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  1. Time to buy a new plant for the tank. Frida has been actively eating my big plant and soon its not going to have any leaves left! Not that Im complaining, she has mastered the art of getting the leaves off at the stem and eating them while they float, Sketti has caught on too. Its good to know if Im working a 14 hr shift they can somewhat feed themselves without mucking up the tank with those day feeders. I read the plant section on the front page but I want some opinions about plants. Im thinking of a couple of Java Ferns, if I can find them or possibly some Anacharis. I know there are a bunch of people on here with planted tanks too, if you have any suggestions or advice it would be greatly appreciated. As of the moment the plants I have are in glass candle holders (Never been used for candles) with multi colored stones keeping them rooted. I have noticed that they are kindof sickly looking but It was from the lack of light at the time. I got a Flourecent light now and they are perking up. I started to think about it and was wondering if I was supposed to put some kind of special feed in there for the plants or will they be ok with just the water? Thanks in advance! Kellie
  2. Ill say something to him next time I'm there (in the next day or two ). His name is Justin and I see him there all the time. My dog introduced us too, shes my little conversation starter.
  3. I went to my LFS today and was looking at the new Calico Ryukins when a couple walks up and is talking about getting a goldfish. My dog casualy introduces us by jumping on the lady and licking her. So we get to talking and apparently the poweroutage that we had in our area knocked out their fist tank and they lost everything, save one sucker fish. They were thinking about buying goldfish and admitted that they new nothing about them. Long story short I told them the basics, 10 gallon rule, fishless cycle (the tank they had was cycled allready) the hand feeding, my own two babies, how much fun they are and referenced them to this site. They seemed like wonderful potential goldfish parents too! She was eyeing the two Calico Ryukins that I was looking at earlier, saying that it would not be nice to seperate them and they were looking at a gold and white fan tail with an eye missing. They were thinking about him too. I love meeting people that would rescue an animal even though it wasnt perfect. To make this even better, when I was browsing the Saltwater fish I over heard them talking to the sales associate and he basicly said the exact thing that I said to them. Thank God for Pet store employees that did their homework. Thanks to Kokos that taught me all about goldfish so that I could spread the word. I didn't get to see if they got the goldfish (my dog needed the Tennis ball isle really bad) but I hope they did, those Ryukins would have gotten a wonderful home.
  4. Well its been 6 days now and Sketti is back to normal, Thank God. The Primafix, Melafix and Salt seems to have cleared up whatever problem he had. His poop is back to normal, as well as his eating habits. Lets hope its lasts *Knock-On-Wood* Now the little buggers are eating my plants! Frida is biting them off at the base of the leaf near the stem. There were three leaves in the tank today when I got home from work.
  5. I would have to say my top faves are... in order 1. Black Moore 2. Pearl Scale 3. Fan Tail I love the way Moor's eye's look Pearl Scales are just adoreable when they are swimming, almost like a penguin waddeling And the Fantails just have a simple elegance about them.
  6. He may be, but from the looks of him he should pull out of it. My moor is stunted, or was anyway. 1 gallon bowl for a year and a half. Hes in a 20 gallon with my Fantail and she had caught up to him, then he pulled ahead about 1/4 of an inch and the battle of who can grow faster is begining. Hes growing into his eyes now too. They were HUGE compaired to his body, now they look like they belong there. I hope Mr. Tibbs lives a long and healty life with you!
  7. My Aunt gave me some of it, but Im afraid to use it. So Im curious about it too.
  8. Thanks Daryl, I will try to get some when I get the money. Its a really pretty penny we are pinching at the moment. I hope the salt helps, Im going to add some Melafix to help heal the ragged fins too. *Sigh*
  9. Nope I actually hadn't thought of Flukes. What kinds of meds do I need for that? Salt good enough or do I need something stronger?
