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  1. Yeah I re-read the directions about 5 times, and tested it twice. It came up the same... So I did it again, its now showing darker then before. It came up as a reading of 10/20. What the heck did I do wrong... sigh. He is Yawning, periodicly, I have not noticed any flashing or scratching either. No spots, Hes eating I have not noticed any spitting of the food, as far as I can tell hes eating quite normaly. His fins are frayed but thats from a case of fin rot he had a few months ago, they never fully healed. Was watching Frida, shes scratching... crap. No yawning on her, shes eating fine. No bloody or frayed fins. Thanks for putting up with me Laurie, Im sorry if Im being frustraiting. I just noticed some Alge.. Brown alge in the corner of the tank.. Its on the log that i have in there too, it was hard to see, they are almost the same color. Theres a small spot of green on the back side of a pot too. Im taking out the decoration tomorrow, and cleaning it all.
  2. Yes, Im familar with cycling, I know that it can kill them. I cycled the tank for 1 month before I put the fish into it, I added Ammonia to help with it. This is actually the first tank where I waited the duration of the cycling process before putting the fish in. It has been up and running for at least 5 months now. It should not be cycling unless something had caused it to crash, but Im not sure what that would have been. No I only have 2 fish in my 20 gallon tank. Sketti (moor) Frida (fantail), Their Size is 3inches though, so maybe thats what you were thinking of. I tested the water this afternoon and the nitrite reading was at 0 ppm. Im wondering now if I did not read the test wrong yesterday. I normaly use the tester strips but this time I got the drops. Its a little trickier then I had thought. He has been doing this now for the past month, Ive tested the water a lot since then. Its always the same except for the nitrite reading that I got from last night with the drops, the Iffy Nitrite. Ammonia : 0ppm Nitrite : 0 Nitrate : 0 ppm Ph lv : 8.2 Ph lv out of tap : 8.2 Its been consistant like this above for the past month, Ive kept a record in a notebook, and tested the water once to twice a week. Or whenever he was being lethargic and unresponsive. He is the unfortunate fish, that before I discovered Koko's he was living in a 1 gallon bowl. He survived that horrible treatment for a year, before I moved him to a 5 gallon tank. It was then that I noticed the red bloody fins and found this site. When I read the gallon requirements I moved him to a 10 gallon that I bought and put his 5 gallon filter on, and frida (who was in a 3 gallon) to the 5 gallon with her old filter on it, temporarily till I could cycle a 20 gallon. Frida was only in the 3 gal/ 5 gallons for 1 month. Im wondering if maybe the abuse that he sufferd at my hands have not just caught up with him, making him suseptable to infections easier. Frida, the little fantail is just fine. Shes not acting strange at all, shes swimming normal with normal poops and eating like the little piggy that she has always been. I notice when Sketti is not moving she will go and bump him like shes trying to make him move. I don't know what to do.
  3. I went ahead and salted the tank. The reading for Nitrites was not at a full 5.0 it was somewhere in between, the color was not saying one or the other, which annoys me to no end. Im re-testing it when I get home from work tonight.
  4. Ammonia : 0ppm Nitrite : Between 0 and 5.0 ppm Nitrate : 0 ppm Ph lv : 8.2 Ph lv out of tap : 8.2 20 Gallon Tank Whisper 200gph Water Change 25% twice a week, 50% every 2 weeks. 2, Black Moor 3 inches, Fantail 3 inches Aqua Safe No Meds for 2 weeks No new fish Wardleys slow sinking goldfish Crumbles, Peas, Veggies etc. White stringy bubble filled poop Lethargic untill fed, sits at the bottom not moving, gasping for air at the top of the tank. I don't know what to do. I thought it was swimbladder at first, so I didnt feed him for a few days then peas for a few. It cleared up for a day or so then came right back. So I tried it again, to no avail. Then I tried Melafix for a week. Ok for a few days, then it was back. I have not tried any meds for 2 weeks now, I figured that it was gone till it suddenly came back. I don't know what else to do, Im really worried about him. Most of the time hes floating at the top of the tank, and won't move till I poke at him, or feed him. Im really scared. I don't think I left anything out.
  5. Well Ninja is being mean, and chasing the other two. I have a Fern in there so they have someplace to hide... If they are Two girls its going to be. Dizzy Miss Lizzy Dear Prudence Two Boys Mean Mr. Mustard Maxwells Silver Hammer One of Each Dizzy Miss Lizzy Maxwell's Silver Hammer Went to the pet store today, they sell no fry food. The clerk suggested that I take a hammer, or a flat rock, put some of the Flake food in a bowl or a bag and just mash it till its practicly dust. I think I shall do that from now on. My fingers just don't quite cut it I think. Though They are eating the yolk. Whee! This is so much fun! Ill keep you all posted with pictures of them as they get bigger.
