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  1. Bladder snails are commonly called pond snails.
  2. Omega One is also a good food. I don't know if it's as good as pro-gold but it might be close. I used to use Hikari before I switched to Omega One.
  3. The turtles and frogs wont get your goldfish. I did the same as you over 10 years ago. But with 100 feeder goldfish in a bigger pond. Your goldfish will get huge.
  4. The bigger aquariums have a thicker rim and takes up all the space for hanging over the tank so it's a tighter fit. Since the rim is narrower on the smaller aquariums there is extra space and the filter will pull away from the tank so the filter sticks out further.
  5. Mine AquaClear 70 sticks out 3 - 7/8 inches on my 55 gallon and 4 inches on my 40 gallon breeder.
  6. I have a 30 gallon tank that I want to set up for brackish water shrimp. The tank has been set up with fresh water for over a year so it has a fresh water cycle. Will the cycle hold with adding the salt or will it have to recycle for salt water? I plan to get instant ocean sea salt mix and make the specific gravity of 1.008 to 1.016 I was going to mix the salt with my tap water that I run through a kold stel ll 3 stage filter but then I read that R/O water should be used then add calcium carbonate rocks so the water is buffered and does not become acidic. Is it really necessary to use R/O water or would it work to use my filtered water? I was also going to mix the salt in the tank but then I saw pictures of salt being mixed in buckets. Does it matter if the salt is mixed in the tank or buckets?
  7. The fish don't need gravel or ornamants. If you want it you can add it but your pond will be easier to clean with out gravel. You can syphon it out. But because of the size of the pond your syphon is going to need a long hose. As long as the end of the hose where the water is draining out is below the water level in the pond, it will drain.
  8. Choose the tropical fish that you keep with your goldfish based on wheather or not they will get along and choose the tropical fish that like the same water hardness and ph as your goldfish. Most tropical fish like a temp between 70 and 80F. Goldfish are fine in that temp range and can live in warmer. Goldfish are cold water fish which means that they can survive cold winters and live under the ice. But they prefer the warmer summer temps of 65 to 75 but can also live in 90f water. My aquariums are up stairs and range in the middle to high 80's in the summer and the goldfish don't have any problem with those temps. So anything less than 80 is well within their comfort zone.
  9. I think the rating of 106-159 gallons for a 250 w heater is high. I've seen another brand rate their 300 w heater for 80 gallons and another rate their 250 w heater for 75 gallons. I have a 250 w heater for my 55 gallon. Heaters can malfuntion. If they just quit working it's not a problem. But I did have a heater malfuntion and over heat once and cook the fish.
  10. I've never used purigen. It's for chemical filteration same as carbon but possibly better. It removes dissolved organic compounds which is also removed when you do water changes. It might help your water quaility but it doesn't replace water changes.
  11. Your comets are fine eating floating pellets because they are just a color variation of the Prussian carp with longer fins. Being a natural fish swallowing air doesn't cause them problems like it does with the fancy goldfish. All fancy goldfish are grossly deformed Prussian carp (Carassius auratus). The Prussian carp were selectively bred to give us all the fancy goldfish varieties we have today.
  12. I only use the sponges in my AquaClear filters. I put two in the box and one over the intake. That takes care of both Biological Filtration and Mechanical Filtration. I don't use the carbon insert which is for Chemical filtration. Chemical filtration is the process by which dissolved organic compounds are removed from the water. By doing regular water changes you're removing the dissolved organic compounds and don't really need the carbon insert. The biomax insert helps with Biological filtration. They say that you should replace the sponge inserts every two month but it's not needed. They just tell you that so you will buy more so they can make more money. I've gone years without replacing the sponge/Foam inserts. The sponge inserts do need to be cleaned every month or two. When cleaning the sponge inserts squeeze them out good in tank water. If you rinse them with tap water you will kill the bacteria and cause a mine cycle. .
  13. Your AquaClear 50 will be sufficient for your 20 gallon tank. It's even a little bigger than needed for a 20 gallon but it's good because goldfish need the extra filtration.
