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  1. oh I know that green water is an natural environment for goldies, I was thinking more about behaviour not necessarily environment . Like to me when they are digging for food during feeding time, I feel bad when i see them having to spit out gravel and poop while at the same time enjoy their meal, even though the gravel is more sand-like but if they are natural diggers or bottom feeders maybe this is something they instinctively do due to their ancestors. Sorry, I study anthropology and sometimes I look at animal behavior through an anthropological approach when all i wanted to know is if in a way goldies actually like digging in their gravel. But I do like the river stones idea . karla
  2. hi LaurieP, I started using metromed when i wasn't sure if she was getting better, but since it may have appeared to be a bruise or some sort of injury I did not want to stop the treatment, so i figure if it was not due to an illness at least metromed may prevent one from coming along. The truth is I am not so sure why she had this red area in the first place. It appeared to be either a infection or a rash-like problem. But so far it seems to have gotten better so perhaps the metromed has helped her. Sometimes i guess fish get things on them one day and then it's gone and we wonder "What was that all about?" Thanks again LaurieP for helping Butterball and I through this . karla
  3. I figured given that in their natural environment they would be constantly digging that it almost seems natural for them to want to dig therefore having the right size gravel in their tank may be more beneficial to them, even though it is more work for us. This person's comment on goldies loving to dig just got me thinking. karla
  4. Hi, I know for a while there's been the same old question, "Which is better, gravel or barebottom?" and when it comes to keeping the tank clean, barebottom is best, but what is best for the goldies? Yesterday I was showing someone my new tank and I told the person that I prefer to go barebottom b/c I always feel bad watching my fish eat their food while trying to spit out gravel and poop. Then she told me that goldies love to dig in their gravel. In nature that is what they do, so I thought I'd ask, do goldies appear happier picking thru their barebottom tank as oppose to spending the day digging thru gravel? Do they not get bored easily in a barebottom than in a tank w/gravel? From what i see, after each water change, my goldies will go to their favourite spot where they sleep and start digging. Later on I go to check on them and they've dug a bare spot to sleep in, almost like making their bed . karla
  5. Hi , just a quick update, Butterball is still very active, silly and eating well. If I had to guess, the red spot appears to be fading. I think it could have been more of an injury because it appeared to be fading even before i started giving her metromed, but I do not know. From what I've read on several posts regarding injured fish, it is usually recommended to give the fish anti-bacterial meds to prevent bacteria from attacking the injured goldie, right? I also finally figured out a way to give her metromed. There is a spot on the right hand corner of the tank where both goldies sleep. Every feeding time they will look either at the surface of the water or in that spot, so it's been easier for all of us. Thanks again for all the help, so far Butterball appears to be on the road to recovery, fingers crossed . Karla
  6. This morning I went to check up on Butterball and I do not know if her red rash - like spot has faded or spread further down her belly. It does look like it has faded but I do not want to be to optimistic just yet. Sorry I cannot show pics, the batteries died but i am hoping to get pics tomorrow. On the plus side, I got her eating metromed. It's not easy b/c Casper gets to the pellets quicker. He has some red spot at the edge of his fin so giving him metromed is not such a bad idea. Butterball is still active, always hungry and very demanding . I did do a water change so right now the results are... ph 7.2 ammonia and nitrite 0 nitrate 10 finally My only concern w/using metromed is overdosing or not giving enough. So far Casper has eaten 22 pellets and Butterball 13-14, this after 2 feedings, so i do not know. It takes Butterball close to 7 minutes to munch on one pellet. karla
  7. Hi, just a quick question. What is the shelf life for metromed? I've had this container since February '06. It has been opened when i was treating for pop eye. It still smells fresh but could i still use it? I must stress that although I will try again to feed her, there is still the likely chance that I will be unsuccessful. LaurieP, I have not tested the water yet. I will post back tomorrow and also let you know how things work out w/Butterball. Thanks LaurieP and Devs, I really hope she will be more cooperative since she is at least eating. It's hard trying to force her, she's just sooo cute . karla
