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  1. hi, thanks for your replies. I've checked in on Casper and i've been told that he is still swimming, even though i do not know if he's trying to find Butterball and he's eating. I plan on getting him a new buddy asap. I am trying to find a way to get back home early but i do not think people understand how hard it is to lose a goldie or how hard it is for a goldie to lose his/her tank mate. I've asked the sitters to try spending more time with him. The one thing they did for me was give Butterball a proper burial than throwing her away. karla
  2. Hi, I lost my Butterball today and although I'm very sad, I am really concerned about Casper. They've been tank mates for years(With me for almost 2 years). He liked being around her, sometimes sleeping beside her and once in a while push her like he wants to play. Apparently she was fine this morning but by afternoon she died. They had their water change yesterday and according to the fish sitter(my aunt) both were fine. I've been away since February 17th and everything was fine until today. She never showed signs of illness and prior to leaving I gave them two full treatments of metromed. I am worried that Casper will be sad. They moved into their 55 gallon around January, and now he's alone. I won't be back for another 2 weeks. The sitters will take good care of him but when he's alone without Butterball or myself I'm just concerned. Is it possible for a goldie to cope? I do not even know if I should get a new mate or leave him alone. I'll be back home for only 2 weeks then I'm back in Ohio for another 3 months. I may try to take him with me. I do not know, do you think he'll be ok until i get back? thanks, karla
  3. Hi, sorry I have not posted back sooner, I've been very busy with physio therapy. These bumps Butterball has has been with her for months, they look like warts. I noticed them around October/November '06, and I have treated her for a bacterial infection twice with metromed in December to January and these bumps have not gone away. They do not seem to bother her at all. I keep the water clean, and it is only her and Casper who live in the 55 gallon now. Before they were living in a 20 gallon. I just needed to know if goldies can get these type of bumps and it be nothing. While treating her for a bacterial infection, the red mark she developed on her belly disappeared but not these bumps. If these bumps have done nothing to harm her, is it safe to assume that they mean nothing, perhaps just scars? Its been 4-5 months and she's still the same. Casper has not developed any type of illness or bumps from Butterball. Sorry for asking now, I just want to be sure that she will be ok if she's lived with these bumps for a long time already. I have yet to see any other bumps appearing on her body. thanks, karla Sorry I cannot get more pics at the moment, I'm doing a physio program in Ohio and my fish are in Canada being cared for by my aunt. She did a 60% waterchange yesterday.
  4. Hi, I did not know whether I should put this in the disease and diagnosis section since I do not think this is anything serious but I noticed bumpy marks on Butterball several months ago, I do not know if she's always had these marks except for the bump on her right rear side which I did not realize she always had until i saw an old pic of her. But the ones on her upper left side near her top fin I do not know if they just showed up or she's always had them. They do not seem to bother her, and as i've stated, it has been months. She eats, swims, etc. Currently her and Casper are living in a 55 gallon, I do between 50-70% water changes bi-weekly. They have a 300 Marinelnd Penguin bio-wheel, a 250 Marineland Penguin bio-wheel and a 205 fluval canister filter. Butterball was on metromed months ago, I gave her 2 treatments for a red spot on her belly which she no longer has. Is it normal for fish to naturally have these markings? Here a some pics and a video.