  10. Ok here you go. Ammonia Level - Cant find numbers but in the safe range. Nitrite Level - 0 Nitrate level - 20 Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)? - 7.8 Ph Level out of the Tap - 7.8 Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 20 Gallons 3 months What is the name and size of the filter/s - Whisper Power Filter 40 How often do you change the water and how much - 25% daily 50% on Sundays. How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 black moor 2in w/o tail, 1 fantail 2in w/o tail What kind of water additives or conditioners - Aqua Safe Any medications added to the tank - Maracyn about 1 week ago, Salt at .1% Add any new fish to the tank - No What do you feed your fish - Veggies, Wardleys Slow Skinking Goldfish Crumbles. Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus - Moors fin has a spot where its starting to curve funny and he was just treated for Finrot, but the fins are not looking any better. Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect.. He will sit in the corner for longs periods of time, so will the Fantail. They are both Yawning quite often. No scratching as of yet. Sketties fins are frayed and are starting to look worse, I used the Maracyn 1 week ago and have since done a water change every day to keep the water perfect. I had no electricity for 4 days, and Im wondering if they are yawning because of some unknown bactieria. Any Ideas anyone? Im going to salt the tank to .3% over the next day or two. I have not fed them yet today, their poop had bubbles and was all white and stringy and I thought it was swimbladder, today is the day for the peas. Goodness I have a lot of problems with my fish huh.
  11. I don't at the moment but I will ... very very soon.
  12. Amen Goldfishcrazy2. Luckily we had a generator that at least kept the fridge running, and a pool outside that we spent more then half the day around. We just walked inside completely soaked. I just got my water tested and my GF tank is perfect... for now. *Knock on wood* The poor platies though, with the water params the way they are Im surprised they are not dead, water change time and mild salt. Ill tell Jan about the Humane Society cooling stations tommorrow at work. Thanks! edit: Thank goodness that we loose power often enough down here in the Valley that we have a TON of candles just stashed away in the cupboard. That luckily was not a problem for us, we loose power even during the more mild stormes, though its usually for about an hour or two. Not 4 days
  13. I actually live right across the river from you, in Illinois. A little town called Alton, Im about 20-30 minutes from downtown St. Louis and was just at the Muny not a week ago. So you know exactly what went on with that freak of nature storm that swooped on us from the north east. Were all ok now, power came back last night thankfully. There are a lot of people that I work with that still don't have power on, 50yr old lady with a lot of pets too they have taken to living in the basement because her cat and dog are going nuts with the humidity and heat. A guys fish killed each other! Wow I could not have handled something like that, the poor guy and that poor fish.
  14. Hello and Welcome to Koko's! Fancy goldfish are SO much fun! I have two, a Black Moor names Sketti and a Fantail named Frida Khalo. Don't worry a lot of people started out just like you, with a 1 gallon bowl and to many fish. I had 2 black moors in a 1 gallon bowl, Spaghetti and Meatball were their names. Sketti turned territorial and ate Meatball one night so I had my little Sketti, alone in the 1 gallon. He was in there for the better part of a year and a half before I found Koko's. When I found Koko's I had just moved him to a 5 gallon and Frida into the other 5 gallon. Needless to say hes not the healthiest of fish, but now I have the filter, bubble wall and they are in a 20 gallon tank too. Just about everyone who comes here has made that misteak at one point or another. They are going to be my only goldfish untill they join your Ashley in the big fish tank in the sky. Everyone here is really nice and will answer any questions that you may have in the future. We always love hearing stories and seeing pictures of your fish! Again Welcome!
  15. Yep, I put just a bit of salt in the water to ward off any infections, Sketti seems to have ripped his fin again. I am about to buy a test kit tomorow, Im hoping they are still on sale. Gonna Fast the Goldies for 3 days, then Pea it up with some medicated food. The platies suprisingly seem to be just fine, no abnormal poop or anything. Those sneaky little things. It also appears that my little Lucy In the Sky W/Diamonds is going to be a mommy.
  16. So on Wednesday the 19th a HUGE storm swept through our area and knocked out all of the power in not only our town but 6 surrounding towns, businesses, residential I mean everything was gone. The grocery stores lost everything perishable and they were only out for 12 hours! We have not had power since the first gust of wind hit and a tree fell on the transformer. Its sunday now and we JUST GOT THE POWER BACK ON! Seriously less then an hour ago. I managed to keep my goldies and platies cool by doing a water change of 25% as often as I could, and thank the dear lord that I have my tanks in the basement room. Which is also the coolest room in the house. I was so worried about them it wasnt even funny, the temperatures for the first 2 days was well into the hundreds, then it monsoon rained again! It was almost worse then before, at noon it looked like midnight outside, but it did make the temperature outside about 75 degrees. Poor Sketti has very stringy poop with massive air bubbles in them, so does Frida, horray for SBD or whatever it is now. The Filters have not run in 4 days so Im certain that all the good bactieria is gone from them, which means I have to cycle the tank AGAIN! I just got done cycling the brand new filter with the old one, (insert loud curse here). They were floating so strangely last night, but it might have been the fact that they have been in near darkness for 4 days. You seriously do not know what a blessing power is untill you don't have it anymore o_O. Apologies for the rant, but no one else wants to listen to me. My poor dog who is nothing but fuzz was sooo hot! The 18 ferrets were just in agony untill we got a pool for them to play in. I did nothing but worry about my pets for 4 days. On a higher note, my aunt had an old 10 gallon tank with EVERYTHING that she didn't want anymore. So I got it, the only thing missing was a filter WHEE! I have a place for my future babie platies, and maybe someday baby Goldies. Its soo pretty, when I get organized Ill post a picture of it.
