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  1. Java moss is slow growing but it can grow really thick. I never thought of my java moss as being invasive but when it spreads it will grow all over anything and everything.
  2. You can’t tell that a fish is stunted by looking at it. The fish is just smaller than it should be. Fish can become stunted because of water conditions, not enough food, and too small of a tank and maybe genetics with the fancy goldfish. Fish in ponds can also become stunted if they don’t get enough food. Comets and common goldfish that don't grow huge are stunted.
  3. A lot of people around here want ridiculously high prices for there aquariums and stuff on craigslist. They seem to think that their used aquariums and stuff is worth what they paid for it. But sometimes you can find a good deal.
  4. Minnesota is known as the land with ten thousand lakes having 11,842 lakes over 10 acres and Wisconsin has 9,037 lakes over 4 acres is size. So here this is just a little pond.
  5. The fancy goldfish (fat fantails) can get big. But stay smaller than the single tail goldfish (common & comets) which can grow huge and are best in a pond.
  6. The shrimp I'll be getting will about 3-4 months old and they start breeding around 6-9 months old. Your on the top of my list for when the babies are ready to leave home.
  7. Why is going out of town for a few weeks in March stopping you from getting some? These shrimp don't need water changes and only need to be fed a little bit once or twice a month. I'm going to be keeping mine in brackish water with a specific gravity of 1.012 and hope to have lots of babies.
  8. 75 gallons will work but your 4 comets will become stunted in an aquarium that small and never reach their full size.
  9. The pond is around 43,000 sq feet of surface area and 25 feet deep. I know that none of the fry survived because I have never seen any small goldfish. In addition to frogs and insect larvae which might eat a small number of fry there are also turtles, blue gills and large mouth bass that would get most to the fry and the bass could eat any goldfish under 6 inches. All the goldfish are around 15 years old and are all the same size.
  10. I originally stocked the pond with 100 feeder goldfish after a hard winter that caused a freeze out. Since there were no larger fish in the pond at the time they were able to grow up. There are about 50% or so of the original goldfish left. Because of the size and depth of the pond there is no way to get and accurate count. None of the fry have survived. At first I thought that the goldfish weren't breeding but it's more likely that the fry are getting eaten.
  11. My pond goldfish are all around 15 years old. They get no care, no pond maintenance, live with predators and spend their winters under ice. So I have to go along with goldfish living 10 to 20 years.
  12. I just set up a 30 gallon tank and ordered 20 of these shrimp
  13. Both tanks would work but both tanks are a little small for 4 full gown comets. The 5' 140 gallon tank would be a little better because of the extra swimming room but because the gallons are about the same the 150 tall would also be fine.
  14. Here's some general information about these shrimp. http://www.petshrimp.com/opaeinfo.php Here's an article on how to set up a tank for these shrimp. http://www.petshrimp.com/opaesetup.php
  15. These shrimp don't really need a bubblier. Here's some general information about these shrimp. http://www.petshrimp.com/opaeinfo.php Here's an article on how to set up a tank for these shrimp. http://www.petshrimp.com/opaesetup.php
  16. I just set up a 30 gallon tank for these shrimp and will be getting some soon. The little spheres that are sold with these shrimp in it are really torture chambers for the shrimp. These shrimp are Halocaridina rubra and can live for 20 years. But because of their hardiness they can survive in these spheres for 2-3 years while they slowly starve to death, suffocate and get poisoned in those containers. http://www.petshrimp.com/opaeinfo.php
  17. Check the recycling # on the plastic. Most of the plastics contain an industrial chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) and other chemicals that will leach into the water. # 2 is the best and safest with the lowest risk of leaching
  18. It would be fine. The slight change in ph won't hurt them. If you feel more comfortable acclimating them that would be fine too. But not necessary. With my own goldfish I wouldn't hesitant going in either direction.
  19. I was stating that goldfish are not sensitive to ph as they can live in a wide range of ph as you just said yourself. I also said a small change in the ph isn't going to harm the fish at all. People who have ph crashes and large fluctuations in ph have other water issues that are causing these crashes and fluctuations. Which is likely affecting the goldfish much more than the change in ph.
  20. It would be fine to add all new water since the cycle is held in the filter, gravel and bio-film and not in the water itself and a small change in the ph isn't going to harm the fish at all. Goldfish aren't sensitive to ph and will be fine at a ph between 7 & 9. My waters ph is close to 9. Comets are hardier than the fancy goldfish and can handle slightly bigger changes than the fancy goldfish can and they can eat floating pellets without floaty issues. With a 150 gallon aquarium you will definitely want to get the python. If you use tap water prime is one of the best water conditioners. If you want to eliminate the need for R/O water, spring water and water conditioners you can get a Kold ster il 3 stage water filter. Just hook it up to your python and run it right into the tank. I got the Kold ster il a few years ago and haven't used a water conditioner since.
  21. I've had goldfish fry grow from egg to 3 inches in 11 weeks.
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