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  1. Well thankyou for making me feel right at home here I know all about septicemia, until he gets rid of that no matter how clean the ###### water is, they still will get sick and die. And I know his fish have septicemia you can see it all in the videos he posted, which is an interal bacteria infection After this I don't think I will be coming back here. Thanks a lot Oh and Ivan just don't bother taking my advice about septicemia as from what toothless has suggest I know nothing about fish.
  2. I didn't see how big the tank was?? That could be a factor as well to the problem?
  3. If they have fin rot then yes deffinitly keep the meds going Have you ever tried Fungus Eliminator by Jungle? I found it the only thing to cure my fishes
  4. I really wouldn't stop meds if they have the red streaks...
  5. A dragon fish is harmless, its the new fad. What it is, is a violet goby a mean looking fish that represents an eel type look. But its a very quiet, kind fish that belongs in a tropical tank, with a heater and salt. Its a community fish, a lot of people think that this new "dragon fish" is mean and eat other fish when they are are harmless as dojos. If your fish are look like they are painted with blood then they have septicemia, which can lead to all sorts of other dieases which is what they orginally die from, instead of the septicemia. Your already medicating for it though so that is a good start but you have to keep the water completely clean with nitrites and ammonia at 0 at all times. What I found that worked wonders for this is the fungal bactieria meds by jungle.
  6. That looks like the start of septicemia, however the fish in the videos look like they have it worse then those pics there are those recent pics or older pics All I can suggest is maybe clean out the whole tank have fresh water salt it to what you have it and let your fish relax for a few hours without meds then use the M-2 and that will help with various dieases and hopefully for you will get rid of the septicemia. It just sounds to me like you have a lot of meds in the tank right now?
  7. you can't happen to get a pic of the the red streaks? Do they look like they have been painted with blood on the fins or more veinish?
  8. sounds like septicemia and I know I have been saying this a lot but since it happened with my fish I have become so experienced with it. I know it very well could not be septicemia. With septicemia the fish are acceptable to every diease under the sun, which with septicemia there will be other dieases with it as it is blood poisioning and lowers the emune system so badly that they catch everything. How much blood is in the fins? Does it look like veins or does it look like blood streaks? If you you see veins its very likely just an injury in the fin.
  9. For the red streaks try Fungus Eliminator by jungle, it is the only thing that has helped my fish with septicemia, it suggests nothing about being an antibotic so I don't know it it is one or not but its the only thing that has helped me and saved one of my pom pons. For some reason Maracyn 2 did nothing to helping in that area.
  10. unfortunely septicemia killed off my whole fish population except my two pom pons and one of them is very ill. Its a horriable horriable diease that you have to catch at the beginning and even then its hard to tell if your fish will live. Right now the only thing I can suggest that has worked for me is Fungus Eliminator by Jungle, this here http://www.vvvv.com/global/product_det...D=1141678346298 Its the only thing that helped my one pom pon get through, other then that the water has to be crystal clear, so 75% water changes everyday with your tank. once you battle septicemia, then the other dieases your fish has will come down too. Septicemia is a blood poisioning so once you get rid of that then your fish can heal from the other dieases, otherwise there bodies can't fight off the other dieases no matter how many meds you use because of the blood poisioning or septicemia in the system. It is caused by over population or contamination of the water. Anything from soap, hand creams or anything getting into the water that can get through an open cut on the fish or with just haveing a bad emune system by over population. Other medications you can try is M-2 (never know how to spell the first word) others suggested it though and it never worked for me, the only thing thats working right now is the jungle fungus eliminator. Look for any type of medications that say that it will get rid of red streaks or septicemia.
  11. I know a lot more experienced people here can help you out but I can tell you this, is that you can not keep 18 commons? in a 20 gal tank. One common goldfish (single tail) need 20 gals per fish and a fancy goldfish needs 10 gal per fish. The fish is probably sick due to the amount of waste in the water. With that many fish in the 20 gal you might need to do a 50%-75% water change every day. Wait though and see what the experts here say though
  12. All your fish have Septicemia and are then acceptable to everything. You can see it all in the one sitting in the corner of the tank there and in the other ones backs and tails. Once they get this they are acceptable to every normal bacteria in the water that they naturally fight off, plus anything that might be living in the water. Its a very sad diease in which they can live up to 1 to 3 months sick before they pass over. If you don't catch it at the beginning there isn't really a chance to help your fish. I just went though this sickness and definitely know from your video that its Septicemia added with any other diease that attacked there immune system that can't fight it off.
  13. I am having a horriable time with my fish! my chocolate oranda had the same white lines show up on him about the same time you posted this post and he just passed away today as well and he was on antibotics.
  14. The redness in the fins is it spreading? Does it seem at the base of the fin where it connects to the body? My fish that are going though septicemia had these symdoms Sitting at the bottem, though coming up for food and red streaks in fins that spread over time They would sit on the bottem of the tank unless there was food, or I would get them to move, in the later stages of it (span of 3 weeks or more) it went to not eating and barely breathing, then the infections of other bacterias start to take over since the fish can not fight it off I don't want to scare you or anything, just if that could be it its good to catch it right away because if you don't they are likely to pass over. I wish I had a picture of my girl that I had to put down when she was sick so you could compare with your fish. From what I read about the diease is that its is contacted threw contamination, from dirty water to simply having soap resedue on your hands after washing them, handcreams on your hands, ointments, things like that can give it easily if your fish has a low system or even the tinyest cut on them somewhere.
  15. ohh I thought you meant like streaks of blood XD any blood streaks and believe me its different from just veins. Its horriable, on the dark fish you have to look really really closely to see it and sometimes you don't notice it if you aren't looking at it or for it. but it is from contaminated water so I would be on alert for it just in case.
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