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  1. Stacyy ---> <--- Sales Lady All I have to say is, she got owned. YAY! Another Fish Saved!
  2. Sorry, Yeah I meant .1% The Teaspoon per gallon is what I used.
  3. Never mind, I found something about it and it says they will be fine at .01%. Its the .03% when I should probably move them till Im done.
  4. My fish has a slight case of potential finrot, so Im salting to .01%. Im wondering if it will affect my plants at all, or should I just remove them till Im done treating him?
  5. I did the water change before I read your post blue. Oh well, I added some salt to the water change and he perked right back up Ill add an extra 1/4 of a teaspoon of the prima and mela when I treat the tank later. He is swimming and eating again so thats good. Also the split that was in his fin yesterday is GONE! Im just baffled now. Im thinking he did it on purpose just to scare the living daylights out of me. That little punk is still getting treated for the rest of the week though. I mean, you see the split, I see the split, and today its just not there. Grr.
  6. Sketti is sitting on the bottom of the tank this morning. Im seriously concerned about him now, he didn't come to greet me. What is the rule about water changes when your using Melafix and Primafix? Can it be done as long as I add some more? Frida is not sitting on the bottom but she is hovering over him, like she is watching him and neither of them are coming for food o_O. He wont even come when I put my finger on the glass and move it, normaly he would chase it. (Insert frustrated yell here) Im doing a waterchange and adding salt. Then Im going to buy that test kit.
  7. Hi and I know exactly what you are talking about, I had a Petstore employee do the same thing to me once Don't panic just yet, first off you need to move your fish and frog to a bigger tank 10gal or more. If you cannot buy one just yet then get a rubbermaid tub of 15 gallons or more to move him into, those run about $6 at Wally World or Target. It will serve as a temporaray home till you can get a glass tank. Next you need filtration, you can get a 100-150gph filter at Wallly World for about 15-20 dollars and should hang just fine off of a rubbermaid tub. Then like SeriousLY said, shop around for a cheap tank, garage sales are good. That is a main priority for your fish is filtration otherwise the tank keeps getting dirtier and so on. The filter will not be cycled so you are going to have to do a water change EVERY DAY. I would to a 20-30% water change twice a day with water that is the same temperature as the tank. Now because he is in a 1gallon bowl right now, till you can get the tub or the tank you should probably do a 50% water change every single hour. Never ever do a 100% waterchange unless absolutely nessecary. This is just a starter, there is tons of information on this site that will help you with your And don't feel bad, I had my fish in a 1gallon for almost a year before I found this site. He is sick all the time now, his growth is stunted and he is prone to fin rot now so I really DO NOT reccomend doing what I did. You at least caught the pet store employees mistake earlier then me. Did I leave anything out?? Edit : Everyone else beat me to it!
  8. Thanks you guys, I added Melafix and Primafix this morning. I would use the Maracyn but I don't have enough to treat for the full amount of days, plus I don't think its bad enough for it. Unfortunately I cannont Quarantine him, my qt tank was infected with the columnaris so Im cycling the tank again its got about 20 more days . Frida will be ok with the Prima and Mela and has never acted agressive twoards Sketti. I treated her with it when I first got her with no Ill effects, though If I see anything unusual I will move her to the uncycled tank and do double daily water changes as Im afraid an uncycled tank will make Sketti worse. Its times like these I wish I had a tank devider. I didn't even think about the plants in my tank, I have 2 plastic plants and I also have 3 live plants. He has never had a problem with them before but still I took out the plastic plants after I read that, Im going to try to find a way to clip the sharp edges or just throw them away and get some silk plants. They have test kits on sale at my LFS and I just got paid today so Im hoping that after all the bills, gas and groceries I will have enough to get one of them. They are about $21.00, test for everything and there are over 700 tests in each box. Does that sound like a good price? Thanks for your help Blue and Fishmerized!
  9. Ammonia - Number Unknown but it was tested and was safe (I forgot to have him write that number down) Nitrite - 40 Nitrite - 0 hardness - 300 akalinity - between 180 & 300 Ph Tank - 7.8 Out of tap - 7.8 20 Gallons for about 4 months 2 with the fish in it. 2 filters - 100gph Aqua Tech (Cycled) 210gph Whisper Filter (Uncycled) Normaly a 30-50% Water Change every week (depending on how much poo I need to vacum) But because of the new filter Im doing a 10-30% every day with a 30-50% every Sunday. 1 moor 3-3 1/2 inches 1 fantail approx 2-2 1/2 inches AquaSafe No Meds as of yet Random Veggies, Wardleys Goldfish Crumbles (Sinking). The other day I noticed a hole in Sketti's (moor) Top Fin it was really tiny about the size of a needle hole. He has always had ragged fins so I dismissed it. This morning he was lying on the bottom of the tank and "Yawning". When he finaly got up and swam the hole was no longer a hole, but a rip in the fin. There is not fungus on it, nor does it look bloody. Its like he took a pair of sharp scissors and cut the fin. I just went and got the params checked today and immediately did a water change. Frida is not showing any of the symptoms that Sketti is. Shes swimming and just having a blast biting me while I do the water Change. I think Im going to add some Aquarium salt or possibly some Melafix so that it will not get infected. Here is a photo of the rip, he's even yawning in the second one. I don't like to medicate unless I have to. Does anyone think I should do something different? Thank you all for putting up with me, I know I ask a lot of questions. Even ones I think I know the answer too I ask. I guess Im just a little unsure of myself still. Kellie.
  10. Im so sorry about your fish, but Don't get too bummed just yet. You deserve the pearlies that you want. If it were me I would wait untill they got their next shipment and try one from a different batch. I just recently bought platies with a case similar to yours and let me tell you, it was a trip. My tank was cycled, the water perfect, but the fish.... First day one of the girls died, so I went and got another the following day. Then that night the male died, I returned him and got my money back. 3 days later one of my females had Columnaris and infected my entire tank. I have treated them all and they are fine now, but man it was tough. I blamed the petstore/breeders for the poor condition of my fish. Here is a fortune for you. You will have beautiful pearlscales and have many great years with them. Kellie Say.
  11. I have Sketti, hes is approximately 3 years old and he is a Male Black Moor. I had some major problems with him when I first got him such as fin rot and now his growth is stunted because I kept him in a 1 gallon bowl. He is now in a 20 gallon tank with Frida who is barely a year. Since the move I have had no health problems with him that I can see. The tank has River Rocks on the bottom that are just a little bit smaller then he is. I used to have the tiny little gravel that they could pick up but Frida is a Porker and would constantly be trying to eat them, so I took them out. I have some fake and some live plants in there, the ratio is about even 3 fake and 3 live. I feed them Wardleys Goldfish Slow Sinking Crumbles, I soak them first before I put them in, I also feed them Peas, Krill, Brine Shrimp, Romain Lettuce, I tried Broccoli but they don't like it. Once I was eating popcorn (by tossing it into the air and catching it with my mouth) and missed, it landed in the tank and Frida just started gobbling. I took it out but she got a nice hunk of it Im just glad I don't eat salted or buttered popcorn. Disaster999 Your Moor is BEAUTIFUL! Im in love
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