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  1. Thank you Janelle and Paul. Losing both Casper and Butterball was/is too hard for me as many of you know how attached you get to these amazing beings. I've had Butterball and Casper the longest, which is why it is so difficult. I did post pics in the obituaries section today. As for new fish, maybe in the future, but for now I need time. I just hate seeing them suffer and feeling so helpless. And Paul, thanks for your kind words. Despite my feelings today, it will be hard to keep my fish tank empty forever, there are just too many goldies who need a home big enough to thrive in. Karla
  2. Hi LaurieP, well soon after i saw your post i checked on Casper and he got a lot worse real fast. He could barely move, started acting like he was choking, it was weird. As for his little buddy, who was named Henry, he too got worse, breathing rapidly, tilted to one side, etc. It seemed like no matter what i tried they kept getting worse. Checked the water again, everything was where it should be, nitrates less than 20, ammonia, nitrite both 0, ph 7.2. Anyway, after much thought and watching Casper and Henry really go down fast I decided to let them go . I did so w/clove oil then buried them near Butterball . Thanks for all your help. I think for now, I'm not going to be getting another goldie or any other fish. I know i made the right decision, especially seeing Casper not even react when i put the net close to him, it was like he was too weak . It still hurts. So, i appreciate this site and all the members who've helped but i think for now I just can't have another fish, they are just too sweet and i get too attached. thanks karla
  3. LaurieP, thank you for all your help but if I cannot find a vet (I'll try right a way though), then there is nothing else . I just do not get how I started a treatment simply b/c I was worried about a bacterial infection after he injured his tail just to have it not work and him get worse. The water was excellent, he had not even developed symptoms and I tried. I then get him on medigold and still, he kept getting worse. Now he's not even eating. I did everything I was suppose to do. I'm just so angry and sad for him . Well I'm off to find a vet near where live to see what he/she can do. Karla
  4. Hi LaurieP, I do not understand, to give him a head start I started him on junglelabs antibacterial food but the problem kept getting worse. So I started him on Medigold yesterday which he ate but by evening meal he kept spitting the pellets out. I think he ate eventually b/c i can see his poop and still the same color as the food, pretty healthy looking. Well despite my efforts in getting antibacterial meds in him, I'm afraid that it has spread really fast. He now has red rings around both his eyes, more redness on his belly, fins are worse, etc. All I really have besides metromed and medigold is junglelabs fungus clear, which at this point I do not know if it will help him. I cannot get a vet to inject him w/antibiotics but i'll make a few calls. If I can't, is there anything else i can do. I know without any pics it's hard to get an idea of how bad it looks but it has really infected him and quick which surprises me since i've been testing the water, doing water changes to keep the tank as clean as possible and got him on antibacterial food before these symptoms started. I'll be doing another water change when i get back home, to clean out the bottom of the tank. Can i add fungus clear or is it too late. I do not want him to suffer . If metromed is stronger than medigold, i'll try that then. thanks karla
  5. ok , i think i know what Casper has. It appears to be septicemia b/c on his head he has red blotches, his fins are completely streaked w/red lines, and he has a bit of red dots on his belly. I started junglelabs antibacterial med food 5 days ago but they appeared to not have helped at all, in fact during treatment he just kept getting worse, but still eating so i started him on medigold today which he did eat this morning but this afternoon he kept spitting the pellets out. I do not know if it is b/c he wants the pellets softer but i left them in the tank for now to see if he or his mate will eat any. I added prazi yesterday when i could not figure out what he had but now that i believe i know i want to remove the prazi and start a bacterial treatment w/junglelab fungus clear. i hope there is still medication in the medigold even though it has been sitting in the water. i just think he prefers it softer b/c now he appears to be looking for food, however i do not know if he's eating. karla
  6. I've been treating Casper w/junglelabs antibacterial food for 5 days and he appears to be getting worse . Not knowing what else to do i did a 65% water change, removed the carbon and added prazipro. Since junglelabs says to treat for 5 to 10 days, i've decided to stop junglelabs med food since it's day 5 and switch to either medigold or metromed. Sorry no pic, i still cannot find the cord that connects the camera to the computer. Now he's grown this reddish area on his head. I'm still unsure if what i'm dealing w/is both bacterial and parasitic since junglelabs did not work and he seemed stressed by the salt even though i put it in little by little in 3 days until it reached .3%. In fact it was after the water change that he perked up a little, even though the water was already good. Still, he seems tired and breathing differently, maybe a bit faster than normal. He still eats so that's good and his poop looks healthy. Is it ok to continue w/prazipro and feed antibacterial meds like medigold or metromed? thanks karla ammonia, nitrite 0 nitrate 5 ph 7.2 did a 65% water change this morning and started prazipro