  8. Hi Devs, how about Jungle Labs fungus clear? I've used this when my old goldie had sores on his fin and it healed him up after one treatment. As for metromed, I've tried and tried and although there were times that I've been successful at feeding her, it really is very difficult. I got them when they were about 3 years old so for whatever reason it is hard trying to get her to eat the pellets. Almost impossible. Believe me, I prefer feeding anti-bacterial meds as oppose to putting meds in their water b/c I fear problems with their beneficial bacteria. The best I can do is put anti-bacterial meds in their water while attempting yet again to feed Butterball metromed. She is still pretty active and eating well. Definitely very demanding . I really do not want to lose her, Casper is happy w/her and I've grown very attached to her. karla
  9. Hi LaurieP, I'm just worried about having them go thru another cycle. When I got them, their tank had not been thru the cycling process b/c I did not know, therefore they went thru high toxic levels but thank God they survived it, I felt so bad. Anyway I do not want them to go thru the whole process again. For their new tank i have 2 marineland penguin bio wheel power filters. One filters 200gph and the other filters 350gph, therefore there will already be 550 gph, plus with their current filter, it will add up to 730gph once they go in since i need their fluval for their 20 gal. If it is possible to add them to their new home right away without stressing them out I would love to do that. I do have Amquel plus and cycle. Also, I only have a thin layer of gravel in their 20 gal, so i do not know how much it will help w/the cycling process. But if it can be done, I would like to see them in their new tank asap. I feed the Omega one goldfish flakes, Omega one veggie flakes, Nutrafin basix Floating Goldfish pellets, Wardley Total SpectraMax flakes, Frozen Brine Shrimp w/Vitamin C, and Frozen bloodworms. Their primary food is the Omega One veggie flakes. I think my problem is I overfeed them. It's hard to feed Butterball b/c she would rather have the food delivered directly to her than go looking for it . Whereas Casper will look. Anyway I will try to bring the nitrates down and stop overfeeding and see if this helps. It really looks like a sunburn, but she's very active at the moment and definitely hungry. I will also get Melafix, but just one last question. Should I wait to see if lowering the nitrates help or should I just go ahead and add the Melafix after the water change? karla
  10. Thanks LaurieP. Their nitrates have always been at the max, 40. Could this have caught up to her now and that is why she's having this problem? Right now I'm getting ready to start the fishless cycle on their new 55 gallon tank. I do have metromed but I do not know if you remember me posting how difficult it is to feed her metromed. She doesn't like to look for food and feeding by hand is difficult b/c she's not use to my hand. Usually Casper will get to it before Butterball, plus it takes over an hour to feed them the right amount. Sorry I know I'm complicating things but it really is difficult to feed her metromed. Although I hate medicating, could I just start treating w/melafix? The area looks like a sunburn with really dry skin . I will try to bring the nitrates down to a better range. Thanks so much for replying quickly and I will let you know how things are going with her. Just curious, do filters really affect nitrate levels? Is it like the higher the amount of ammonia the filter needs to filter out the higher the nitrate levels will be as the end result? karla
  11. Hello, Ammonia and nitrite 0 nitrate 40 ph 7.2 2 fancies in 20 gallon tank, water changes every thursday, 50-70%. fluval 205 canister filter Butterball rests a lot more than Casper, but she is very active when she wants food and has a very good apetite. A couple of days ago I noticed a red spot on her chest. It looks more like dry skin that is irritated but I do not see how that is possible since she's never belly up and her belly is never exposed outside the water. I do not know if it is a sore or ulcer. Like i already stated she does rest a lot more than Casper but she can get very active when she wants to eat. Like she still comes up to me and makes noises against the glass with her lips and swims around excitedly when she expects food. Here are pictures of this red spot. The orange spot on her right is normal, i call it her birthmark. Thanks karla