  6. So Im looking in the platy tank today, and as some of you know one of them made me a grandma not to long ago. I named the Baby Ninja because he was the only one to survive. So I went to check on him only to see him between the glass and the netting! I was like OMG HE GOT OUT! Then I saw another one dart behind a plant, then in the net Ninja was staring at me. I was like... HOLY CRAP THEY DID IT AGAIN! I have no IDEA who the mother of these two are. I think Its Lucy though and that my assumption on Ninjas mother may have been wrong. Im suspecting that Madonna is the mom of Ninja, only because Lucy was the only Fat one prior to the birth of these two new fry! Oh yeah... I got pictures! Meet Ninja and the Gang! They all live Happily off of Egg Yolk and the occasional Sinking Goldfish Crumble. I use those because they sink and can't get sucked throught the netting.
  7. Ok, Soo I have been watching My baby for a few days now and I can't tell if Ninja is eating or not. Im worried that my new baby is starving, I have not gotten to the store for liquid fry food at all, but I have been putting some yolk in there everyday. I switch out the old for new, but im still worried. I crumbled up a flake of food into the net as well, as tiny as I could possibly get it and took one of my sinking goldfish pellets and let it float to the bottom too. Ill clean out whats left tomorrow and do a 40% water change. Im trying to do at least 20% every day but with 2 weddings and a family get together to do Im a bit on the rushed side. Sigh, thats life huh? lol I also don't think that Lucy is the mother anymore. I looked at her today and she looks about ready to burst again! Goodness, shes a busy little bee huh? lol. But Madonna could not have been pregnant nor Eleanor, neither were fat at all. How soon can Platies give birth after having their first batch? Not that quick Im hopeing. Then again I have no IDEA how old Ninja is. He could be 4 weeks for all I know, but Im sure he would be bigger then a pin head if he were. I did some reasearch on platy fry and it says that they can be sexually mature in about 9 weeks! THATS CRAZY! Im hopeing its a boy and not another girl... I hope ninja lives honestly. I don't know what to do about Lucy though, shes going to pop off more and I can't put her in the breeders net with Ninja for fear that she will eat him. I need to get to the LFS and get a net and some fry food.. and a thermometer for the tank. Im just keeping it warm at the moment and praying its above 75 degrees! Wish Ninja Luck! With me for a grandma hes going to need it.
  8. There are a lot of different kinds But for Platies: Red, Gold, Blue, Sunset Wagtails (solid black tail & fins); Red, Gold, Blue, Sunset Orange Solids; Gold, Blue, Sunset Mickey Mouse (black fins & a black tail configuration that looks like the head of Mickey Mouse); Gold, Sunset TwinBar (sometimes black fins, but always black bars along the upper & lower tail fin); Red, Gold, Blue HalfMoons (black fins & a black half moon configuration at the base of the tail) Dalmation ( kind of sunset with black spots all over like a dalmation) Plus, there are so many hybrids of the above (not to mention many many more variations that I haven't thought of or know of) that the list is probably close to endless. Im not sure what the baby is going to be though. The father is a Red and the mother is a Dalmation, hes got a 50/50 chance of being either one, or a hybrid of the two. Now that would be really cool.
  9. Well the father is definately Sgt. Pepper but the mom, Im guessing it was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds because she was the only fat one when I think the baby was born. I doubt it was Lady Madonna and Eleanor has resisted getting any fatter then she actually is, especially since the columnaris. Lucy + Sgt. Pepper = Ninja I hope Ninja is a Dalmation Platy like its mother!
  10. Trust me you guys are never going to hear the end of ... Ninja. That is what Im naming... It. Gender is sooo not distinguishable, but Ninja is a good name for a girl or a boy. Edit They eat Egg yolk right? Or Fish Food Ground Up really fine? Im so not sure what to do. Its in the breeders net with the live plant. I figured it needed somewhere to hide. I put a bit of Yolk in there. I wonder how old it is. I never saw any fry in the tank after Lucy was due to pop. When she looked skinnier I looked around the tank and saw nothing. This little bugger is going to be a survivor! *Knock On Wood*
  11. I got him! He was hiding in my Potted tank, I just scooped the whole thing into the net! HES SO TINY! He was hiding like a little ninja! I have the adults in the tiny betta tank while I search for more of them. They are only going to be in there a half an hour tops! I Can't believe Im a Grandma!
  12. I HAVE PLATY FRY! I just saw one today! I don't know what to do! Should I get him out of there? Im so scared! I don't have a tank set up for him/her! I do have an old Beta bowl that I can put it in! Do I need a heater... This baby has to be at least 2 weeks old! OMG! Im so Excited!!!! I KNOW! Ill put him in the breeders net! I can get sketti a new one tomorrow YAY YAY YAY!
