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  1. Hey all, been away for a while, things were really hectic for a while. I just recently gave all my remaining goldies to friends due to circumstances out of my own control, and this included 2 golden apple snails. Anyway, I put off emptying the tank for so long, because I had the flu (wich is hitting everyone in town reeeaally bad this year) looked in there yesterday, and noticed that my pair left me a little present that I didn't see before! about 14/15 baby snails. They're so cute, but I have a few questions.. 1) what do they eat, to grow to full potential? (I will be giving these ones to friends) 2) how long do they take to grow? At the moment they're only a few mm, and munching away quite happily on a few little algae patches that grew after the previous occupants went to other homes, but that doesn't look as though it will last very long. Any help whatsoever is fully appreciated, and it's great to see everyone again, after so long!
  2. so cute, i used to collect em an name em whem i was little, ^_^ we get infested when it rains, we find snails in the oddest places
  3. *Must curb jealousy, must curb jealousy* She's a real stunner, you lucky thing, you!
  4. Hi Lee, I'm glad they got there ok, I was thinking a while ago about ordering fish, but was always too scared about transport, do you know if the supplier uses a proper animal transport company (do they even exist???) if they do then that would be an added bonus. I'd love to see pics of your Oranda! and good luck with your new fish.
  5. Thanks so much for finding that Natt, I think that's what he is, so are they rare/hard to find?
  6. Oh, that might be alright then, I've never heard of a mirror scale before, I'll do a quick search and see what I get, Thanks Nattviska! I found a pic of a carp, Is this what you mean?
  7. Thanks for the quick replies! It's definatly bare skin, and the scales he has left are much larger than what I've seen is normal, They've been missing for at least a year, I can't give an exact time frame when they started coming off except 3 years ago, when I put the perch in, but they only managed to pull a few before they were given away. Then, over the next 2 years he's lost them slowly. I've got an old photo, that I posted a while ago, so I'll put it in here for you all to see what I mean... He is putting on a bit of weight in the pond too, He seemed quite thin for a while.
  8. Hey, haven't been on in a while, it's been rather hectic here. What I'm wondering is why Big M (Big white comet) is still missing so many scales, I went to visit my friend the other day, and had a squiz in his pond (this is the guy whos babysitting for me) and I'm happy to report that they've grown even more, and are in the best of health, they even remembered me, and came up for a quick hello. I'm scared to think the scale loss was my fault, I even remember that he was too hyper for a tank and belted himself around a lot, and in the start, about 3 yrs ago I put in 2 silver perch. ba idea on my part, they were vicious as. Any way, the point is, weren't scales supposed to grow back????? if so, why haven't his???? Hopefully someone here knows a little something about permanent scale loss and can shed some light on this, I've been searching and searching for answers . Thanks in advance!
  9. Welcome!! You have beautiful fish, and an adorable baby
  10. Lucy, that cow is so cute! No, not one of mine...maybe one day but!
  11. I might give that pillow making a go! my mum just bought me a sewing machine....hhhhhmmmm Now all I have to do is actually learn to sew! Any requests???
  12. aaaw, lucy! that's so cute! I think I'm getting slightly addicted to this artpad thing!
  13. Ok, this is hard...very easy thing to do on paper (see sig for example) but I think I got one! My piccy: My fish pic
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