  12. Hi, just a quick question I am planning on doing a fishless cycle for my new 55 gallon tank. Although I have enough filtration for the 55 gallon when I add my fish in, while the tank is cycling I will have less filtration than what is recommended for a 55 gallon tank b/c the fluval canister filter i have for my 20 gal, I will be adding to the 55 gallon when i will be able to put the fish in. Will the cycling process take longer if there is not enough filtration for the tank? Basically without the 205 currently being used for Casper and Butterball's tank, the filtration for the 55 gallon will be approximately 475 gph during the cycling process. Thanks karla
  13. Sorry, just wanted to add, in the last pic, if you look at the left side of her tail fin, this is a better view of what her new bumps looks like. karla
  14. ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates between 20 and 40 so i guess 30 ph 7.2 60%-70% water change every thursdays, use Amquel + and NovAqua + 20 gallon tank, fluval 205 canister filter, I've had the tank for 1.5 years one Oranda and one Fantail, even though I believe he has more veiltail in him. I've had them for 1.5 years. Hi, I read another post on bumps on their fish and unfortunately I am having a similar problem only I'm not too sure whether treatment is necessary but I thought I'd ask because I'm confused. Casper has had bumps on his tail that have come and gone but Butterball gets these bumps on her tail that are not necessarily the same as Casper. Butterball's bumps looks like melted wax, like when you get a thin layer of melted wax on your finger. Everytime she gets these bumps eventually they go away and she is left with a white streak on her tail. Like a color change, is this normal? She is still active, hungry, overall her usual self, even though she rests more than Casper. I couldn't get very good pics, but here are a few. Now in the next 2 pics, you'll see her top tail fins w/ what appears to be smaller bumps but are actually what appears after the bumps have faded. Her tail gets this wavy look with thin white streaks. Thanks! Karla
  15. Hi, I have not been here in a while. I finally got a 55 gallon tank w/stand and will be setting it up soon but I have a few questions. I want to purchase a U.V. Sterilizer for the 55 gallon aquarium but while the tank is cycling I want to use it for the 20 gallon that my fish are already in. Now I do not know how to ask this question but is there such thing as too much wattage? Like if I got a u.v. sterilizer that has enough watts to treat a 55 gallon, will it also be ok to use it for my 20 gallon or will it be too much? I hope this makes some sense since I'm not use to u.v. sterilizers or how they function. karla
  16. Hi JenW, yes, everyone is perfect. Well several weeks ago the baby with a curved back got sick and started floating to the top, upside down. He too had developed a red sore. Well long story short, he got so bad I had to euthanise him. Soon after another one started acting strangely. I think though something was wrong w/his mouth b/c every time he went to eat w/the others he would act as though he couldn't put the food in his mouth, even though i squished the pellets almost to a powdery form. Well eventually he stopped trying to eat, always at the bottom of the tank and just kept getting worse. It was not until several weeks later and him getting weaker that I made the choice to euthanise him. The very next day, this guy who now appears to have sbd started acting strangely. I thought that maybe something in the tank is attacking the weaker fish, i don't know. But i want to give this guy a fighting chance even though i do not want to prolong any suffering. I might be able to fit my 5 gallon on my desk and perhaps try medicating him, in small dosages, or even add epsom salt. Thanks JenW . Karla
  17. A while back, i asked an employee at the pet store what should you do if your fish does not have enough vitamin C, he said to soak the food in 100% orange juice. Think that is a good idea? Just thought I'd ask. karla
  18. Hi, i posted in the breeding section that one of the babies has been floating upside down and has a red sore. So I apologize for starting a new thread here but i feel that things seem to be getting worse. Ok, I know goldies should not live in overcrowded tanks but i have been raising 15 babies in a 27 gallon rubbermaid tank since they were 2-3 months old. Now i have 8 b/c i gave 5 away and 2 got sick. So here's my info. -27 gallon rubbermaid, barebottom -8 1-1.5 inch goldies, 6 months old -running for 4 months, 2 sponge filter, A lustar hydro 3 and a Elite spong filter(all i know is that the lustar 3 says it is good for tanks up to 40 gallons and i think the elite is good for 5 gallons) -i change the water 3-4 times per week, i just did one 3 hours ago, between 40%-50%, including vacuuming poop. -ammonia-0.25 -nitrite-0 -nitrate-5 -ph-was 6.0 but i added buff-it-up and did the water change and it is now at 6.8 -conditoners-Amquel+, NovAqua+ -the fish was fine until monday and then seemed to be floating a bit. As the week went on he started