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  1. I just did a 75% water change, I do have all of those tests, I just didn't get a chance to do them. I saw the fins and immediatley started doing the water change before I even thought about testing the water. Its all changed and done now, so I have no Idea how bad my water quality was, but Im sure it was far from wonderful. I feel really awful that it got that bad while I was busy, they got peas today, even though they were not supposed to till Tuesday. Thank god shes still perky and active and eating . Ill hold off on the salt dips, but I am salting the tank to the reccomended .1% possibly going up to .2%. Im also adding some melafix to the tank for the next 7 days, Sketti responded well to it when he had his Finrot over a year ago. Thank you Fantail for the link, its getting added to my favourites. Shes under survelance at the moment, and Im hopeing i caught it early enough that there will be no major damage. Ill keep posted on it.
  2. My fish is getting fin rot (I see the red streaks in her fins, and the are starting to become ragged) and has a slight case of ammonia burn. I have been negelctfull over the holidays. I was rarely ever home and only changed their tank water once since the beginning of December. I know Im horrible for doing it and I feel awful, and I just now noticed it. Now Im wondering if Salt Dips help with fin rot and ammonia burn? If so How do I do it. I cant find the topic on it anywhere in the forums, I found the one on Finrot but not the one on how to do a salt dip. I don't have the test results for the top part as of yet, I just noticed the finrot. Tank size 20gal Whisper 150gph running for 4 months (ish) Water change every 1 1/2 2 weeks, 50% 2 fish over 2 inches Aqua Safe No meds No new fish Fresh Veggies and Wardleys sinking pelets Bloody & Frayed Fins
  3. I actually have one of each and they both do really well. The Aquaclear one has a little problem when I have to turn it off, the motor gets stuck in the little suction tube thing. I take out the part that sucks the water in and stick a chopstick down it to bump the motor to get it spinning again. Other then that though it works like a charm! They both run true to the filter size on the outside of the box so either is a good choice.
  4. Sgt. Pepper is chasing the other females, which I know is normal but he is picking on Lady Madonna to the point that he is ripping off scales and has taken a HUGE chunk out of her top fin. It looks like Eleanor Rigby is taking a beating as well. I added Melafix to the tank to help repair the fins and cease any potential infections, but Im wondering what to do about this behavior. I have no where to move the male at the moment. I had a Betta die in my QT tank recently and I have to re-cycle the whole thing because I had to steralize everything. Im thinking of buying a second breeders net to keep him in, but that dosen't seem fair. Or I was thinking of getting another female for the tank, There are allready three in there and I have 3 babies that will soon be joining the community tank from the breeders net that I have. Has anyone else had this type of behavior, and should I just let it go on or do something about it? Thanks Kel
  5. It sold before I even got to put an offer on it. Its probably for the best, I can't afford a $150,000 house at the moment anyways. Im now looking into making friends with the new neighbors so that I can go up the street and check out the pond! Sorry I didn't respond to any of the posts earlier, I just started a new job, still working my old job, and going to school. Its been hectic
  6. Ok so here it go's. Im having a problem with brown Alge in my tank. I could not get it to go away so I did some reasearch by reading the past post on brown alge here . The only problem is the only answer I got out of it is to get a Briselnosed Pleco. Herein lies the problem, I only have a 20 gallon tank with 2 goldies in it allready. I don't want to Over crowd the tank and cause my fishies stress. I also would not have the time to do the adiquate water changes to keep it nice if it was over stocked. Now I do have an extera tank in the back that I could keep it in till the GF tank had the Alge, then I could switch him to eat it and put him back, but thats a LOT of stress for a fish. Does anyone have any advice on how to rid my tank of Brown alge short of taking everything out and cleaning it in tank water every single time I do a water change. I also want to announce that my little Fish Frida, is changing color. There is black streaks in her tail fin, I checke the ammonia in the tank to see if it might be ammonia burn, and its normal. So Im assuming that shes just changing color again, she had black on her when I bought her. If I posted this in the wrong spot then please tell me.
  7. Kasper

    Goodbye Orchard

    Oh Honey Im so sorry. Orchard. I just recently had to bury my little Bane, I feel for you honey. You gave him a good life, thats all any fish could have ever asked for. He will be remembered and loved. *Huggles*
  8. Kasper

