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  1. I have put Oak leaves in my shrimp tanks. I didn't check the ph to see if that was affected. But the reason Oak leaves are suggested for shrimp tanks is because the shrimp feed on the microorganisms that feed on the leaves. When using leaves. Collect the dry Oak leaves in an area where they would be free from pollutants. Before adding them to your tank soak them in tank water for a few days so they sink and a lot of the tannins will leach out. Soaking the leaves first will prevent your tank water from turning brown. Oak leaves break down slowly so they will last a long time in the aquarium.
  2. Goldfish can handle the change in your room temperature. It is true that the temperature will fluctuate less in a larger tank. But a change of few a few degrees in your tank is nothing and won't harm them at all.
  3. If you still want to set up a brackish tank get the super shrimp. I have the super shrimp in my brackish tank. There is very little cost to setting it up and almost no maintenance. There is a little cost in buying the hydrometer & sea salt then after it's set up the only maintenance you need to do is top it off with RO water once in a while.
  4. What kind of shrimp are you putting in brackish water?
  5. I just set up a brackish water tank a few weeks ago. You need a Hydrometer to measure specific gravity, sea salt (I got Instant Ocean) and some calcium carbonate rocks so the water is nicely buffered and does not become acidic.
  6. I got mine at a rummage sale for $3.00 Here's one on ebay that looks like mine http://www.ebay.com/itm/CyberPower-Surge-Protecter-CP550SL-/111000130918?pt=US_Uninterruptible_Power_Supplies&hash=item19d81f9566
  7. I have a surge protector that contains a battery. So when my power goes out my filters continue to run on the battery in the surge protector.
  8. As long as man didn't contaminate the water supply that water is fine. It would be about the same as the water in the lakes and streams in the area.
  9. I haven't heard of the bacteria issue but when I got into keeping shrimp it was stressed to use only cold water and let it warm up before putting it into the shrimp tank. Because warm water that goes though the hot water heater contains some metals that are harmful to shrimp. This is why I got the Kold ster IL water filter. For your drinking water it's important to have a water filter. There are things in our water that you don't even want to know about. If you don't have a water filter YOU ARE the water filter. I also have a filter on my shower head. Have you ever took a hot show and felt a little light headed and thought it was because the was hot? It wasn't the temperature of the water. The steam from our chlorinated water contains chlorine gas which is what the Nazis used to exterminate millions of Jews. http://homewaterfiltersheadquarters.com/ http://harmonyhealth.wordpress.com/2008/01/23/hot-showers-are-very-dangerous-to-your-health/
  10. You can find some good deals on plants on http://www.aquabid.com/
  11. You can get a 500 gallon stock tank at a farm supply store for A LOT less than $500.
  12. Sumps are usually used with salt water tanks. While it could be beneficial in a goldfish tank it's not really needed.
  13. It won't harm your fish. I wouldn't bother cleaning the hoses unless seeing it bothers you. I don't clean mine.
  14. Have you been feeding newly hatched brine shrimp? It could be just the picture but he looks thin.
  15. It's likely that your shrimp died of the stress from it's previous conditions. With shrimp stress is accumulative and will cause them to die slowly over time. Shrimp are also a lot more sensitive to water conditions. Shrimp don't usually crawl out of the tank unless they don't like the water. I don't know anything about prazi but medications that contain copper will kill shrimp. Betta's are shrimp eaters. So putting shrimp with a Betta is risky.
  16. The goldfish will start eating the eggs almost right away but they might miss some.
  17. how do I do this? Add eight table spoons of aquarium salt to 1 gallon of conditioned water. Put in an air stone. Add brine shrimp eggs and in around 24 to 36 hours the eggs will hatch.
  18. The best thing to feed fry is newly hatched brine shrimp. You could hatch a batch of brine shrimp so you know what your doing when the fry come.
  19. It's safe to put older fry with younger fry as long as the younger fry are too big to eat.
  20. Bala sharks grow to 10 to 14 inches. It's not a big deal. They only grow as big as goldfish. Remember, do your research before you come home with a new fish.
  21. If you're thinking about buying a scale why not buy a hydrometer instead so you can test how much salt is in the water?
  22. That would work. I used boards like that for my 55 gallon. If you have the saws you could cut 3/4 inch plywood to fit the foot print of your tank.
  23. You do need boards but you don't need 2x4's. 3/4 inch boards would be fine. Look for one inch boards. One inch boards are actually 3/4 inch. If you get them 6 to 8 inches wide you won't need as many of them.
  24. Sniped Ghost shrimp don't need brackish water but they do go through a larval stage which makes them more difficult to keep alive.
  25. Yes, but there are a lot of different kinds of dwarf shrimp. What kind do you have? Don't fertilize plants in a shrimp tank.
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