  7. I'm so sorry you lost your fish Shamu23.
  8. Hi, just wanted to let this out since a lot of you know what I'm talking about. One thing i hate is when ppl think a goldie is just a "stupid fish" w/no feelings and they laugh when you get sad when something bad happens to them. Ppl do not realize how attached you can get to your fish. The day Butterball passed, I never thought this was possible but I was still in Ohio (I live in Canada), heading to the gym when I had this strange feeling, almost heart breaking feeling that something wasn't right. I felt this urge to cry. I remember turning to the person driving me to the gym and telling her that I felt something was wrong and that something bad would happen that day. I brushed this feeling off thinking nothing of it until later on that day I got this call from my mom saying that Butterball had died. I never thought that you can connect to a fish or any pet so much that you become almost spiritually attached, if that makes sense. I will never forget that day or that feeling. thanks, just wanted to let this out. karla
  9. Hi, I want to treat my goldie for possible parasite infection but as w/all meds you have to remove the carbon but w/ the marineland penguin biowheel powerfilter cartridges, i do not see how that is possible w/o removing the entire cartridge. Any suggestions or should i remove the whole cartridge? I still have the canister, fluval 205 w/sponges but it only filters out 180gph. does it matter? Karla
  10. Hi when i treated my fish w/maracyn 2, i used their feeding container, collected a bit of their water and put the meds in there until they dissolved and then i added it in the back of the tank, away from them so they wouldn't get excited and think it's feeding time . Afterwards I would rinse out their container w/hot water. But first you should get your water checked out. karla
  11. Thanks Shamu23. I do not know, I'm thinking of putting prazipro into their tank but i'm not sure about how much. It says 3 tablespoons treats 900 gallons, which means one tablespoon per 300 gallons, therefore per 100 gallons is 1 tsp and per 50 gallons is half a teaspoon right? But if my tank is 55 gallons, how much should I put in the tank, 2.5ml + .5ml? Am i doing the right thing? Once in a while I see him and his buddy resting a bit sideways, not all the way sideways, just tilted a little and i'm not too sure but i think he's breathing a bit more faster than before, hard to tell b/c he's always been nervous when ppl stare at him. Gosh this is frustrating, I feel helpless . He occasionally looks for food and his poop is fine, normal. Months before Butterball passed, I would occasionally see her leaning against the glass or ornament, then she was fine, demanding food, swimming a bit, not as active as when i first got her. She was like this for months. Could it be possible an infection would stay in a fish for months w/no real symptoms? I did treat her w/metromed twice a couple of months before her death. According to the fish sitters, she was fine, swimming, asking for food, eating, perfect and then by the time the sitter arrived to give them their afternoon meal, she was dead w/no sign of trauma, infection, etc. I've never treated for parasite, just bacteria b/c I thought if any fish had parasites it would be much more evident and would attack faster. thanks karla
  12. Hi LaurieP, thanks for replying. I never did quarantine the new fish which I know is not right but while I was away, my family thought that it would be a good idea to clean up my apartment and I had a 20 gallon still setup on my desk and whoever tidied up my place moved my 20 gallon somewhere where I couldn't find it and this new guy was living alone for a while at the petstore. Casper is showing no signs except that he's not as active. What I noticed was that at first Casper was startled by a new addition but when he got close to the new guy from behind, I think Casper assumed Butterball was back b/c from behind, this guy looks like Butterball. Casper seemed excited and tried chasing the fish until he realized it was not Butterball and then refused to go near the fish. The new fish isn't tail standing now and likes to spend time w/Casper just laying there. I've been giving them the antibacterial food since saturday w/no real improvement. I just got my order from the fish sempai so i now have medigold, metromed and prazipro. I would send a pic but whoever cleaned my place moved the cord that attaches my camera to the computer for downloading photos/videos i do not know where . I know when a fish loses a longtime buddy, he/she can get depressed and pass away due to it, so i am unsure if that's the case here. Hard to tell if he has an infection b/c there appears to be not enough evidence. After he swims he acts like he's tired out. Can i give him antibacterial food while treating the tank w/prazipro in case of parasites or should i leave the fish alone unless another symptom appears? I'm about to add in the last dose of aquarium salt. Also junglelabs antibacterial food says to feed to fish 5 to 10 days, tomorrow is the 5th day so after tomorrow can i just switch to medigold or metromed? Thanks again Laurie karla
  13. Thanks Daryl, Junglelabs treatment is 5 to 10 days and i'm still waiting for the metromed and medigold meds to arrive. What I've noticed about junglelabs med food is that some pellets float and some sink so i grab the feeding container, collect some aquarium water and put the pellets in the container. The ones that float i remove from the food container and the ones that sink i automatically feed to the fish to prevent a huge loss of essential medication. Some still float but by the time the fish notice, it has been a while and i try to remove them. karla
