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  1. Congratulations on your baby fish. The best food you can give it is newly hatched brine shrimp. They can grow fast and with a steady diet of newly hatched brine shrimp goldfish can grow 1/4 inch per week.
  2. The stand looks fine. The weight of the tank is being supported by the 2x4's. The wood frame around the bottom of the tank isn't really doing much to support the tank but mostly just holding the 2x4's in place and giving the tank a nice frame to sit in. The stand should be fine as it is but you can cut a piece of plywood to fit under the tank if it makes you more comfortable. I don't know why the foam under the tank would be needed but if it needs foam under the tank get some plywood.
  3. It looks like a nice set up but the price seems quite high to me. Pine is commonly used for aquarium stands because pine is cheap. Pine is also a very weak wood but is fine as long as it’s made well. From looking at the picture the legs are 2x4’s which is good and the stand looks like it is made well and should be fine. Since the stand was handmade make sure that it’s solid and all the joints are firmly connected. I would be more comfortable using it if the joints are re-enforced with nails or screws.
  4. I'm sorry for your loss. Just curious, can you post your tap before and after the kold-steril system? Here are mine for RO+: Ammonia and nitrites: Tap:0, RO+:0 Nitrates: Tap:33, RO+:less then 5, maybe 3 or 4 GH: Tap soft:0 Tap hard:300 or more, RO+:75 or so (4 drops) KH: Tap, either soft or hard: 300 or more, RO+: 100 (6 drops) PH: Tap, either soft or hard: 8.3, RO+: 8.0 I don't know my numbers I haven't tested my water in 5 years.
  5. There are no purebred goldfish breeds. All goldfish are Prussian carp and were developed by selectively breeding mutations.
  6. I also run mine without the lids. You should get the aquaClear 50 for a 20 gallon tank.
  7. I couldn't even see that little tiny baby goldfish until the 4th picture.Then found him in the other pictures when I went back and looked again.
  8. I have cherry, Malawa, cardinal and Hawaiian Red Shrimp. The Hawaiian Red Shrimp and Malawa shrimp are a lot hardier than cherry shrimp and I got them at petshrimp.com You can also find a lot of shrimp on aquabid.com
  9. I have AquaClear filters and only use the foam inserts.
  10. Use instant ocean sea salt. That will be better than aquarium salt and it will give you a higher ph. It's best not to use chemicals in shrimp tanks.
  11. Your sponge filter is floating because you didn't get ALL the air out.
  12. Brine shrimp do best at a ph of 8 so you don't need to raise it to 8.5. Aragonite sand or gravel should raise the water to a ph of 8.2. Just use it like any other gravel. Brine shrimp used to be sold as a fun pet called Sea monkeys.
  13. Beautiful fish. It's to bad you live so far away. I would love to take some of your bigger goldfish and put them in my pond.
  14. Those koi are cool. I'm hoping that the koi I put in my pond will get that big.
  15. Great post xystic. Everything you said is right on. The grow experiment you did with your common goldfish is similar to the growth experiment that I did with my goldfish fry which were a cross between a comet and a black moore. All the fry were all single tails. Welcome to the forum.
  16. Bad eggs will still grow fungus even with fungus treatments.
  17. If the goldfish are commons or comets, the cold water change won't affect them. Fancy goldfish will be a little more sensitive.
  18. I would love to give you a bunch of sources as to where I got my information on stunting but most of it came in bits and pieces over 35 years of keeping aquarium fish and fishing. I first learned of stunting in aquarium fish in the 1980's from pet store owners and I learned about stunting in wild fish population at fishing camp in 1982 & 1983. Stunting happens in both the aquarium and in the wild. It is common and simply means "prevented from growing or developing to the usual extent". There is lots a lots of information on stunting online from stunted fish to stunted children to stunted trees to stunted animals. I'm sure you could find some developmental biologist that have pounced it if you want to take the time to search for it. I also don't agree with the fish vet.
  19. Stunting is something that is very simple (that happens in the aquarium and in the wild) that you're making out to be very complicated. I didn't get my information from Ricks website but he does back up what I'm saying. That information says a lot about stunting.
  20. Goldfish have grown from egg to 3 inches in 11 weeks in my tanks. Some information on stunting can be found here: http://www.goldfishconnection.com/articles/details.php?articleId=122&parentId=10 # 2 - The first 120 days as fry: How much good goldfish care your goldfish receive in the first 120 days of life is a very important factor that will determine their growth rate and size. All the best genes that determine size will mean nothing if your goldfish do not receive good goldfish care in the first 120 days of their lives. If the "Goldfish Breeder" does not feed the proper goldfish foods in the right amount and keep the water quality perfect, the size of the the goldfish fry will suffer. The goldfish will become stunted. I've received 2.5 inch goldfish that never grew any bigger because of the poor goldfish care they received as fry.
  21. Ghost shrimp can grow to around 5 cm and are best kept in alkaline water at a temperature of 70F to 78F.
  22. Goldfish grow the most during their first year and can grow from egg to 3 inches in 11 weeks. As goldfish grow older their growth rate slows down. If their conditions or food prevent them from growing like they should during their first few months of life they will be stunted and never reach their full size. But their conditions can also stunt them at any age.
  23. The eggs can be safely moved. It's better to have them in a smaller tank, it will be easier to feed and watch them. The best food you can give the fry is newly hatched brine shrimp.
  24. I haven't noticed goldfish to be any dirtier than cichlids. It is said that goldfish are dirtier than tropical fish but I suspect that it is just because they are bigger. It is likely that goldfish and tropical fish of the same weight produce close to the same amount of waste.
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