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  1. Well today has been both a really sad day but also a really happy day at the same time. As some here know i had 14, well actually turns out 15 baby goldies for 5 months, thanks to Casper and Butterball . I tried my best to take really good care of them given my limited resources, 27 gallon tub, 2 sponge filters and lots of food. Well today 5 of them left to good homes and although I know this was the right thing to do, I'm still sad to see them go. I still have 10 left but 8 or 9 of them will be going shortly. The 10th however will stay w/me while I monitor his current condition, rests upside down but otherwise very normal while awake. I just do not know how some of you do it? Or have some of you ever given them away? Also is 5 months too soon? Their mouths are still tiny but I do not have enough room for another tank/tub and I was afraid that keeping all of them in the 27 gallon would stunt their growth. That is why although I was sad to see them go I am also happy that they'll be going to a good place with lots of swimming room . Sorry, I do not know if this goes in the breeding section but I just needed to tell you guys b/c I know that all of you can understand how close you can get w/goldies, especially watching them develop from little fry that you can hardly see to little chubbies . karla
  2. Hi, I finally got a video of him/her resting, unfortunately he is far away so it may be hard to see the red spot, but it does look like a colouration on his/her tail. thanks again karla
  3. Hi, these are not the greatest videos, sorry . This one, at the start of the video you see just him, unfortunately the others wanted attention too. He seems to swim well, except for his tail. This one, he's swimming again, you see him kind of begging for food. This last one, in the beginning of the video you see him kind of start to turn, but then he corrects himself and starts swimming normally. Sorry i could not get one of him upside down, he mostly does this when he sleeps or gets tired. I was hoping to get his belly b/c he has developed this red mark. It appears to be on his bottom fin and not directly on his body. I do not know if it is a sore or irritation from him being belly up when he rests. B/c I was around he thought it was meal time. Lastly, i think this has more to do w/an abnormality than a swimbladder issue, but i am not too sure. thanks for any help. karla
  4. I usually turn their light on for breakfast for 1-2 hours, then i turn it off for a couple hours just to let them rest. I then I turn it on again and leave it on til bedtime. I also have my living room light on all day so at least there is still a bit of light directed at their tank. So about 6-7 hours a day their light is on. karla
  5. hi, i'm not an expert but I think some will become more like your common, some will appear more like your fantail and some will be mixed. karla
  6. Hi, sorry for being a bit of a pest but i just have a few questions. How do you feed fry peas when their mouths are still too small? I tried today, squished the peas up as small as possible and just put a bit in as a test. Some pieces were still a bit too big. Squishing until it becomes powder pretty much makes me worried that i might contaminate the water. Therefore, after the "test" I gave up and put an algae wafer in instead. Could i use algae wafers instead of peas to help him? If yes, how often can i give them algae wafers? Also, several months back i posted that according to instruction, you can leave the algae wafer in the tank for 2 hours. I usually leave it in for 1h15mins to 1h30mins. Is this ok? There are 14 babies and this has never been a problem. thanks karla
  7. Hi, I do not know if it sounded like I wanted to cull this fry b/c of his tail/deformity alone, so I just want to clarify why I had originally posted. I knew he had this deformity when he was about a month old, yet I never culled him b/c I wanted to give him a chance to adapt to his condition, which for several months he seemed to be doing. It was not until a week ago that I noticed him upside down. I did not suspect swimbladder problems to be the cause b/c of the way i feed these guys, that is why I was concerned that maybe his spine has developed in a way that makes it too weak to support his growing belly, therefore this problem would become permanent. So my question was, if his deformity is causing him to go upside down when he rests and there is no way to fix it, should I cull him? He does swim like all the others, very active and so far no signs of stress. Tough little guy , but i think all fish are pretty tough. I've read from some of the posts in the disease section that when parts of their body is left out of the water for long periods of time, this could irritate that part. I'm just worried that this could happen to him, and in the long run he will suffer some damage to that part, i.e. the belly. John F, I do not think you sound cruel, in the wild it is survival of the fittest. Unfortunately i do not have enough room for another tank, but those who will be taking the fry are planning on taking them Tuesday, I hope, so he should have the tub all to himself in 2 days. I will posts pics asap. thanks karla
  8. very cute picture. they are sooo beautiful. karla
  9. Hi, mine do their little mating dance on average for 2-3 hours, starting very early in the morning. I know when they are spawning b/c I hear splashing . I do not know if it depends on the fish though. karla
  10. Oh he swims fine, with the exception of his tail, it is only when he rests that he has problems. karla
  11. I personally think that no living being should live in captivity, of course except for criminals. Unfortunately when an animal is born and raised in captivity, that is the only life he/she knows therefore it would be more inhumane to "free" them since they will be unable to handle predators or get food. At least this is my opinion. I think realistically, when people first started housing goldies as pets it was unatural but as the years go by and many were bred in a confined environment, it has now become natural. karla
  12. Hi, thank you both for your replies . I want to give him a chance since he is doing fine w/his deformity, and he is still very active, not really showing stress. Culling him is last resort if this becomes too hard for him. I will keep you up to date on his progress. Also, although I've found very good homes for these guys, this guy I plan to keep . Thanks again karla