  14. Hi, short history of Casper He lost his best friend of 4-5 years a few weeks ago but he was still eating and more or less active. I got a friend for him which i believe startled him, since he's only lived w/Butterball. Anyway, I think w/the addition of a new friend, Casper got a bit stressed out and I believe injured his tail fin and caused a part of it to turn red and then fall off. Since then he has not lost anymore fins and has shown no sign of progressive fin rot. He eats, normal breathing and gill movement, no scratching, gulping for air, etc. He is definitely a boy b/c of the many times he's mated w/Butterball. No sign of constipation, swimbladder issues b/c i checked his poop and it is the exact same color as his food and not stringy. I tested the water, everything is fine. Ammonia and nitrite 0 nitrate between 10 and 15 ph 7.2 55 gallon, 2 fish, filters filtering 730gph My problem is that he is bottom sitting most of the time and is only active when i put food in the water. He and his buddy have been on Junglelabs antibacterial food since saturday and to be honest i'm not even sure how to feed them this since the pellets float. I do presoak, which i am unsure if this is ok. I decided to treat him w/the antibacterial food just to be safe. Plus since i do not know how long i would have to wait for my order of metromed, medigold and prazipro from the fish sempai, i wanted to get him started on something right away. I am hesitant to add any meds directly into the water since i'am unsure as to what i am dealing with. I did add so far .2% of aquarium salt and will be adding the last .1% soon to see if it helps. Could he just be stressed by the changes in his life, i.e. his friend's death, a new buddy, an injured tail all in one month? I am really worried . His buddy has been tail standing a bit but swims fine when getting food. Not completely tail standing but still a little angled. thanks karla
  15. Hi, not sure about fin deterioration, other than to guess bacterial infection. As for scale regrowth, i'm not an expert but when i got Casper, my fantail, roughly 2 years ago, he did have a few scales missing. I even saw a scale come off his body and from what i could tell, his scales did not grow back for a very long time. Like looking at him now, i think his scales regrew but for at least a year these scales were still missing. So it could just be that the scales have not grown back yet Sorry i can't be much help. karla
  16. Hi, i do not know much about ulcers or what kind of water catfish prefer but maybe you should try a different antibacterial medication to treat Purdy. Maybe whatever he's developed is now resistant to the melafix treatment and you need something else like maracyn one or two. Also aquarium salt may be helpful for your fish. Perhaps also these ulcers are something Purdy will have to deal with time and time again. I cannot understand how any type of algae affects fish like this and i do wish Purdy the best. Sorry I'm not 100% familiar w/ulcers and hopefully someone who's had more experience may be able to further help you. Good luck. karla
  17. Sorry to just post here but what do you do w/antibacterial food that float? I've been giving my fish junglelabs antibacterial food b/c i am still waiting for my order of metromed and medigold and i am worried about my goldie having to wait for treatment. Do you drop it in the tank, presoak? karla
  18. hi, i'm not too sure what happened but today he's a bit more active now that the piece has fallen off. I do not think the filter had anything to do w/it though b/c from where it was ripped it seems almost impossible. plus his tail is too big to fit the intake tube. Good luck w/your fishie and I hope he gets better soon . karla
  19. hi, been out all day, therefore did not have time to take a picture. Well, when i arrived home this evening i found that the piece of tail that was ripped had fallen completely off, however i was told by his sitter that he did eat. i will try to take a pic tomorrow and i'll continue to monitor his behavior. should i leave him alone to heal or do anything for him? Thanks for all your help Paul. karla
  20. hi, the rip is vertical. no swimming backwards, mouth chattering, etc. but i do not know if he was rubbing himself against the side of the tank or swimming since he only did a flipping movement against the corner of the tank where he likes to rest for a few seconds when he was startled. But he shows no other sign of a problem. He's not as active and he gets startled easily which makes him swim rapidly but I just assumed that he was stressed by his new tank mate since i put the new fish in his tank yesterday afternoon. Could bacteria attack that quickly? Can i just put salt in the tank for now until i get some anti bacterial meds? Even though the rip is vertical, does this have to mean he has a bacteria? i will try to post a pic soon. thank you karla
  21. , I went to check on Casper and there's this reddish, purple-lish bloody spot on his tail. After closer inspection, I discovered this big rip on his tail. It looks like someone grabbed scissors and cut a peice of his tail like paper.No one did of course but that's what it looks like. If you look at your fish swimming and you see the tail go by, the side view of the tail, the rip is located at the top of the side of the tail, if that makes any sense. He hasn't been very active today, which is why i decided to check out this red spot. Yesterday i introduced a new goldfish to his tank and he kind of got scared and swam very quickly to his corner. Could he have injured himself? What should i do? I know the new fish didn't hurt him, the rip is too far up on his tail for any fish to get at and the new fish is a bit smaller His tank is in ok conditions: ph 7.0 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 10 55 gallon, with a 300 and 250 penguin biowheel power filters and a fluval 205 canister filter. Filtering 730gph water changes every 2 weeks, between 50% and 70% I'm really worried that he's in pain. He did eat. Should i put any treatment in the tank? Will his tail heal? thanks, karla
  22. Hi, just a quick update . I'm home now after nearly 3 months away and I've been observing Casper and he's still pretty active and he gets excited when it's feeding time. His behaviour makes me wonder whether he misses Butterball? He seems lonely in the 55 gallon but at the same time coping well. I want to get him a buddy but I am afraid that this new friend will be aggressive and since he just lost his mate, he may get stressed out. I love goldies but sometimes it is difficult trying to figure out what is best for them. karla
  23. I've been calling pratically everyday about how Casper is doing and according to the sitters, he's doing pretty good. Eating, swimming, etc. Thanks everyone, maybe the space and meals are keeping him entertained. Cannot wait to see him and keep him company until i find a friend. The sitters visit him when they can just to be sure he's ok. karla
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