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  1. Yeah..I'm doing good...Even tho..My koi is bad..I Still happy that I have my koi anywase..but..That black moor is my fav..becuz...since those goldfish that have big eye or watever there disabbilty is..they..depend on u more..to live..and...he know that if he don't come to my hand and i feed him..he will sturve..so..he the only one that not shy and come to my hand for feeding time...thanks everyone..I Love Everybody here :heart

  2. Sorry everybody..I put my fish to sleep..his gill didn't move at all..i tap on him..and all it move was his tail..jux a tiny movement..So..I put him to sleep...and..I dig a hole in our back yard and put him there and went and brought a rose.. :heart Rest in Peace...My Sweetie baby..One day..When I'm super old and die..i will come to the golden gate and feed u up there..*wink* :heart ..Well..thanks everyone..For supporting me..all the ice in my pond melted and it getting warmer in Minnesota and we have alot of rain..but..the temp* is not even over 5o yet..is getting there day by day....so..I'm happy...and all my boy koi jux love to chase those SEXy female around in my tank..NAUGHTY..Bad boy..anywase..Hopefully..I can get some baby this spring..I wanna mate some butterfly koi and shubunken..together..I know that gonna LOOk TIGHT..And I can tell all my female koi and female comet and shubunken love to flirt back..When the boy didn't bug them..they will go bug the boy's and then..Then all the boy will start chasing the girl around agian..SILLY *KinkY* Girl..LOL..

  3. I would Say No..also..when i was younger..I put 1 batta and like 4 goldfish in a 5 gal..Sorry..but..i was young..anywase..and I also have tiny little frog in there..And..One day I saw my batta have a big meal..He ate the frog skin and left him there jux some bone and stuff..and..he have bitten of some of my goldfish tail..for no reason..anywase...Nooo..I think..U can put female and male batta together..not sure..hehe..that it..

  4. OOoh..I have a pond..but..I brought them in for the winter..it was to cold..I undertsnad that koi is not tank fish....I will take all my gaint snail out then use that tank for my moor..he is on his side..he badly hurt..I donno if he gonna live or not..*Sigh*..I donno...I love moor...I think of them as a fighter..like a black knight...hehe..anywase..I donno..i might give it up..and..put him to sleep..I can't live to see a fish suffer like this.his tail and fin is split..he got suck by my 10 tank gal filter also..he..wasting away..day by day..I donno.what to do now..I have 4 koi in my 150 gal..ALL OF THEM Attact my moor..and i also have a 100 gal rubber tube in my basement that have 5 more koi..in there..but..i donno..it hard..i'm heart broken..Anywase..yeah.. :cry1

  5. Okey...I came home from work today...I Saw My butterfly koi sucking and pulling my black moor eye's around the whole 150 gal tank..My black moor lost two eye..My butterfly koi suck all the juice out of that poor black moor eye sac..then my koi kept on attacting my moor and all his fins where slit and his top fin was bent..OMg..my black moor look so bad in shape right now..So..I took my moor out and put it in my 5 gal tank with the snail and then ...all my gaint snal stated to attacting my black moor and sucking on my moor also...And my 75 gallon is not free for him also becuz i have gf in there also and my 30 gal is not free..I donno where to put my black moor..He donna die..Crying..*sniff*..What should i do..Should i jux put him to sleep or is there hope???All my water..I check and it was fine..not change ..I been super busy working now..I'm a manager at Mcdoanld's..and..I hire ppls..I watch ppls do there workout..I close the store..Alot of work..and..I only get to feed my fish one time a day till 2 am at night..and i was too tire..I donno if i don;t feed them eoungh that why they attact each other..but..all my other fish in my other tank dosen't attact each other..only my butterfky koi in my 150gal attact my moor?? :heart

  6. I do have space for him..30gal..two fancy fish in there..My two fancy fish right now i have in there is like alilo bigger then a baseball size..And the fish they are giving it for free is like bigger then my fish in my tank..He in Top shape..But..The pet store ppls told me that..When that lady tank broke..all her fish came out on the floor..and..maybe that why..The biggest one got more damage ..he not ugly or anything..He soooo Pretty..his tail is like a flower..all white and his cap is sooo big bright red..and his whole body is white..If I own that pet there..I would not give it out for free..I might have toook it home aready or sell it $175 or $200..LOL...anywase..Maybe..I will think about it..if i want it or not..hehe..He too big..I never have a big fish before..But not as big as bruce*wink*..hee*

  7. I was at a Pet store and they gonna give this Realli big red cap goldfish about 5 or 6 inches for free..becuz..A woman brought it in..becuz her fish tank broke apart and she don't want to throw it away or kill the goldfish.That Red cap maybe worth $100..Very Nice...But...His Top fin kinda look bad not too bad..but..alilo peice of his fin is missing..and i really wanna get him..but..will his fin grow back??Should I take the fish or don't take it..They gonna Hold the fish for me one more day..Becuz is for free..and..I put a $1.00 down..so..no one can keep him..hahaha..PLzzz..Give me some adivce..Thanks

