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  1. Thank you very much for this video-- it helped me figure out what GEF was doing to my new fantail! So we all made it safe and sound to Ottawa, I visited the vvvv and picked up a new plant for GEF and Crumpet, and a couple of decorations. I just added them, and figured it was time to finally introduce Cuthbert to the main tank (after being in quarantine for 3 weeks) since things were changed around and there would be less chance of a territorial-thing. So in goes Cuthbert (who I bought at a fair size-- about the same size as GEF who is 3 years old) and not two minutes later, GEF has his snout rammed up Cuthbert's anal area, chasing her around like mad (Didn't know Cuthbert was female until this point--could never get a close enough look at her anal port to see for sure). I panicked a little-- I had never seen anything like this before, got the internet connection up and going, and logged on here to see what this new behaviour was all about. My little GEF's growing up! *sniff* I've taken out my new decorations (way they were carrying on, someone was going to get hurt! Poor Crumpet's just kinda twiddling his thumbs trying to look the other way ) and hopefully they'll tire themselves out sooner or later. Thanks again, Orandaman!
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