  13. I'm not too sure if it is all about temp. After my fish wouldn't stop breeding, I turned on the air conditioner and kept the temp at 74, i even checked their thermometer to be sure the tank temp stayed the same. For a while, they stopped breeding and then one day after a huge rain storm, I caught them breeding again. The temp never changed either. I feel bad but i just let them eat their eggs and i clean their ornaments before any babies have a chance to develope. I do not think it is fair to seperate them, unless the female cannot handle anymore. karla
  14. I usually browse the internet and watch them swim around like crazy. My only problem is my computer is right beside them so they will demand for food for hours, depending on how long I'm at my computer . They are asking for food right now and their feeding time isn't for another hour. karla
  15. Hi FinnyFinnedFriend and thanks for replying quickly. The video is old, I just wanted all of you to see if you can see where he has a bit of a deformity, since it was hard to describe. I just thought that this may be the reason he cannot rest normally, like perhaps the developement of his back/spine is not normal or strong enough to support the growth of his belly. I do not have an updated video or picture yet. karla
  16. Hi, the baby goldies are now 5 months old , they are mostly orange with cute chubby bellies. Most of them are a little less than 2 inches, I hope this isn't bad . They are all super active, eating well, I change 50% of their water 3x/week and rinse their sponge filter sometimes once a week, mostly every 2 weeks. All are swimming well except there is one who has had a bit of a deformity. This is hard to describe but when he swims his tail is always moving on one side of his body. I do not know if this makes sense. It may be a while before I can get a pic or video of him but if it helps, I did post the 12 week old video a while back. Here it is again You see him at the end of the video. Anyway, one morning I went to check on them and found him upside down. I thought he was dead but when I touched him he started swimming. It seems like every time he rests, he floats upside down. He swims normally, eats well, etc. He's still tiny, maybe less than an inch w/o tail. I'm just afraid he is not resting well because of this, also that his belly is being exposed to air which may irritate it. Could it be his deformity may have made his back too weak to support his belly? I do not know if it is best to cull him. I know most breeders cull the fry that have abnormalities but he was adapting to his physical condition and I thought he would be ok. I want to do what's best for him. I feed them Hikari Gold baby pellets 2-3x/day. I soak them for 20 minutes and then crush them b/c the babies' mouths are still tiny. The pellets always sink. I also feed them frozen daphnia and bloodworms. And Hikari Algae wafers, at least once or twice a week. On a side note, 3 babies will be leaving today to a good home , I'm going to miss them but they will be in good hands . karla
  17. Hi, it is hard to tell but it looks more like bullying than spawning. I've seen my goldies spawn several times and Casper doesn't usually stay beside Butterball pushing her against the wall. karla
  18. Hi, I think it is important to answer as many questions as possible and get the water tested just to be safe. But to be honest I think this sounds perfectly normal. If the fish was staying up there all the time or the majority of time then I would worry but the fish only does it for a while and then acts "normally". Do you feed any food that floats at the top? He/she could be looking around for food. Mine do it all the time. I do remember seeing your video of your 2 fishies, I think you have them both in a 10 gallon, eventually they will need a minimum of 20 gallons since they will get bigger. I loved the video, they are cute . karla
  19. Hi, have you done the water change yet? If so can you test the water again and post the results. Is it also possible for you to post some pictures of Moses? What kind of salt did you add to your aquarium? Aquarium salt? Epsom salt? And how many teaspoons or tablespoons did you use? From what I've heard, Epsom salt is best in helping with swelling. I am not familiar with Medigold so I cannot advise you on using it but I know that Metromed is good for popeye, which may be what Moses has. Do you have Maracyn 1 and/or 2 available or can you get them at the petstore? I think Maracyn 2 is best but I am not too sure. Sorry for all the questions but I do not like to diagnose a condition unless I know for sure what it is. Although it does sound like popeye. For now if you can get Maracyn 1 or 2 get it but do not use it yet. Just get the water at good levels, if you can order Metromed at goldfishconnection.com get it and also see if you can get Buff-It-Up, which should help with the ph problem or get crushed coral (I am unsure how to place this in your filter but hopefully someone can help) Be sure to clean your filter media in the tank water that you took out. Try to get Epsom salt, 1/8 tsp per 5 gallons, and try to get the water temperature at 78-80, slowly though. I know that heat and salt can help his eye for now. If you get Epsom salt, be sure to remove all the other salt that is currently in his tank. I hope Moses recovers soon . Has his eye gotten worse? I hope this helps for now. karla
  20. Good luck w/your oranda, I hope it all works out . Let us know how he is doing. All three are adorable . karla
  21. I really liked your video, your fishies are so cute. They seem so happy. Nice tank! Welcome to Koko's ! karla
  22. Thanks Erika, I have 2 veggie clips so maybe I'll try to break off 2 peices and see what happens. I'll do this on their water change day, just in case they make a mess . karla
  23. Well considering that there are 3 fancies in a 30 gallon tank, I do not think overcrowding is the problem. I'm not too sure what to suggest since your oranda has always had this. Do you have live plants in your tank? All I can think of is perhaps looking into buying flourescent lights with less watts. How many watts does your light produce? I think there are lighting that come in different colors that might be easier on your oranda's eye. I know someone with blue lighting in their tank. Your fish are so cute . It looks like your pearlscale wants to know what wrong. karla
  24. Hi, I do not know much about lighting availabe for fish tanks but maybe the petstore/lfs has lights available for your tank with less watts. Or maybe just leaving your room light on can provide the tank with enough lighting. Is it possible to see some pics of your oranda? karla
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