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  1. i have to agree here. i suspect that your fish is tiring from fighting the current 24/7 and that's probably why you found him wedged between obstacles. normally, a fish that seeks anchoring like that would be unwell and easily pushed around by the slightest current. your fish does not seem unwell, just tired or exhausted from fighting the current. the eye does not look that bad to be honest. i would not be recommending anything but additional water changes and it should heal up by itself. if there is no blood present that has settled on or around the eye, i personally won't be advising anything more other than additional water changes, preferably 50% daily for the next 7 consecutive days. if you head to our goldfish video section and have a look at videos that other members have posted, this should give you some indication of how much to reduce the current in your tank by. they should be able to hover without being pushed around so much. i agree here is it pos that you could turn the outlet upward,s so its pushing the surface of the water?. but other than that I'll say the same water changes or keep a very close eye on your prams, goldfish do lose eyes often due to accidents and such, my comet lost one of his just before chirstmas but good water was all that was needed for him to heal up. and his behavior didn't change much, he just need a week to readjust to his blind side. but still your fish do look nice all the best
  2. thats fine no bad blood intended, i guess we all have our different ways of careing for our goldies We will just have to let GoldieGeek make their own mind up about adding salt (long or short term)
  3. I'm sorry, but I disagree with you here, for several reasons. 1. Being in a salt environment is not natural for a goldfish. A goldfish's gills should work just fine without any sort of help from salt. 2. If the goldfish had been treated properly, such as proper QT and maintenance, there is absolutely no need to have salt in the tank to keep parasites at bay. 3. Unless you properly check salt concentrations each and every time, you will have salt creep over time. we will just have to disagree then, but as far as my own experiance and that of others go. goldfish like brackish water more so than freshwater. and regardless of QT and maintenance things will genrally crop up from time to time and, if you keep and eye on the amount of water you take out of your tank salt creeping should never be a problem. I'm not talking marine water amount of salt here
  4. nothing wrong with adding "Aquarium" salt to your goldfish tank, goldfish can tolerate a great amount of it. besides just helping gill function it is also away of proventing other parasites that infect goldfish from ever getting a foot hold in your tank. having salt in your goldfish tank is always a good idea regardless
  5. I love salt when it's needed. I'm thinking of starting out with 1 tbsp/5 gallons, the standard I guess. Then up the salt to 0.1% if needed. Just because there is no illness in the tank. I'm scared to stress him out too. Do you think 0.1% right away is a better plan? So scared to screw up:) sorry about lateness of my reply i live in UK so times agiving (also work nights) but yeah you should be fine working it that way, but you should be fine at the 1 tea spoon per gal to start off with. you'd be amazed at how much goldies like salt in their water, you could really taste the salt in my water when i thought i'd see what it tasted like (don't ask, lets put it this way i was tipsy)
  6. salt is always a good idea i didn't think of it myself when i first started off if your unsure about doesage of salt, i recconmend 1 tea spoon of salt for every gallon of water in your tank, you can go as high as 1 table spoon of salt for every gallon but i like to rise salt lvls slowly to start off with, (if your goldies arent used to it that is but thats just me) with salt in the water colours of the fish really come out as well as help with gill function. can't tell you how much salt i used to put into my 35 gal sor my common gold Wizz'et (r.i.p) i was buying pounds of the stuff lol and i got her to a good'ish old age of 14years note: just pre-dilute the salt in a bucket before adding to the tank, concentrated salt rocks can cause bruning.
  7. now that i did'nt know the red lettuce part anyhow but i must say never heard the part about peas making your fish gassy that is a new one to me lol but i have only really kept commons and comets and i know they are a bit hardier (well alot hardier) but this has now gone into my fishie hand book of thing to know thanks for the info. a day you learn something new is a day that was'nt wasted
  8. have you tried the the frozen pea diet yet? really good for detoxing fishie inner's if you don't know the pea trick here goes. frozen peas in hot water untill they become soft, de-shell (goldfish cannot digest the shells) mash up the 2 halfs you now have and feed, put him on this diet for a week or untill poop becomes green. this in most cases will solve most floating type issues. i use it regualar on my goldfish cupcake (comet) he has a thing for nose pointing down and tilting not quite as bad as a swimbalder but after a few days on the pea diet he becomes right again in the water. and after all it couldn't hurt to try it and, the other fish will also get some goodness out of it as well, sure fresh veg and such are good but i find peas the go to when floating issues pop up. i hope he or she gets well soon. edit sorry just saw the spawning part hope she gets well soon
  9. filter make would be great as all makes have their own qurks if they are Fluval you'll be in luck because they do alot of spare parts but from what been said so far i have to agree sounds likea impeller issue. also fluvals are very easy to pull apart, if you need to buy new filter i highly recomend the fluval brand.
  10. i have a yellow comet also he's got a great personality, i would post pics but don't have any for the time been
  11. with a gravel vac and a BIG water bottle the type u find ontop of water vendors, 35min for a 50% water change
  12. just like to say again ty for all the help things have really improved in the last few days and, i feel if i just carry on the way as i wont be loseing any of my darling fishes XP. ur all stars thanks
  13. the january post was the 30gal tank ive got with the fancy and the comet but i have the same numer of plants in the 35gal but they are larger but same breed. ph: 7.5/6 ammonia: nil 0 nitrates: between 5 and 10 nitrites: nil 0 also not as much white fluffy areas on the large comet now.
  14. just a quick update the comet in the smaller tank his eye has cleared up a little bit not much but defo an improvement from yesterday. the white fluffy bits on the larger comets tail is about the same, but he isnt clamping his fins as much if at all and behavior in both of them seems to be normal ie always hungry and doing their little dance at the very least strees has gone down. i'll carry on with daily changes and, hope things improve even more as the days go on.
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