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  1. When buying books online I will check ebay and amazon.com. Sometimes ebay is cheaper and sometimes amazon.com is cheaper. Amazon.com has "The Simple Guide To Fresh Water Aquariums" use for $9.24 used not includeing shipping and $11.45 new. Congrats on your good bargain.
  2. I'm glad your fish arrived ok. I've often thought about ordering fish but the shipping cost is so high that I haven't done it yet.
  3. You can adjust the water temp. before fillling the tank. I bought a hose splitter that I put on the end of my python so that I could adjust the water temp. while it's hooked up to the faucet. It will be easier and faster to clean the gravel with a python. You can do it with a bucket and standard syphon but there won't be much sucktion and it will take a lot longer. 10 gal tanks are a little small for a phython but if you want to get one it would be good for draining the tank. To refill the tank you would be better off using a bucket because with a phython you might over fill the tank before you get the water turned off. The amount of water wasteage with a python is so small that I wouldn't consider it a problem or a waste of water.
  4. Here are a couple of the water filters that I was talking about. These are some of the best filters on the market and they're not sold in stores. http://www.nicks.unfranchise.com/index.cfm...cat2ID=USA20835 http://www.nicks.unfranchise.com/index.cfm...cat2ID=USA20837 Everyboby needs a water filter. You can find simular water filters in stores and something is better than nothing. Remember if you don't have a water filter you are the water filter.
  5. Boiling will kill bactiria. But it won't remove the chemicals or make it safe to drink. You need a water filter. You can get a counter top water filter for less than $200 and you can also get a shower head water filter for less than $100. Your body absorbs more of the chemicials when taking baths and showers than it does when drinking the same water. You see the way your water is effecting your fish. It's doing just as much damage to you. You just haven't noticed it yet. If your water is that bad you better get some kind of water filter before the money your trying to save needs to be spent on doctor bills.
  6. Carp are good for eating. http://www.big-river.com/br.story.a.html
  7. Carp are not native to Lake Michigan or the US. The common carp was bought over from Western Europe in 1879. It is an invasive species and it has caused a lot of problems in US waters. Now the common carp is becoming a big problem in Australia. The Bighead and Silver Carp is a new problem fish in the US.
  8. The feeder goldfish that is in the tank now has clear stringy poop and it might still have some ick. The fantail comet that I bought out of the same feeder tank died after the third day. I found three more fantail comets in a feeder tank at a different pet store that I would like to get. Being in such an over crowded tank they may or maynot be sick but I don't want to put them in with any of my other fish. I do have larger tanks that I could put them in later after I make sure their not sick. I also have a very large pond that I will be putting most of my goldfish in come spring. I'm not worried about the 10 to20 gal per fish rules because the aquariums are only temparary homes for the goldfish. If it would be better I could set up another 10 tank and start treating it after I add the new fish. Then I would have to buy a new filter.
  9. 2 tablespoons in 10 gallons.
  10. I'm currently treating a tank with salt because I bought some fish from a sick feeder tank a couple weeks ago. Now I found a couple more goldfish I would like to get. I would like to know if I could put new fish in the tank that is being treated with salt? I didn't put this post in the disease section because my question is not about sick fish. It's about putting new goldfish it a tank that has salt in it and if it will be Ok for the fish.
  11. If your goldfish are fancies they might not survive. If their commons or comets they would love it and have a better life. If you release them into the wild be prepared to go to jail because thats where you will be going if you get caught.
  12. Get a python syphon. Run the hose down the steps and out the door and you will have no problem syphoning out the water.
  13. From the picture I saw. It looks just like a sarasa comet except it has black markings instead of orange.
  14. If your only going to be gone 7-12 days. The fish will be fine without doing anything special. Just do a water change before you leave.
  15. I saw a panda comet on a poster and I'd like to get some. But I never saw one in a pet store. I searched for panda comet on yahoo but nothing. Has anyone ever seen a panda comet or know where to get some?
  16. How long are you going to be gone?
  17. I might get some people mad at me for telling you this. But studying hard to learn how to care for goldfish and tropicals is a waste of time. It won't help you get the job. Employers are more interested in your work ethic. You ability to talk to customers and sell their products. They want to find out by their questions that your going to be a good employee, show up for work, sell their product, be a team player, get along well with others, have ambition, be willing to work hard, etc. Just like any job you have to sell the employer the idea that your the best person for the job. Do you have the qualities that make a good employee. Ask yourself would you hire you? If you would. Why? If not what would you have to improve? If it's a small privately own petstore learn all you can about the business. If the petstore is a large chain of petstores or a franchise learn all you can about the company. When they first started the company, how many locations, number of employee, companies mission statement, finanial reports, etc. Your knowlege of the company will impress the interviewer much more than your knowlege of fish. If you get the job then by all means study hard to learn how to care for goldfish and tropicals so you can give customers the correct information. It will help you do your job better but it won't get you the job. You could be the one of the most knowegable people in the world on every aspect of fish keeping but if you don't have the qualities that make a good employee you won't get hired.
  18. When I do water changes I do 50% to 75%. Anything less than a 50% water change feels like a waste of time. I have done some 100% water changes. I don't know how others do it but when I do it I'll siphon 75% of the water. I fill the tank and siphon out another 75%.
  19. Living in Florida it should be safe to put your goldfish the pond this time of year. I'm flying to Maimi tomorrow.
  20. The only differents between a 55 gallon tank and a 75 gallon tank is a 75 gallon tank is a little wider than a 55 gallon tank. So she would be better off getting a 75 gallon tank. But the only differents between a 75 gallon tank and 90 gallon tank is the 90 gallon tank is a little higher than a 75 gallon tank so she would be better off getting a 90 gallon tank. Or see daryls post for the exact measurements.
  21. Goldfish will only eat fish small enough to fit in its mouth. So big goldfish will eat baby goldfish. But they won't eat each other.
  22. You don't need to do anything special just throw him in. The only thing you should do is check the water temp of your tank and the water temp of the pond. If there is a large temp differents lower the temp of your tank to try to get the temp tank closer to the temp of the pond. Or put your goldfish in a 5 gallon pail with tank water and slowly add water from the pond to get the gold fish used to the colder water. Thats only if there is a large temp differents. You didn't put your location in your profile so you have to consider your location before putting your goldfish in a pond. I live in wisconsin and the ponds are froze over. So I have to wait until may before I put any goldfish in my pond. Because the water is too cold for the fish to survive the temp change. If you live down south where it doesn't get too cold in winter. You could put the fish in the pond now as long as the pond temp is above 60F.
  23. Your common goldfish would do great in your neighbers koi pond. You also don't need to worry about the koi eating it because even very large koi have small mouths. Some large mouth bass got into my goldfish pond and the goldfish and bass enjoy swimming around together. Common goldfish can be all orange. It's very common and they don't lose their color when they get bigger.
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