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  1. never mind. what's done is done. you can close this thread. karla
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if you can overfeed peas to your goldies? I have one tiny goldie w/sbd problems who's living w/his siblings in one tank. I cannot quaranteen due to lack of space; therefore i have to feed the healthy babies peas as well. Well the little guy w/sbd has had a hard time getting to his food so I've lowered the water level to help him out a bit. Anyway, he ate a little but i'm afraid not much, whereas his buddies were able to gobble up the peas w/no problem, so i may feed again later on tonight so that the little guy gets his share. I would like to see him eat since he had been fasting for 48 hrs and he's just a baby. So for the sake of his buddies, could I give another serving of peas tonight w/o any problems? Also just to be safe would it be alright if i fast them tomorrow that way if i this is overfeeding, there will be no problems? I really want to feed my little guy some more peas tonight b/c I am unsure if he ate enough, and in case he didn't I do not think he can go through the night w/o enough food. I plan on putting water back in the tank tonight, w/anquel+. He can swim fine even when the water is high but when it's time for food, he cannot swim to the bottom. If i need to feed tomorrow and he still cannot make it to the bottom, i plan on removing some of the water and then at the end of the day, adding the same amount back, kind of like an extra water change. Sorry for the long post, i just want to be sure that the little one gets enough in him while not hurting the others. Thanks karla
  3. Hi Blue, thanks! It is a little scary worrying that you are going to hurt the babies if you fast for too long but it helps knowing others experience w/fasting baby goldies so thank you . As for the vitamins, I add NovAqua+ to their tank b/c it says that it helps w/slime coat, and that the vitamins in NovAqua+ helps boost immune system, heal open wounds and sores and promotes cellular regeneration. I hope this is ok. karla
  4. Thanks again so much for helping me and the little guy through this fantailfan1, I really appreciate it. I will keep you up to date on how he's doing. Oh now that i think of it, I think you're right about them being able to survive for several days w/no food b/c the last one i had to euthanize got sooo sick that he did not eat for at least 2-3 days. Unfortunately he was really ill and i knew he would have starved to death. Karla
  5. I have 8, about the same size, except for one who is chubbier than all of them. Ok, I know I said only 2 last questions but i have just one more. I hope that's ok. I know w/goldies you are suppose to fast them for 2-3 days but if the babies are still smaller than an average adult, would you still fast for a few days or less? I'm curious b/c the babies bodies are so tiny so it would not take much to pass through their bodies, whereas w/ a goldie who is 3+inches would take longer. Am I right? I guess I'm worried b/c I think babies need to be fed more to help them grow and I'm afraid I'll find them all dead from starvation. Sorry for sounding so paranoid. This happened to one of the little ones a while back and it got so bad i had to put him down and i do not want to lose another one. I will put the vaseline on him right away. karla
  6. hi, thanks for replying quickly. Thanks Blue for the link, I've read it but i have to admit, i did not actually fast him yet, just started on the peas. Also I do not know if i overfed them but i did give them one algae wafer at least once a week. Thanks fantailfan1 for your suggestion. I do not think i'll be able to get spinach though due to the recent problems with some vegetables. There's been a total recall of all spinach here b/c ppl have been getting sick. The little guy w/sbd problems is about 6 months old and approx. a little over an inch w/o tail. He is starting to develop a sore on his belly. He is able to swim down and get the peas but I'm concerned that this red sore will get worse. I just have two questions, Do i put vaseline on his belly or maybe just conditioner that helps w/their slime coat? And I cannot put him in another tank due to lack of space in my apartment so should i fast all the babies? Thanks again for the help, i really appreciate it. I will try to get at least spirulina and see about making the gel food. karla
  7. Hi, last time I had a goldie upside down I knew it was a deformity. Now I have a 6 month old goldie who is resting upside down. I started feeding the goldies smushed peas, how long should i be feeding them this? Can you fast a baby fish? According to koko's website on sbd, epsom salt helps but is it ok to put in a baby tank? I cannot seperate the baby w/sbd b/c I do not have any place or room to put him in. Also, I read on koko's site that high nitrates can cause sbd but according to the test i just took, the nitrates are between 5 and 10 but closer to 5. They have 2 sponge filters, lot's of anacharis plants and i change their water 3x per week. I also add Amquel+ and NovAqua+ to help w/water chemistry plus NovAqua+ is suppose to help w/electrolytes. I do not want to euthanise anymore babies, I've had to do it twice so far . Is it really this difficult to keep babies? I just need to know how long I should keep feeding peas and can i fast them for a while? Also can i try Epsom salt or are they too young? I've never treated sbd before. Thanks for all the help. karla