  14. Shrimp are very sensitive to water quality. Although cherry shrimp will survive for a while in a set up that small they will likely die over time. For Cherry shrimp and most other types of shrimp it's best to keep them in a 10 gallon aquarium or bigger. The larger aquarium gives them more stable water conditions which they need to survive. If you want to keep shimp in your small bowl the best shrimp to get is the Hawaiian red shrimp, Halocaridina rubra. You could keep 50 of these shrimp in your bowl and these shrimp wouldn't need water changes, ever. Only need to be fed a little bit once or twice a month and can live for 20 years.
  15. I thought about getting a R/O unit but I got the Kold Ster-Il 3 Stage Filtration System instead. I had it for years and it works great. I have it hooked up to my python so all I have to do is hook it up to the faucet turn on the water and let the water run right into the tank. I don't have to add anything to it and I don't have to use any water conditioners.
  16. I wanted to see how fast my goldfish fry would grow if given the best care. So I kept records of the growth rate of my goldfish fry after they became free swimming. 8 days 1/2 inch 15 days 3/4 inch 21 days 1 inch 4 weeks 1 1/4 inches 5 weeks 1 1/2 inches 6 weeks 2 inches 7 weeks 2 1/4 inches 8 weeks 2 1/2 inches 9 weeks 2 3/4 inches 10 weeks 3 inches
  17. The filter I prefer is the AquaClear. To avoid having your babies sucked up into the intake you can cut a hole in an extra AquaClear sponge filter insert and stuff the intake in the sponge. This method works good for both fry and shrimp. You can also adjust the AquaClear for heavy or light flow and it works on any size filter. I have an AquaClear 70 running in one of my shrimp tanks and shrimp will sit in the intake sponge and feed with no danger of getting sucked in.
  18. I have some bullfrogs in my pond. If you lived closer I would have taken them and put them in my pond.
  19. Your goldfish will love the pond. I have a large pond and put 100 small feeder goldfish in it over 10 years ago. Now they’re 16+ inches long. Last year I added 12 koi 8+ inches long. They like the space. The cold water doesn’t bother them. Living in Wisconsin the pond is covered with ice for most of the winter.
  20. There really are no benefits to having shrimp in your fish tank. Shrimp are not good for cycling a new tank. They are much more sensitive to water conditions than fish. You don’t have to feed shrimp anything special. They will eat algae (but not enough to clean the tank) and they will eat the same food you feed your goldfish. Shrimp don’t eat fish poop but they’ll pick at the micro-organisms that are on the poop. When doing water changes it is important to temperature match the water. But it’s best not to use warm water out of the tap. Since the water that goes through the hot water heater can pick up metals that can be harmful to shrimp and a cold water change can shock them and cause them to die a day or week later since the stress causes them to die over time. It is best not to keep shrimp in a fish tank. Even if you give them lots of plants so they have hiding places and your fish aren’t interested in eating them. The fish will stress the shrimp. The bigger shrimp like bamboo shrimp and vampire shrimp are big enough where you don’t have to worry about the goldfish eating them but these shrimp are filter feeders and have special requirements of their own. The Cherry shrimp are known to be one of the hardier shrimp varieties. Snowball, yellow and blue pearl shrimp are color varieties or the Cherry shrimp and can interbreed. While these are the hardier shrimp varieties they are still quite sensitive compared to fish. There is a new shrimp in the hobby called the Malawa shrimp. I’ve had these guys for years and their hardier than the Cherry shrimp. I recently dedicated a 40 gallon tank to Cardinal shrimp which is also new to the hobby and one of the more delicate shrimp varieties. The copper in a lot of fish meds can be deadly to shrimp.
  21. Even if the Betta doesn't eat your adult shrimp it will stress them out and eat any baby shrimp.
  22. Amano shrimp and Cherry shrimp can't cross breed. Amano shrimp have to go through a larva stage. Cherry shrimp hatch into minature shrimp. Cherry shrimp will cross breed with snowball, yellow, and blue pearl shrimp.
  23. I have leeches in my snail tank and their killing my snails. These are wild caught tylomelania snails so there must have been some leeches on the snails when I got them. How do I kill or get rid of the leeches without harming the snail?
  24. Goldfish are cold water fish and have no problem with temp drops. Dropping the temp 5 to 10 degrees in minutes is nothing for goldfish. Goldfish don't need heaters and 55F is no problem at all. People heat their goldfish tanks because they want to and think they should. Not because goldfish need warm water, because they don't. Goldfish are hardy and will do well in a wide temp range.
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