floating all the time and soon developed a sore on his belly. After helpful advice in the breeding section i put vaseline on his belly and fasted him and his buddies(i have no room for another tank) for 24 hours. But although his buddies got their meal of peas, the little guy did not eat. Surprisingly the following day he appeared to be able to rest a bit on his belly, even though he did flip over every now and then. I did have to lower the water level a bit so that he could get at the peas so by the time he was able to eat about 50 hours had past. The next day he was still floating a bit at the top upside down but could manage to right himself up again + his sore appeared to be healing, he was still a strong swimmer and he was able to eat. That was yesterday, today there's been a complete turn around, his sore that appeared to be healing is back and even looks worse, he cannot right himself up at all and has a hard time swimming. When he tries he spins a bit, hard to describe. Anyway, i did the water change, added Amquel+ to help w/toxins. Could the ammonia have made him worse? I will be doing more water changes until the ammonia is 0. Also, since i cannot put him elsewhere i read that using a breeding net to seperate the fish is a good idea, and since he cannot swim to the bottom, i can try to feed him in the net, is this ok? I know they shouldn't be living in a 27 gallon but i was suppose to give them away to a friend and although she says she wants them, she needs a ride to her place since she cannot take them on the bus + i cannot bring them to her place either. But i am giving her until this thursday to take the healthy ones or i will have to give them to another friend who wants them too. Anyway, sorry for the long post, i just really want to help him. thanks karla
  19. Ok, hi, I have to apologize for posting a new topic before doing my own research. This morning i found a recipe where i do not need a blender to make my own gel food. Unfortunately when things are not so good w/your fish you go on panic mode and forget to relax and just try your best But i guess algae wafers are not such a good idea. Thanks, karla
  20. Hi, I do not know if this is a silly question but can you feed algae wafers to fish w/sbd or even veggie flakes? It's just that if your fish still has sbd even after being fed peas for 3 days, do you fast and then start again? I know that there are gel food options but right now i cannot get the ingredients to make it + i do not have a blender at the moment and i do not know when i can get the stuff. I know it makes no sense but right now i am going through personal problems and unfortunately there is not much i can do . Unless i do not necessarily need a blender. Also i am wondering how long goldies can go on just peas, i mean at least the algae wafers have some nutrients. I really want to help this little guy who i believe was getting a bit better, i mean he's still a strong swimmer and can eat w/the rest of his mates but i hate seeing him upside down . I have seen him right side up but he still goes upside down. thanks karla Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section.
  21. i also heard that it is one pea per inch of fish. My concern was that if i have 8 one inch baby fish in a tank, that would mean i have to crush 8 peas for all fish but i find that it takes them more than 2 minutes even more than five minutes for them to eat maybe 4 or 6, hard to tell since i mush the peas for them. Plus to be sure the sick guy got his share i had to feed 3 times yesterday. So all i needed to know is what will happen if you overfeed peas to your goldfish? Will he/she get diarrhea or be dehydrated? Also should i be feeding peas based on how long it takes for them to eat or by how many i give them ? I posted "nevermind, what's done is done" b/c i ended up giving them the extra feeding. They seem fine today and their poop looks healthy. Although i am still a bit curious . karla
  22. Hi, just a quick update, he still rests upside down but I have caught him resting upright as well. I have to lower the water level by a few gallons since he's been having a hard time getting to the bottom. I'm still feeding peas, i have to smush them up good b/c some of the babies' mouths are too tiny. I do not know how many peas i should put in their tank so i go by how long it takes them to eat the peas. Just to be sure everone is ok, i've started looking at their poop just to be sure there is no unusual looking poop or diarrhea due to possible overfeeding. The sick guy is still able to swim well and fast, and now gets to the peas so knock on wood he is on his way to a full recovery. Well the good news, his sore on his belly appears to be healing. Thank you so much fantailfan1 and Blue for helping my little guy, hopefully soon he will be 100% recovered. karla
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