  5. I'm so sorry you lost Daisy. If anything, I'm glad she got to spend her final days with a caring person. karla
  6. No, I do not put the container in boiling water every night. Just maybe once a week or less, just started a week ago. Normally I just rinse it in hot water. And I must admit, I do get overly paranoid when it comes to my goldies b/c unfortunately any little thing can make sick and it is easier to prevent an illness than cure one This container I use is the only one I have that fits the opening to their tank and I've been using it for 2 years Anyway, I know I worry too much, I guess it's b/c after watching my last goldie suffer from ich, anchor worm, fungus on his body, cloudy eyes all at the same time I just do not want to go thru that again with these guys. I just want to do the best I can w/these guys so I thought I'd get members advice, suggestions, etc. on what they do so that I have peace of mind that I do not have to do much to keep their dish clean. Well at least I know that a good rinse is all I need to do to keep their dish clean. Thanks, karla
  7. Thank you for your replies. I was just curious b/c I do not know if it is due to the omega one flakes but my fishes' container started to have an odor and according to what I've heard regarding bacteria/germs is that when things start to smell, there may be something making them smell, i.e. bacteria; therefore, after LaurieP and Devs helped Butterball heal from a red spot that may have been an internal bacteria, I started putting their container in boiling water w/aquarium salt, just to be safe. But Butterball's red spot was probably caused by just her getting a bacterial infection. I think it was Devs who said that the females are more prone to bacteria. Sorry if I'm wrong though. My mom says I'm a hypochondriac when it comes to the fish . Anyway, I just thought others kept their goldie's feeding dish clean like we do w/our own dishes, w/o the soap of course. I like the vinegar idea. karla
  8. Lily does look really sweet , congratulations. karla
  9. Hi, like so many of you I soak pellets or flakes in my gf's aquarium water prior to feeding by collecting a small amount of aquarium water into a tiny container and add their food in for several minutes. I just want to know how you keep their dish clean without ever using soap? I'm always worried that there will be bacteria in their container and that each time I soak their food, they are at risk of getting internal bacteria. After each feeding, I rinse out the container in hot water, but before bedtime I leave hot water and aquarium salt in their container. I've also started putting their container in boiling water w/aquarium salt and leaving it there for 15-20 minutes. Am I being too paranoid? karla
  10. I've had my 2 goldies since July '05 but the petstore guy told me that they were 3 years old, so I guess they are now 4. That's great Tinker that Desi's been with you 15 years. It must have been nice watching him grow and develop into a gorgeous boy . Karla
  11. So far with second treatment this is day 7, I guess she'll have to endure this for several more days thanks for helping us and hopefully she's hungry enough that she'll give in and accept the pellets for a little while longer. karla
  12. Hi, thanks LaurieP for resonding quickly, here is a recap... One day I went to feed the goldies and I noticed that Butterball had a red spot that resembled a bad sunburn with dry skin Well after a water change I already begun to notice an improvement but just to be safe I started a metromed treatment. Her red spot eventually faded but I still noticed that she wasn't herself so I started a second treatment, she is now more active, demanding to be fed, and pretty much back to her usual self, plus her belly is officially perfect . Now she is still perfect but she does not want metromed anymore, not that she's not eating any but I think it may be too much work for her to keep munching on one pellet. It has always taken her 7-10 minutes to chew and it seems like now in order for her to eat a pellet I have to give her breaks in between pellets. To be honest I do not think she is sick, she still has an appetite and has made a complete recovery. She is not refusing food, she just doesn't want metromed but will eat if I give her the impression that feeding time is over, i.e. close the lid of the tank. I hate doing that Sorry for the long post. Right now she is seraching for food and looking up at me . Oh also, I kept the heat up a bit, just in between 76-78. thanks, karla
  13. Hi, Happy New Year! Well I have a bit of a problem, Butterball has always had a problem chewing metromed. It takes her about 7-9 minutes just to chew one whereas Casper has no problem, he can munch on several w/no problem. Anyway, they're on day 6 of their second round of metromed treatment and Butterball appears sick of metromed. She's improved so much and is always hungry. She will munch on one metromed pellet then when she's done I will put another in the tank, she will take it and then spit it out and come up to me as if to say "enough already, I want something else". I cannot understand why it is so much harder for her to chew than Casper, I've done research on goldfish teeth and seen pictures so i do not know what makes Casper's teeth stronger than Butterball's. I guess it is not a good idea to stop this round early is it? I try to give her breaks in between pellets, unfortunately each feeding time takes me about 2 hours. Anyway I do not think it has anything to do w/her appetite or not liking the taste, I think she is just tired of munching on them. I really would like to stop but I do not want her to get sick again, I feel very bad for her . karla
  14. Hi, I'm so sorry Punch had to go through this, I really hope he is getting better. I've seen your videos of him and he seems like a sweet, wonderful little guy I wish him a speedy recovery. I'm just glad you got to him before this guy had the chance to visit again. I admire your dedication to your fish. I do not understand how people can be so cruel to innocent beings. Good luck to you and Punch. I will be praying for him. karla
