. You can also add in a bit of baking soda to your tank after the water change. But do the water change asap. I hope your fantail gets well soon. karla
  15. Hi, What is your tank size and how many fish live in it? When was the last water change and by how much? Any new fish added to the tank recently? Do you have any aquarium salt? Are you able to get the nitrates tested? karla
  16. I only have 20 gallons + 27 gallon rubbermaid= 47 gallons karla
  17. Thank you! Not trying to sound debatable but I have to admit that it still looks more like blinking, b/c I see them move their eyes around so I know what that looks like, however when i see this act either they move their eye sockets so far downward to see below them, thus giving the resemblance of blinking or there is more to goldies than we know. Plus I mostly see them do this when yawning. Just a thought Karla
  18. Hi, ok I know goldies do not blink, and I was a bit hesitant to post this but I had to ask. If goldies do not blink then what is it they do w/their eyes that I've seen my goldies do many times that resembles blinking ? My water is fine and my fish are not sick. I've seen them do this many times since I got them over a year ago. Like this morning, Casper woke up, yawned and then did this thing w/his eyes that look like he blinked, or closed his eyes for half a second. I've seen Butterball do this to. Not all the time. And just before I typed this post Casper did it again. I am very sure they are healthy since they've done this "blinking" many times and if it were something, they would have gotten worse by now. Thanks! Karla
  19. Oh, you posted before me . I think your fish is just a little stressed from being moved from one place to the next. It took my baby goldies 2 days before they trusted me when i moved them to a bigger home. karla
  20. Hi, what size is your tank? You never said the size, so I'm trying to understand where anyone got the idea it was too small. I had a lionhead in a 5 gallon for a year before I found out he needed a bigger tank, so I know you are just trying your best to care for your fish. Unfortunately, a lot of petstore employees do not tell you that goldies need big tanks with good filtration. How big is your fish? How often do you do waterchanges and how much? Are you able to get the water tested? Do you use water conditioner? Also, depending on how long you've had your fish, he/she could just be adjusting to his/her new environment. Why do you think he/she is lonely? I always think that goldies need at least one friend to live with but there are those who can live quite happily on their own. I guess they are happy they do not have to share meals . Welcome to Kokos, I too would like to see pictures of your fish karla
  21. karla80


    Hi, its 1/8 tsp per 5 gallons. I hope your fish gets well soon! karla
  22. Hi, personally I would change the water instead of waiting to get it tested. Everyday your fish is producing waste. Since you do not know the levels now, I think it is better to be safe. What type of filter do you have? Fancy goldfish need a minimum of 10 gallons for one fish. How big is your Oranda? Karla
  23. I'm so sorry you lost him. You did the best you could for him, Ralph was a cute little moor. Karla
  24. He's sooo cute. It's nice he now has a good home. karla
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