  13. Yeah I did, I was more worried that I had accidentaly put it in my tanks then anything. My fish are fine so Im going with the no harm done. I So threw that away though. Thank yoU!
  14. Can water conditioner, Aquasafe to be specific, go bad? I recently got my aunts old tank set up that she hasnt used in about 5 years and it came with the water conditioner. I opened it and it didn't smell like the one that i had, it was stinky and smelled like fish. Strong fish. I was scared to use it, then I acciedentaly grabbed it and ended up puting it in my new tank water. I didn't catch it till I had gone to put it away. The fish seem fine, I added my own to the tank as soon as I realize it.
  15. If your worried about your fish not getting enough food when hes in the main tank, you can buy a cheap little breeders net. I use this to feed my black moor. He can't keep up with Frida, so every day twice a day I let him swim into the net and I feed him seperately. This helped out a lot and got him to fatten back up a bit.
  16. Kasper


    OMG I loved all of those cartoons when I was growing up! They used to crack me up. Yes me and My fiance decided on Bane as his name. Bane is apparently a kick butt bad guy from the Batman series that he loves. I was saying the names that were suggested on her, Emerald, Jade and Woody and hes like, no Bane. It kinda stuck now. Chilly Willy just didn't fit him, I would go up to the glass and instead of flaring he would float and stare at me with this "Im so bad I don't even have to flare." Attitude. Also when I put my hand in the tank to put in some decorations that I had, he followed my finger all the way down just looking at it and all the way back up looking like "ohhh, thats mine, and thats mine.. ohh and that..." I don't know if this is normal Betta behavior or not, never owned one, but he certianly is a little punk. I <3 Bane, my new adoptee.
  17. Kasper


    I got it... His name it Bane.
  18. Thats just a little under 10 gallons. Google... Your best friend Do you have all three of those fish in that tank or is that just your QT tank?
  19. Kasper


    I got flooded out of my house today, the creek bed over flowed and I was forced to go to my mothers for a few hours till it receded. My mom has a Betta "Chilly Willy" Who lives in a little less than 1/2 gallon tank thing. I have always felt sorry for him, shes had him about 4 weeks. I tried to tell her that It was not nice to keep him in there but she would get all mad and insist that she knew better. *Sigh* I was not going to let Willy come in between me and my mother so I just let it go, untill today. When she came home for lunch we were sitting watching a movie while Ted (her boston terrier) happily chewed on a slipper, when she said "Kel, do you want Chilly Willy?" I was all like "What? Why?" She replied "I can't take care of him, his water keeps getting dirty every day, I never have time to clean it and I honestly have forgotten to feed him the past couple of days. If you have a place for him then you can have him." Imediately I said sure and Chilly Willy came home with me. Hes still in the tupperware that I used to bring him home while his water temp adjusts to the tank temp, and hes eating. I will get some pictures of him as soon as I can, my camera is full of pictures from the flood in out front yard. He is Bright Blue and just beautiful, though I personaly don't like his name. Any suggestions? Got a pic uploaded And let the Nameing Begin!
  20. Cool, Thanks Daryl, I have see sketties breeding stars before so I know hes a male, but Im still not seeing anything on Frida, even with the flash light. Ill try the Storm method to see if it will cause her to drop. I try to make sure my Moor gets the same amount of food as Frida by Isolating him in a breeders net and feeding him seperately so that she dosent gorge and he dosent starve. But it is good in therory;) Thanks you guys.
  21. My little Frida Fantail has always been a bit on the pudgy side but yesterday she just looks like she had ballooned! I havn't been feeding her any more then normal, twice a day, sometimes once and she has been nibbleing on the plants. Im thinking that she is less than a year old but is catching on that 1yr mark quickly. Im guessing that she was about 5-6months when I got her in january of this year so shes about a year. Do 1yr old fish become eggbound? Im still not even sure that Frida is a female. My Moor Sketti is really rather thin compaired to her. He has always been long and thin. What time of they year do the Breeding stars begin to appear and at how old to they start carrying eggs? Sketti is not chasing her so they are not doing a breeding dance or anything Im sure that by these pictures no one could possibley "Know" That she is egg bound or not, but it dose give me an excuse to post pics of her.
  22. OMG they are so cute and pudgy!!! I love pudgy fish! Im not expert on fish but I think they are about the most beautiful fish I have seen in a while.
  23. Thanks Kissy, Im thinking the Java ferns will be best. Apparently the one I have in my Platy tank is a Java fern and its thriving. I think there may be Fry hiding in it some time soon too. *Cross Fingers* Thanks for the advice on the ferts, I will start looking into that, maybe they will stop looking so sickly If I get them some. Kellie
  24. I don't usually go by age. I like to choose based on what kind of personality they show to me in the tank at the store. Sketti was full grown when I got him and Frida was a baby.
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