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  1. if you really want to bring your PH down (just to be on the safe side) bogwood is always a good qway to go about it. can take time but it works great in the long run.
  2. I'd be careful with the cherrys had some in my betta tank and, the betta went "please sir can i have some more" good luck and always remember pics more pics the better lol.
  3. also bogwood can be used to bring ph down slowly (just soak it well before putting it into the tank) and shrimp do love sitting on it and provides hideing holes for molting shrimp. you can never go wrong with a bit of bogwood in a shrimp tank.
  4. if it's more of a case that the babies are not survieing, i would say they might be to inbread, have you tried getting some more cherry's from a diffrent source?. adding some new genetics into the mix may help (smilar thing happened to me just the babies not living past first week) Red cherrys are one of the hardest shrimps you can buy and a great food source for other fishes, sounds cruel but trust me after they get really well set in their numbers will blow up and, you'll be thankful for the chance to remove some and so will the fishies lol.
  5. justs o you know did some sand shifting again (still handn't seen them) but, in the small area that i did found one assassin he dug himself straight back into the sand, so i'm assuming they are all ok .
  6. yeah i'll skoot over there have another good read up one thing i do love about this hobby so much variety to try and grow on.
  7. no they are for fresh water made sure of that looking them up first, heard of them as snaill control in beta tanks they are aslo know for been quite hardy. also they aren't really snail what I've read up on them is they are in fact a mollusc. I'm asumming that "Nerite snails" as a whole fall into this category as well? please correct if I'm wrong the more info the better thanks again. lol a mollusc is a snail daft git face palm moment there chaps and ladies. what i was thinking is that they aren't really a snail as such, they have a sex and need a pair to well breed they also only go after protien i've read up where people assassins are dying because they wasn't any snails left for them to eat. the assassin snail will go for the waffers but only for the small amount of protien within, but they never will eat algae willingly (for what I've found via as many sources as i could find before hand) but thinking you know it all diffrent matter when they in your tank isn't it lol
  8. no they are for fresh water made sure of that looking them up first, heard of them as snaill control in beta tanks they are aslo know for been quite hardy. also they aren't really snail what I've read up on them is they are in fact a mollusc. I'm asumming that "Nerite snails" as a whole fall into this category as well? please correct if I'm wrong the more info the better thanks again.
  9. I've seen assassin snails in the UK also known or sold under the name bumblebee snails because their shell is yellow with black rings like a bumblebee they are also very close in looks to trumpet snails i did what to go the clown louch way of controlling snail numbers but my tank is already over stocked system running i didn't want to add more due to going to far. plus the louches would probally destroy all the trumpet snails and i don't want them all gone just number brought to a safe bio load lvl again but still enough to sift the sand naturally. basically i went a route that offered a more natural cycle within the tank trumpets are enough in number that they should breed as fast as they are been eaten, but only time will till on this. edit. thanks glad you like it i manage to get some slate for free from a friend of a friend (pet shop would of had my arm off if i paid what they asked lol)
  10. Yes, asassin snails do occupy the substrate as well. Could be they are somewhere under there great stuff thanks all. also i didn't know where also called nerite snails a day you learn something new is a day that wasn't wasted lol knowning that snib bit well help with forum sherches in the future also i think the MTS are on to something. i see them more on the decour of the tank in the latter part of the first week, i rarely saw them unless feeding time or during night hour's, but now they seem to want to stay away from the sand more. or is that just me lol.
  11. well did weekly water change today raked the sand didn't see them anywhere hmmm. not on underside of anything inculding hood but numbers of trumpets seem to be going down so i asume they are doing their job just havent seen them yet. guess they do have alot of room to move about in do they hunt under substrate?
  12. Hi all just a quick qestion about assassin's brought 4 at the weekend put one in my betta tank and, 3 in my 55gal Rainbow cichlid tank. the 1 in the betta tank no problems at all but the 3 in the 55gal i haven't seen past day one, my sand is alive with MTS but not seen the assassin's since they dug themselves in. so my question is are they just having a feild day in the sand or should i shift though to make sure they are still with me? about 2 inch of sand also lots of decour in the tank bogwood and slate (for making caves) link to a video of my current tank.
  13. in the fish keeping world we say live plants = expencive salad with angels the bigger the leaf the better they will tend to leave them alone because angles like big leaves to spawn on
  14. yeah only have the 2 that pair up and thats only if your other fish can easily gtet away from them. got a 55gal here made same mistake had 4 angels 2 paired up and they systematically killed off the other tank mates, including the other 2 angels. and it happened very fast within a matter of days, i had to rehome all my tetras but lost the other 2 angels because i could'nt get a tank divider in time.
  15. the easy way for me is to remove any area fish love to hide and get the largest net i have, then slowly move it though the water, the size of the net been so big with little room to the sides, most times when going towards the end of the tank small fish will swim into the net, been so large with plenty of room (in the netting itself) they will in most cases swim happily into it. did it for 5 dark phantoms in my 55 gal, only removed the bogwood left the plants in (they bend easily lol) . then put them into my mothers tanks that now has 8 dark phantoms, they are much happier there .