  8. Hi..Umm..That is a good idea's..But..yeah..u should go get another bigger tank..whenever u have the money or save up money..becuz..comet need 20 gallon per each fish..and fancy 10 gallon per each fish..so..U don't wanna c ur fish stunted right??That won't look to pretty for them and u..so..U can keep them in ur tank right now..but...maybe 3,4,5 or 6 month go by..go get ur self a bigger beautiful tank for ur fish and they will be more happier..They will thanks you..So..I help that help..okey..Peace-Out

  9. thanks for all ya reply :heart ..One more Q's..Umm..I know that all fancy goldfish is realli fat and chubby..so..my Q's~ is fattier fancy goldfish is more lazy or they r to fat to play??haha..becuz..My calico fantail goldfish is in a good shape..but..only when feeding time she will do all kind of trick and dancing for me when i feed her..but..after she full..she will jux swim back down and always on the bottom of the gravellike she is resting or bore or sleeping..she will never come up to the top of water to play..I have comet goldfish and they do have there own tank 150 gallon..they r sooo playfull and..they'll come to the top of the water to play,swim all around my tank,not shy at all and alway's swimming in a group.*Is like they are in New york the *city never SLEEP*..hahah..but...My calico fantail is in a 30 gallon by her self..Can goldfish get lonely when they r by them self and don't play to much??Should i go buy another fancy goldfish to but it in with my calico fantail..so..someone can bug her and keep her busy and not lonely??

  10. I have a calico fantail pretty long now..about 2 yrs and a half..She as big as a soda can..and.. she very plump up and fat and cute...I wanna know if my little girl is a woman a.k.a mature yet from her size now..*soda can*..or is she still a baby girl??Will..She still grow more and more or that how big fancy goldfish get??

  11. Hmmm..For my Dream tank..I aready have a 150 gallon aready..so..that my dream tank..but..for my fantasy pond..I want koi's and bright red comet's and 3 or 4 mermaid in my pond..I want my mermaid tail to be orange with a long tail that look like tosakin,veil tail or a red cap..I want my mermaid to be asian woman..hehe..That about it..I have to keep dreaming about it.. :druel

  12. OMG...That so scary....Well..First..did you change there food and give them different food that is white flake..what's the color of ur flake or pellet u r now feeding them??...If u didn't change any of there food..then...Its a bad thing that he have white poop..so u should give fed them med. food instead..but..don't use my advice yet...let see..what other people on here that r more expert at goldfish tell u what to do..So..Let see if they say the same thing as me also..okey..and..oh..plus is ur water in ur tank look okey..check ur water and use test strip or drop test okey..so..I hope nothing bad with ur fish and he jux pooping white poop..like for EX:* us human eat different kind of food and poop out different color*wink*..hehe..Sorry...I gotta add that..LOL..anywase..Peace-out! :heart

  13. :heart Ummm..I been having my 2 comet pretty long..they r maybe 3 or 4 inches long...Soo..today I was feeding them and I was watching them very close to see if they have ick of them..Then..I saw 5 tiny white spot on both of my fish gill cover..It was White as snow..But..Their fins and body dosn't have any of those white spot..Only there gill cover..I heard that people on here saying that when a fish have those white spot ..They'er going to go make baby??Right??Plus I donna if my fish r male or female..??Plzzz..Somebody help me..Okey..Thanks
  14. OMG....If I were in ur Shoe and a girl at age 19 wanna c my fish and come over and think that she have the right to touch my stuff and then kill my fish...I would make my 3 sister kick her ######..That so rude..OMg..I donno what to say...That scary and Rude...If it was alilo kid..I would be like aww..is okey...honey..I'll get a new one..U didn't know better..Kiss him on the cheek....Sorry..I'm jux mad what she did to u.. :heart RID..Lilo fish..GOD will make her taste her own pills..*wink*

    Although it is only initials,this was edited for swear words.

  15. :D:yeah: Tell me about it..D_golem..That would be so Cool..I Will be the TOP DOG..hahah..If A batta do get as big as a koi..hehe..And that jux my Dream and fantasy..LOL...Anywase..Oh well..I guess my batta jux gonna be in my little 5 gallon all by him self..but..That better then getting bully around and ending up dying in that big ocean pond.. :heart
  16. Hey..Umm...I'm Not a expert at goldfish..but..If u don't see any sign of damage..Then..My best guess for ur Q's is..one of them have to be a male and female..bcuz..thats what they do when u have a female and male in a tank together..but...Is ur water reading okey?..if its a *YES*..then..they r female and male..so..it jux a nature thing..so..yeah....But..Anywase..Someone better then me a goldfish expert can help u out m,ore also..okey..Bye..Hope this help u out.. :heart

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