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  1. I made a python using tubing from a hardware store a few years ago. The problem was the tubing wasn't thick enough and would flatten out and restrict water flow. Python tubing is thicker and holds its round shape. Whether or not your homemade python works will depend on how thick the tubing is.
  2. I see bettas in cups at other pet stores too. I'll never buy a betta that's sold in a cup because that will just encouage the retailer to buy and torture more poor bettas. If I'm going to buy a betta I'll get it from aquabid or somebody that breeds them.
  3. I would say Aqueon is the best because Aqueon used to be All-glass before they changed the name. All-glass was around since 1967. My 55 gallon aquarium is All-glass and it's been up and running since around 1983.
  4. We could have a kokonuts convention. We could all get together, meet and show pictures of our goldfish. This way no fishys would be harmed.
  5. There is no point if having the competition because my fish already won.
  6. I prefer a plexiglass cover instead of real glass because it's lighter and you don't have to worry about it breaking. I second what brandon says about the aquaclear filters. I have aquaclear filters in 6 of my tanks and won't consider any other kind. I also just order 3 more aquaclears.
  7. There is no way this guy is a goldfish breeder. I don't care what he tells you. If he can't keep his goldfish alive there is no way he could keep baby goldfish alive. Much less raise them to a saleable size.
  8. Distilled water is water that has virtually all of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container, leaving most if not all solid contaminants behind. Distilled water is purer than deionized water and RO water.
  9. Your fish is ready for the 55 gallon aquarium now. 55 gallons sound big but it's really not.
  10. I feed Omega One because it's made with whole fish and fresh veggies.
  11. You can artifiallly fertilize goldfish eggs by squeezing the eggs out the female into a bowl or pail and then squeezing the milt out of the male onto the eggs to fertilize them. I know that it's done but I don't know all the details. The eggs need to be fertilized right away or they will die and the fertilized eggs will not survive being mailed. If you want to buy or sell fish eggs and send them though the mail. You can do it with killifish.
  12. The biggest goldfish legend of all is "Bruce the gaint goldfish".
  13. If you live in an area where your water supply comes from reservoirs your water supply is limited and water conservation is much more important. Than it would be for someone who lives in a lake community. I'm thinking about Atlanta Georgia during the drought. I think the biggest waste of water is watering the lawn. It's not even about keeping the grass alive. It serves no other purpose than to keep the grass green. Sure the grass turns brown when it's dry but it will start growing and turn green again when the rain comes. Just think how many water changes you could do with all the water your neighbor just wasted watering his lawn. If you feel like your wasting water doing water changes the solution is to buy a water distiller. Then you can distill your used tank water and drink it. That might sound gross . But a good quality distiller will make your used tank water cleaner than the tap water you put in the tank.
  14. Keeping salt in the tank is not needed at all. Unless your trying to treat something.
  15. If you wanted to go with a non-goldfish celestial eye you could get the "Four-eyes" Anableps Anableps. They have eyes above and below the water which is why there called Four-eyes.
  16. Since this is the tropical fish area are you asking about the lionhead Cichlid?
  17. I never use the sink when draining the tank with the python. I either put the python down the close chute and let the water go down the basement floor drain. Or I put the python out the window or door. But never the sink.
  18. "True" Ghost shrimp are Palaemonetes paludosus. However in Asia Macrobrachium lanchesteri are often sold as Ghost shrimp. Both these shrimp produce larvae and they do not need salt. Cherry shrimp are good beginner shrimp. It's Cherry shrimp or Red Cherry. Not Cherry red. The reason this is important is because people often abbreviate which causes confusion with Crystal red shrimp. RCS= Red cherry shrimp CRS= Crysal red shrimp (there's also a Crystal black, Crystal white, Crystal golden) My shrimp tanks have barely enough gravel to cover the bottom and only a couple plastic plant with a stone base and sponge filter. I feed Omega One goldfish pellets. I just throw in one or two pellets. Be careful not to over feed. My tap water also reads 0.25ppm ammonia but it didn't seem to hurt the shrimp. The water conditioner that most shrimp keepers prefer is prime. Although copper is toxic to shrimp having copper pipes won't make your water toxic. You should run your tap on cold and never use the hot water tap. The hot water has increased levels of copper, lead and possibly other heavy metals toxic to shrimp. Due to certain chemicals added to the hot water, the copper pipes corrode more easily and release copper directly into the water. Other chemicals are also added to the boiler which, helped by the temperature of the water, release heavy metals into the water. I have bad water so I bought a Kold Ster-IL water filter. With this filter I can temp match my water and don't need to add a water conditioner. Cold water, water changes will kill your shrimp so you need to let the water warm up before adding it to your tank. I lost a tank of shrimp by dumping in cold water. The best and most accurate information on shrimp can be found at www.petshrimp.com If you decide to post there be sure to read the rules and do your research. The rules are strictly enforced.
  19. I forgot to list my pond. It has a surface area of around 44,000 square feet and it about 25 feet deep. With around 75 16 inch goldfish.
  20. I got the 55 gallon off of craigslist for $10. Most of these spares tanks are super deals from craigslist.
  21. Aquariums being used 1 55 gallon 1 40 gallon 4 29 gallon 2 20 gallon 2 10 gallon 2 1 gallon Aquariums that are waiting to be set up when I make some room 1 55 gallon 1 40 gallon 2 30 gallon 1 20 gallon 4 10 gallon
  22. The only point in using RO water with goldfish is if you have really bad tap water. In this case it could be good to mix RO water with the tap water so the goldfish can live in cleaner water. But goldfish should not bet kept in 100% RO water.
  23. When I was little I also used to have catfish in my aquarium to clean up the algae and fish poop. But then over my years of fish keeping I learn that catfish don't eat poop and their not the best at cleaning up the algae either. If you want something that does eat poop and algae you could get some shrimp. I don't know how much poop the shrimp really eat but they will pick at it all day long. If you do get shrimp it is best to keep them in a tank by themselves because the fish will eat them.
  24. Goldfish don't need RO water and Di is totally not needed. I was looking at buying a RO unit for my shrimp tanks but after hearing mixed reveiws decided to get a Kold Ster-IL filter instead. RO water it too pure and either needs to be reconistuted or mixed with tap water for most shrimp. Since goldfish are much hardier that shrimp they don't need Such pure water to survive but it could be benifitial if you mix it with tap water.
  25. You could try crushed coral. With crushed coral the ph and hardness will rise slowly over time as organic acids react with the coral.
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