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  1. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the compliments and the warm welcome I just got some live plants and new lighting in the mail, so be on the look out for new pictures soon!
  2. I haven't posted in over a year, so I thought I'd share some of my most recent pics. Ranchu Tancho the oranda Siamese Algae Eaters There are lots of new faces around here Hello to all and nice to meet you in advance.
  3. 3 of the 4 fish were shipped up here, one from GoldfishRUs & the other 2 from Goldfish Utopia. The little orange oranda was purchased here locally.
  4. Here is Satchel, my black/bronze oranda back in April of 2006 around 4.5 inches: And here she is last month at 7+ inches: Her fins are getting longer as well as her body. I like the way her color is changing
  5. Thank you all very much! I appreciate all of your compliments If you are willing to fly up to Alaska and get past my husbands security system, go right ahead. Thank you! Actually they aren't all that expensive, at least I didn't pay that much for them
  6. Satchel(female) Bucky(male) These two produced Edwin
  7. Here is an old pic of Baloo and Khan when I first got them
  8. Thank you, I did have a nice day Starting from the top, Edwin the wenless oranda, Baloo the blue, Khan the calico, Satchel the black, Bucky the red/white. The kitties are Coochie, a black/white dsh, and Miss Poot, traditional balinese. Poor Coochie, no not pregnant, just a fat boy. He loves to eat Here's another pic of his roundness:
  9. Got some new pictures earlier this month and finally got them uploaded Also wanted to share a few pics of my kitties >^..^< Thanks for looking
  10. Got a new camera for X-mas from Santa (mom & dad, hehe). I'm still trying to find the best settings to take pics of my fish and I think I've come pretty close.
  11. Your little pearlie is soooo cute. That dorsal fin of his makes him so unique As for Flint, he is a koi. I have one just like him that is almost 4 times as big. He looked just like Flint when he was a babe. Koi/common hybrids don't look nearly as pretty as your guy
  12. Very good on you for saving the lives of those two goldies. You are a wonderful person for doing so. Both of them are darling. Poe has nice body shape and color and Mythra has the cutest cheeks! Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but your Mythra is actually a boy! Hehe, you can see his breeding stars in the 4th pic (on his pectoral fins)
  13. Baby Edwin (July 5th, 2006--9 weeks old, 3 inches long) next to his daddy Bucky. Edwin (11-20-06-- approx 6 1/2 months old & over 6 inches long) and Bucky!
  14. Here is my chubby blue girl, Baloo Here is another blue I had, but sadly lost a year ago, Monger: He was such a pretty boy.
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