  8. Hi, I do not spend monthly on my fish but when I find that they need a change, I buy a whole bunch of new ornaments/plants for their tank. The problem is once you go shopping for them, you end up buying more than you originally planned. Unfortunately I've maxed out my credit card so many times just on them, not including the tank, now I have to keep my credit card away from my computer. But to me they are worth spoiling. Karla
  9. Thanks Sandy for your reply. It is just that I read on another post that sand can irritate the gills and shorten a goldie's life and I do not want to hurt my goldies. . Well as soon as I get their new tank and set it up, I'll be going barebottom, even though I may buy a few rocks just as decoration, but mainly barebottom. karla
  10. Just an update, there is a petstore near my place that is selling 33 gallon tank w/stand for 321.99 and 50 gallon tanks w/stand for 349.99, so I may just pick up one of them since the stand is included. I think maybe the 33 gallon since it will fit in my apartment, plus my goldies will have an extra 13 gallons to play in, so that is not too bad. But my mom has told me that she would like to have my sofas since hers are worn out and she had her floor done and she feels that my sofas will match the floor. If she takes them soon, I will get the 50 gallon. Just hope it is still for sale. Anyway, I will post pics as soon as I decide which tank and have set it up. Thanks again for all the suggestions/advice. karla
  11. Hi, I just need to know if aquarium substrates are really sand? I am getting really confused. I started off w/orange gravel but after reading about goldies choking on gravel and myself witnessing Casper struggle to get them out I went barebottom temporarily and then after reading what decor is best for goldies, I read that it is better to have small gravel or substrate since they won't choke. So I got a bag of substrate and after rinsing them I put a very thin layer in the tank. Now I'm completely confused and a little irritated, not at anyone or website, just in general b/c you want to do what is best for your fish, and then are confused and a little sad b/c you do not know if you did the right thing. I've had they substrate in their tank for approximately 3 months. Thanks karla
  12. I wonder though if they glow for very long. I've bought some ornaments that are suppose to glow in the dark, and they do once you turn off the tank light but after a while, they no longer glow. karla
  13. I mostly talk to my fish in Spanish. I say "hi, how are you two? What would you like to eat today?" If I feel that they are misbehaving I say "behave youselves". But I try not to refer to them as "chubbies" or "fatties" since I think that would offend them. Sometimes when it is bedtime I sing to them, not that I'm a good singer but they do not seem to mind . I just wish we could understand what they say to each other and to us, besides "feed me" . karla
  14. Hello, unfortunately i did not realize how big the 55 gallon is w/stand. The tank is about half my living area and that is the biggest room i got in this apartment. I may be getting rid of one of my couches, so if i can then i will have the space. I may just get a 40 gallon but i'm not too sure. I hate getting excited over stuff just to find out it won't work out. Thanks for the help though. I'm still hoping to get it but i do not know how long the sale is going to last. andbigdaddy2, is the sale in U.S. or Canada b/c I live in Canada and the 55s would cost a bit more but I'll check vvvv here just in case they have good prices. thanks karla
  15. sorry, just to answer your questions, he would try to swim, give up and just flip upside down and remain that way, I do not know for how long. It got to the point where I could put my finger near him and he would not move, but he was still eating, or trying to get to his food. Also parts of his tail fin were becoming red just like his anal fin. karla
  16. Thanks sooo much Ranchugirl for replying and thank you for all the help you have given me regarding this little one and the others who are still doing well. After i posted last night I went to check on him, he was still not doing so good, so this morning I made a decision to let him go . He wasn't getting any better and he appeared to be getting a bit worse, very weak, probably from struggling so hard to swim with his siblings. Thanks again karla