  17. Hi Nessi and Welcome! I agree with Orandabeauty, peas a couple of times a week will help with constipation and SBD (I have a moor that used to get it something terrible). Also sinking pellets are better for them then the flakes. Be sure to soak them a minute before you feed them. *Edit : You might want to not feed them for about 3 days, then feed peas for the next few days. That will help with the SBD too. I hand feed my fish Peas and Spinach every couple of days too, they like bloodworms, earthworms (cleaned and not to big) Dandilion leaves and all sorts of other foods. Heck theres even Oranges, broccoli, frozen krill, tubifix worms, its crazy the food you can feed your little fishies. I hope that helps, oddly enough I was feeding my fish when I read this and they are fighting each other to get to the top for the next pea
  18. So I come home from work and I sit at my computer, Im surfing this site when I see something that no one wants to even Imagine they saw. Little salt like bumps on their goldfish's tail, I saw them just COVERING Frida's back tail. I did a double take at them and was like "OMG ICK!" Immediately I went in for a closer inspection and was watching her intently for almost 5 minutes with tears in my eyes. Just then it hit me, Ick dosent pop off and start floating to the top of the tank. She then swam over to the bubble wall and started playing in the bubbles, they stuck to her tail and looked like little salt bumps when she immerged. I know Im over reacting but in the past 2weeks I have battled Columnaris in my Platies and Finrot on my little Black Moor Sketti. I really need to take a nap I think Anyone else get a heart jumping scare like this?
  19. Cool Beans, I have about ummm.... Actually I don't know how long its been running now O_o. Im going to say about a week and a halfish. Yeah, that sounds about right.
  20. I had to put a new filter on my 20gallon tank with my old one. The old one was cycled but the new one was not. About how long should it take for the new filter to cycle? Is it the standard 1 month or shorter because the otherone allready had the bacteria built up in it? Did I confuse anyone?
  21. Cheeze! Ekke! I have never fed a Goldfish Cheese but I have fed my dog cheese. I know that it will constipate a 35lb dog so I would watch them and probably not feed them for about 3 days then feed nothing but frozen or fresh peas for the next few days.
  22. Can Platies have Peas and other such veggies like goldfish?
  23. YOUR GOING TO BE A GRANDPARENT!! CONGRATZ!!!! I had two pregnant platies but the babies all died, I had meds in the tank because mommy to be had Columnaris. It was probably better off, but Im hopeing that Sgt. Pepper gets his groove on sometime soon!
  24. The easiest way to tell a male from a femal is the Anal fin. On a male you can see it, its long and kindof looks like hes constantly pooping. A female will not have one quite as long. Hopefully you have two females. I myself have 3 females and one male now (yeah hes a pimp). The females harrass each other just as much as the male bothers them. I have lost both batches of babies from two of my females because they ate them and the tank was being treated for Columnaris. They only have about 15 babies apeice Im told, and they usually eat as many of them they can catch.. well mine did. Plus your tank has other fish that will eat the babies as well. Im hopeing mine get pregnant again personaly, but I don't have an overstock issue (yet). Im sure I will after they all give birth a couple times Good Luck!
  25. That happend to one of my platies, but she lost her front fin due to Columnaris. She keeps up fine with the other platies as far as I can tell, I watch her extra special during meal time. My moor being slow and poor sight has a hard time keeping up (food wise) with my Fantail Frida. So I bought an inexpensive breeding net for about 3 dollars and taught him to swim into it when its time to eat just to make sure he gets his fair share. When the swim up to it just let him go into it when hes ready then gently pull it up till hes in it. He will do fine if it doesnt grow back, but hopefully it does
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