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    Hi, in your first post you stated "when my goldfish dies, I will have enough money to get..." So right off it is assumed that your goldie is either sick or is going to die therefor in order to advise you on selecting goldies we need to first be sure that nothing is wrong with your current goldie. Fancies need a minimum of 10 gallons each and commons, comets and shunbunkins need a minimum of 20 gallons each but bigger is better. Also some goldie keepers advise not to put fancies in a tank with commons while others do not see a problem, so perhaps you can mix them but you may have to find a way for them to live together without one getting all the food. karla
  16. Hi, I think it could have more to do with genes only b/c my Butterball is an orange oranda and since I've gotten her I've noticed her tail developing white streaks yet there is no change with lighting. I do not know if you mean a change in color on their scales or fins or both but I thought I'd just post what I and others who've seen my fish noticed in the year and a half I've had them and she's about 4 years old. karla
  17. Hi LaurieP, sorry you weren't feeling well. I hope you were still able to enjoy a bit of the holiday with friends and family . As for Butterball, I decided to do a second treatment with metromed b/c although the red spot appeared to have faded, she still did not seem herself. Resting a lot, not as active as before. Anyway, she has improved a lot since I started treating her for the second time. Her belly appears white again and she seems more like herself. I guess she's feeling better b/c for a while Casper would sleep right beside her at bedtime and now he's gone back to his usual resting spot so I guess he feels he doesn't need to comfort her. The last day of treatment is January 8, so hopefully she will be 100% recovered. Thanks for all the help and support, I hope you're feeling better and Happy New Year karla
  18. Hi, sorry just several quick questions, Butterball appears fine, I gave both Casper and Butterball their regular flake food this morning but if I feel I need to use metromed again will it still help her? I'm just worried that whatever she had or still has may become resistant. Should I order medigold just in case? Is it ok to monitor Butterball for a few days to be sure she's ok or should I have repeated the meds? I will try to post pcs of her belly later. thanks again karla
  19. Sorry, I may have started it on the 11th of December. If you start medcating on the 11th, that's day one and 24th is day 14, right? Its been a long day as it is for most people on Christmas, my math skills tonight do not seem to be helping me much. karla
  20. Hi Devs, yes I did the full 14 day treatment. Although I was hesitant to start due to Butterball having a hard time getting her share in the past, right after you posted your experience with your oranda I got worried and automatically started to get her to eat the pellets. That was on the 10th of December, and I knew that Christmas eve was the final day. Could I start the meds over again for another 14 days? Her poop is white and thin, but most often than not it is white. I only fed them one meal of peas. See, I consider 24 hours fasting starts after last feeding and their last was about 3:30pm yesterday so I fed them peas at about 3:30pm today. I'll check on her tomorrow to see how she's doing. Thanks karla
  21. Hi, just an update. Yesterday was the last day of medicating Butterball for her red spot on her belly/chest area and I just wanted to thanks both LaurieP and Devs from Butterball, Casper and myself for their help and advice. Although I do not have a picture, Butterball's redness appeared to have faded or disappear. After the treatment with metromed, I fasted the goldies for 24hrs and then fed them peas. Thanks again! karla
  22. Ever since the one time I saved a bunch of fry from getting eaten by their parents, I now let them eat their eggs. If I had more space, time and money I wouldn't mind raising more. karla
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    Hi, I've been having the same problem of figuring out what type of goldie I have and I just wanted to add that I've been doing so much research on veiltails specifically due to the fact that my Casper's tail is very long, I've had many people comment on how beautiful and long his tail is and according to articles I've read pure veiltails are indeed very rare due to only a small percentage becoming true veiltails but a mix of veiltail with other type of goldie is not that uncommon, so perhaps you have a mix. Although I would like to be sure of what type of goldie he is, I am convinced he is a mix of fantail and veiltail, personally rare or not I love him and value him . karla
  24. Hi, sorry for not replying sooner, just wanted to say thanks for the info. karla
  25. hi, I do not find anyone's input offensive, I just got thinking that regardless how much harder it is for us to maintain a clean home for our goldies due to gravel, that perhaps they prefer gravel b/c it is in their nature/character to dig and by going barebottom we're almost denying them what they are instinctively suppose to do. I hope this makes sense. It's like when something startles them and they automatically hide. No one taught them to hide when they're afraid, they just know to do so. My problem is that when I observe my goldies, I look at their behavior based on what I've learned in my anthropology classes. See i got a new tank and i thought i'd go the barebottom route but after a friend told me that goldies love to dig, it got me thinking about what they would prefer since this will be their new home so i thought that if goldies naturally prefer gravel then i'll add gravel to their new tank. But small_ranchu you are right about someone doing research on goldie behavior and their relationship w/gravel. karla
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