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  1. babies for sure. Price is right and i enjoy watching them grow.
  2. All you frist time fish keepers, listen to the people on this board and you will have nice, big,healthy fish. I did not know anything about fish untill i came here. I want everyone to know that my lion head and black moor or doing great, i bet my black moor is 7 to 8 inches long and my lion head OMG he is massive. Just read and learn folks, as i did. Thanks everyone.
  3. I could be wrong here, wouldn't be the frist time but if i read your post right you said that you feed your fish 1 time a day? To me that seem's like not enough. I have 2 fish, one black moor and a lion head and every since they were little i have fed them 3 times a day and i have had them for over a year and they are big and healthy. They get flakes in the morning and fish/shrimp in the afternoon and flakes in the eve. Wednesdays and Sundays they get pellets in place of the flakes, all so on Saturday they get peas. Maybe i'm over feeding.I'm sure some one with more fish keeping skills than me will clear this up. Any ways welcome.
  4. It took me a year to get my goldfish to eat from my hands. I was soooo excited when they decided to trust me enough.
  5. I should have been more clear,sorry. They are for my algae eater and it is still very small. Should i just soak it and brake it up over the tank? Will my little algae eater know to eat it? I have 2 fancy goldfish in the tank to,so i know they will eat it. I'm just wondering if the poor little algae eater will get it's share. Thanks
  6. OK i got some algae discs and now not sure how to feed them. Do i cursh them up or put it in whole? Thanks
  7. I have a 55 gallon tank, it came with a shinny black stand. I really didn't want black so i marblelized it with green, it looks real good. People told me it wouldn't work on the shinny surface but i did it any way and it came out great. Here it is 7 years later and it looks like the day i did it. (just thought id throw an idea your way. Congrats on the new tank.
  8. How long should i boil my rocks for? I washed them in warm water,now i'm boiling them but need to know how long is long enough. Thanks
  9. My tank is 55 gallon. I'm taking out 15 gallons but i only have a gallon container to add water back to the tank.I'll go with the 1/8 teaspoon per gallon. Thanks all
  10. Ok it's all most time for my weekly water change and i'm out of my old chlorine drops, so i have to use another kind. It says 1/2 teaspoon for 5 gallons, so how much for a gallon? I feel like a dummy but i would hate to hurt my fish. I hope this is the right place for this, if not sorry.
  11. if i hadn't found this wonderful site my poor fish would be doomed. I have had a black moor and a lion head for allmost a year now and they are big beautiful fish and very happy i might add. So many of you have helped me be come the fish keeper i so badly wanted to be. I have a 55 gallon tank and i had to take all the fake plants out cause of the time it took cleaning the algea(hope that is spelt right) off of each plant with a tooth brush,so now it is bare. What i'm wanting to do is put rocks in , big and little, with maybe just a couple fake plants. My question is can i get rocks from my yard and put them in my tank? if so what would i need to do before i put them in my tank? if not where can i buy big safe rocks for my tank?
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