  17. sorry, just wanted to add, i put some NovAqua in the tank since it says it helps the slime coat, electrlytes and has vitamins. I'll hopefully be getting more tomorrow. Is this ok, if his belly is a bit irritated? He's still only an inch. thanks again. karla
  18. Hi, A while back I posted in Breeding section about one of the baby goldies resting upside down. I soak the pellets for 20-25 mins and then squeeze them and feed them to the babies. I also feed algae wafers. So i doubt it is SBD this is why i'm not posting in the disease/diagnosis section. He is only 5 months old and he was born with a tail or spine deformity. I'm worried b/c he has developed a red coloration on either the right side of his belly or anal fin which i believe is due to him being upside down when resting. He now struggles to swim and has been resting more, but i think that's b/c he has to work harder to swim. I just need to know if anyone has ever kept a fish who could only rest upside down and could he/she be ok living like this? I honestly do not know what to do for him/her. He/she eats well, can swim ok when fully awake, personally a part of me feels like letting him/her go . I've kept this little one despite his/her deformity b/c i never imagined he/she would be this affected by it. All the others are doing great, neither have been born w/this deformity. Also tonight, just to feed him/her I had to like guide him/her to where the others were eating. Is it humane to let him live this way? thanks karla
  19. Thanks sooo much for all the help Glitterfish and dengundam, I was hoping to make a decision by today and I think I will take a chance and buy the glass tank, I just wanted to know others experience w/glass vs acrylic and given Glitterfish's experience w/7, I guess it all comes down to taking good care of the aquarium and luck. Thanks again karla
  20. Oh, I have a fluval 205 and a fluval 104, plus I'm planning on getting a Marineland Penguin 350B Power Filter, so there would be about 635 gph of water filtered out. I just do not know if it is worth it to buy a glass aquarium if acrylic is better quality. Right now I can afford to buy the 55 gallon while they're at a special price but if acrylic is better, I will have to wait a while. I could check the PennySaver, I do not know if craigslist.com offers any service in Canada. To be honest, I've been a little hesitant buying used tanks, I guess I worry too much. Do all glass tanks eventually leak? Thanks Karla
  21. Hello, I've been planning for weeks now to get my goldies a bigger tank, well my aunt was at nooppee and they have a special on 55 gallon glass tank w/filter, light, etc included. Although it is a good deal, I have been trying to save up for an acrylic tank b/c they won't leak and they're lighter, but the price for a good quality 40 gallon acrylic tank is like $350.00-$400.00 not including light, whereas the special on the 55 gallon is $297.00. Should I buy or continue saving for the acrylic tank? Are there members who have had great success with a glass tank? I've been dying to get my goldies a bigger home, currently they are still living in their 20 gallon and yes it is a glass aquarium but it did have leaking issues. What is interesting is that for a while their tank was somewhat leaking until i pushed the bottom/base against the glass and the leaking stopped, also lots of prayers to God to protect my goldies. thanks, karla
  22. Thanks LaurieP for the clarification. I read this a while back and after reading your post I just had to ask. karla
  23. LaurieP, sorry to post this here, if not allowed but I did not know where else to put this. Your post about your lionhead and angelfish that you rescued sounds familiar. I hope I do not sound rude asking but did your neighbor get tired of the lionhead and want to flush him down the toilet before you intervened? If this is the same story that i read once while googling info. on goldies, that story made me cry, b/c after a year apart and they reuniting was really a touching story. I never forgot that story, it also made me realize that fish do have feelings, memory, etc. just like us. karla
  24. Hi, I think goldies should always have a tank mate to play with. karla
  25. hi, i know that my photos aren't the greatest, but here is an update: still swimming pretty normal, but sometimes i find him/her kind of tilted to one side while swimming as if one side is weaker than the other. still active and eating still rests upside down and has a bright red color on one of the anal fins, he/she does not seem to be affected by this, no signs of stress and i noticed yesterday that he/she is still pooping and the poop looks healthy, no sign of bacteria or illness i am still worried about the redness of one anal fin, could this be caused by that fin being left a bit outside the water when upside down? I do not know for sure if parts of him/her is being exposed to our air so this fin could still be in the water when fish is upside down, but hard to tell. thanks karla
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