  16. i recently had to re-home my common plec had him for some time but he out grew my 55 gal and he wasnt the most docile of his breed but i had a friend that had room in a 150 gal with just the one oscar and, he seems to have setteld in well thankfully. but i think its mostly due to him not been the most aggersive fish in that tank, he really wanted to be the only one in my 55gal lol greedy git but i'm glad yours is of the calmer personality and, he looks healthy and most of all colourful, its when they go dull for long periods of time you have to worry .
  17. i forgot a better pic of him. the flash seems to have lightend the lower part of his head lol
  18. lol thanks yeah when i saw him i knew he was the one even turned down the chace at some grade C half moons they were nice but not as active or have any type of personality to speak of looked heathly enough but not so much get up and go. you can't see it in the video but his body is a darker blue and, his head a nice very rich deep dark blue and i just love his fins so rich in blue with purple hint to them as well. and his pec fins also that rich blue. oh and a lipstick disaster on his lips with, half his top lip covered in that blue, you can just make that out in the vid, thanks to his dark head. you guys at kokos always do this to me lol. I'm really loving bettas alot more now i have one oh and he doesn't seem to like the taste of shrimps
  19. OK chaps and ladies bad new first can you belive that my light gave out about 2 hour ago and he was primed for photos as well lol. never mind got a light ordered for pick up tomz afternoon, before i nip in work so no biggy good news i was taking some video a few hours after i put him in. not the best still a bit blurry, but better than nothging right? lol video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXHcCuWbi3k&feature=youtu.be shot during the day. i perfer to take pictures at night they just come out better when the tank light is on and the room is dark but alass best i have so far of him is the video footage hope you enjoyed it
  20. he will flare at times at his reflection but not for any long periods (few seconds then moves on) the flareing at the heater and filter well, he was swimming straight at them while doing it and i can't see how he could see himself in them lol. i don't mind if he eats the shrimp he has already been hunting down the smaller ones but leaves the bigger, 1 incher's alone . I'll get some picture up latter on when he has calmed down a bit, he seems quite excited atm and all pics are blurry, so I'll get him latter unawares as far as body language from what i can tell from keeping goldies to most freshwater fish in the past, he seems very happy no signs of stress, no hideing, always swimming around between/under plants. no clamping of fins. sure he swims off to the back and hide when i try to get a closer look at him but thats only natural
  21. OK just got a grade C crown tail and he seems very active straight of the bat. but that have to do with the shrimp he's chasing around, altho he isn't fast enough to catch them. yet lol. but he dose seem to behaving a little strang he's flareing up at the filter and heater? is this norml when put into a new area/tank sort of finding out if things fight back maybe?
  22. thank very much yeah going have the tank planted, at the moment it has 2 small swords growing up and, a medium sized one thats always stayed in. also a fair number of trumpet snails that help keep the alge down and about 30 medium to large cherry shrimp, i don't mind if the beta eats them over time they were breed for live feed for my 55gal freshwater (2 angels breeding pair and, 2 small Firemouths male and female hoping they pair up when older . but that tank gets a very good mixture of foods i dought they'll miss the live feed all that much.
  23. OK been lurking long enough in the beta topic area so now i have decided to put my shrim tank to some better use and, i would just like to make sure the tank and equipment will be safe to use, I'm sure it will be but hey better safe than sorry right . tank i'm going to use is Fluval Ebi. pic The only thing that might be an issue is the light that comes with the tank, I'm thinking it might be to bright, I've heard beta's don't like it to bright. is this true? at 7.5gal I'm sure its big enough, but the tank is taller than it is wide can this be a isssue also? thanks and regards Wizz. P.S looking to get the beta on Sunday. so any tips on what to look for in a healthy beta would be great I'm genrally good at picking out fish but, i've seen betas can a bit strange naturally having frayed fins in some cases and such. I'm guessing its all about the eyes and body shape and such. again thanks all.
  24. i have to agree here. i suspect that your fish is tiring from fighting the current 24/7 and that's probably why you found him wedged between obstacles. normally, a fish that seeks anchoring like that would be unwell and easily pushed around by the slightest current. your fish does not seem unwell, just tired or exhausted from fighting the current. the eye does not look that bad to be honest. i would not be recommending anything but additional water changes and it should heal up by itself. if there is no blood present that has settled on or around the eye, i personally won't be advising anything more other than additional water changes, preferably 50% daily for the next 7 consecutive days. if you head to our goldfish video section and have a look at videos that other members have posted, this should give you some indication of how much to reduce the current in your tank by. they should be able to hover without being pushed around so much. i agree here is it pos that you could turn the outlet upward,s so its pushing the surface of the water?. but other than that I'll say the same water changes or keep a very close eye on your prams, goldfish do lose eyes often due to accidents and such, my comet lost one of his just before chirstmas but good water was all that was needed for him to heal up. and his behavior didn't change much, he just need a week to readjust to his blind side. but still your fish do look nice all the best
  25. extreamly helpful thanks very much. I'm currenty having issues with setting up a planted freshwater tank (never done one before) and its one curve after another
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