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  1. There is SO much information out on the web that cannot be referred to here on Koko's for pond and pond maintenance. Ponds like fish tanks need water changes, need filtration or they will become stagnant pools of muck. It would be close to a night mare to keep a pond that size clean without proper filtration. Retro bottom drains can be added, settlement, lots of options, but none of them are cheap, some options are cheaper than others. Yes there are all kinds of filters that can be made with 55 gallon barrels. There are great DIY ideas out there on the net. Moving bed filters, sand/gravel filters all come to mind. However unless the stocking level is and stays VERY light the recommended volume of filtration for 20,000 gallons is 2000 gallons. There are are all kinds of commercial filters out there that can filter that size pond. It's just gonna cost money no matter how you do it. Pool pumps and filters are not recommended for fish ponds. They work on pools, but are not make to filter out the crud/crap that fish produce. Pool pumps are notorious electricity hogs vs a pond pump. Water changes are necessary for the fish as well. All toilets (your pond/pool/fish tank are all fish toilets) need to be flushed occasionally
  2. That is a devestating loss for you and your DH. Can you add a UV so to not have the green water?
  3. Proper equipment is vital to catching fish in a larger pond! I will be going out to catch a couple in a few minutes. These are 12-18" fish, koi not goldies. There are good nets made for catching fish. Most are from Japan and have wooden handles. They will glide easily through the water. Worth their weight in gold to catch koi. I also have a seine net. Large commercial fish net that I have weights on the bottom edge and floats on the top. Slowly starting at one end drag the net from end to the other, being careful to not let the net come off the bottom or sides of the pond. They get smart about sneaking under and around the edges. Also the reason to go slow. Once you have the fish (or most of them .. guaranteed some will get away!) then use the other net to catch them. Lowering the water level was also mentioned and can help greatly. My pond is 13,000 gallons, 5.50-6.5 feet deep. I do not drop the level and and always get my fish..well almost always
  4. stock tanks can even be set up with bottom drains to keep the bottom clean as well as being much more sturdy than a preform. Preforms are made for inground so unless you are going to build a walled in area, dump in some dirt and then put in preform (which can be pretty neat idea too) the stock tank would be the better way to go
  5. temporary ponds can also be done with the kiddy pop up pools. They are not deep and the fish need protection from the weather on both ends of the spectrum. Also the Intex Frame Set or quick set pools can also be used. I prefer the frameset as they have a frame rather than an inflatible ring at the top such as the quick set has. IF I were to use a quick set I'd watch it like a hawk and have heard of those that instead of inflating them put the long foam swimmy things in the ring (yes cut to put in) and I've heard of those that put the expanding great foam in the ring. These can make great temporary set ups while a pond is being built, or re-built. I know of some that use them for quarantine or hospital tanks and always have one set up in their garage or back yard if weather is mild. Filtration can be purchased or DIY. Lots of info on the web on building large filters big enough to filters 1000+ gallons of water.
  6. filtration on a pond needs to run 24/7 as does a tank. Left off the biobugs will die off. There are great sites out there that will help you decide what you want in a pond and then help put together what is necessary for it. Can't mention them here they get ***** . Start searching they are out there. Filtration in a pond should be 10% of the volume of the pond in filtration. So a 1000 gallon pond should have filters of 100 gallons. There are bottom drains, settlement tanks, skimmers. All have their functions to help keep the pond clean and the fish healthy. There are DIY filters as well as filters that can be purchased. You need to know what your limitations are. How much maintenance do you want to do, how much money to spend. Ponding is more than digging and hole, dropping in a liner, filling it up and put in fish. There are still water changes to do, filters to clean. Keep the bottom clean..just like in a tank..no rocks on the bottom. Bottom drain to a settlement tank does so much for keeping the bottom clean. External pumps are more efficient to run than internal ones. Depth of pond will have to be determined by your climate. Hot summers need deeper ponds, cold winters need deeper ponds. More is always easier to maintain than less as far as pond size/gallons. Just like it can be easier to maintain an 100 gallon tank vs 10 gallons. Smaller volumes give smaller margins for error.
  7. If you don't have fish in and need a quick KH boost put in a tablespoon of baking soda. Will help raise PH more naturally than the ph up stuff and will get your kh up to help buffer the ph and keep it stable. I was cycling a pond and was not getting rid of the ammonia in spite of having nitrites as well. Was a large pond, ammonia was low, but not going away. Tested the KH and found it to be around 20. Brought it up to over 100 and the ammonia and nitrites disappeared immediately. Some bio bugs and some filters need a higher KH to function well.
  8. any good fishkeeper talks to their fish..so you are definitely on the right path to become a good fish keeper!
  9. On the flakes..take a pinch between your fingers and dip into the tank water. Rub fingers together to get release the food. Should put most if not all of it in sinking mode. Try a bit of watermelon ..my koi go bonkers for that
  10. within 5 degrees of the water they are used to.
  11. Please be sure to quarantine as I also know of someone in Oregon that breeds them and quaratine is a must on fish from that source. Of course quarantine should be done not matter who/what the source is..
  12. nice little pond!! Do be careful on your stocking..you are at about max!!
  13. Home Depot..blue bag solar salt
  14. good use for a small tank! In koi we use blue bowls to view fish. They show up better and photograph better on the blue background (so do goldies!) I just bought a couple of blue rectangular tubs for the koi. I will buy a ruler of some kind and silicone it to the side of this rectangular tank. Same idea as the small rectangular fish tank, it encourages the fish to stay perpendicular to the lines so it's easier to get an idea on size.
  15. cooked or fed raw? Do snails also like zucchini?
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