    R.i.p Bane

    I got Bane from my mother, who was keeping him in a little 1/4 of a gallon bowl that was constantly dirty. I took him home and put him in my 7 gallon hospital tank, that then became his home. His name was Chilly Willy till I changed it. He was spunky and happy all the time, and enjoyed chasing my finger out of his tank whenever I felt compelled to put it in there. His favourite food was betta pellets, krill and brine shrimp. Im going to miss his evil look that he used to give me every time I walked by his tank. I woke up this morning, to feed all of my fish. I got to Bane's tank and he was just lying there on his side in the bottom of the tank. I didn't even get any warning signs that something was wrong with him. He was hiding from me yesterday when I went in the room, but thats normal. He ate just fine and today he just, wasn't. I buried him on the edge of the creek bed at 10am with a peice of drift wood marking his grave. The creek floods occasionaly so if he gets washed away his marker will too. Hes now in the big aquarium out at sea. Love you always Bane.
  9. Babies for me! I love to watch them grow. Frida, my fantail was barely and inch when I got her a year ago now shes almost 4 and passing up my blackmoor in length too. But he is stunted, sadly.
  10. Just an update, Poop - Normal No longer lethargic No more Yawning He chased Frida away from the food and would not let her back. Thats my Sketti! I used the parasite from Jungle Labs like you suggested Laurie and it worked like a charm. Im still keeping a close eye on him but hes doing infinately better then he was when I posted this the first time. Thank you again.
  11. And then there were two, I just removed my Dalmation platy because she was lethargic, with stringy poop and all of her spots have dissipeard over night! They were there when I went to bed at midnight, now they are gone. She is in the medicated tank now, Im watching the last two adults like a hawk. If they are acting the same way when I get home then into QT they go. I can't tell if any of the babies have it or not. I guess its down to survival of the fittest.
  12. The other fish are Platies as well, the parents. I just had to Quarantine one because I think she may have Columnaris again.
  13. I know to salt and use maracyn, i have allready seperated Madonna. Im more concerned if the rest of the fish get it, can I medicate the whole tank, or will the babies be hurt in the process? The temperature of the tank is currently at 75 and is normaly in the range of 73-76. It only fluctuates to the lower temps when we leave the windows in the room open to cool it off. Madonna is not in a good way right now, she let me touch her, the white fluff is visible in her mouth now. Im gettting out my old 4 gallon tank and setting up an emergency tank.
  14. I was looking in my platie tank again, I have just found 4 babies in there, when I notice that my sunset platy has a HUGE chunk of her top fin missing. There is a bit of whitish fluff coming off of her back too, its very tiny and wispy. I seperated her from the rest of them in a 1 gallon bowl, that I know is not big enough but my QT tank has a betta fish in it right now. She has thin white stringy poop, so does Eleanor. Thats a bacterial infection right? Other then the ripped fin and the fluff shes fine. I don't know what to do, should I medicate the tank? If I do will it kill the babies?? They are in a breeders net on the side of it. Im scared that they all have Columnaris again. Eleanor had it when I bought the bunch of them, and Im scared that she may get it again. If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know. Otherwise tomorrow Im whipping out the Maracyn and salt, and pray that the babies make it. I have no where else to put them but the 1 gallon bowl, and its not going to be warm enough for them.
  15. How long does it take for a baby platie to mature enough to be let back into the main tank? They are about 5 weeks old now, and I just found some new editions in the main tank and added them to the breeders net. The bigger ones are about the size of a Q-tip head in length, not in fatness.
  16. 20, 10 and 7 gallon tanks - $150 Rocks, Plants, Shells, gems, and such - $ 100 Filters - $100 Air pumps - $40 Breeders net - $5 Watching my babies grow, the betta stalking krill and being able to hand feed my goldies - Priceless Some things money can't buy, for fish lovers everywhere Theres most of your paycheck and the occasional Credit card.
  17. Ok so Im shopping around for a house. I just got a new job that is going to pay EXTREMELY better then my current job, So much better that I am house shopping. This one I drive past every day on my way to work, and I have been eyeing it for about 2 weeks now, I got the nerve to look up the price online, and low and behold! What do I find! IT has a Koi Pond in the back yard with a Bridge and a Waterfall! IM IN LOVE Check it out! I just felt the need to share this.
  18. Yeah they really are, I look to see if they are ok in the morning and all I see are a set of eyes, followed by the whispy representation of their bodies. Its funny, I have friends that come over all the time and they all want my babies now! At least 4 of my girlfriends want one of them from the next batch. Don't worry though, Im making sure that they have the proper type of setup before I agree to the adoption of my babies.
  19. I tell them all good bye every day before I go to work. Same with my dog and cat (If I can find her) When It is feeding time I ask them what they want. Depending ont he reaction that I get will dep3end on what they get. I love my Fish, they are my babies!
  20. Coulden't say on exact measurements Kissy, they move Really fast! lol But I took a Q-Tip to the side of the tank and they are about the length of that. Weird question for anyone, can Platies and Molly's breed together? Can they even live together? I have a friend with a 10 gallon tank that has one molly in it, She wants one of my babies from the next batch. I want to make sure they can be tank mates before I say yes. Im going to google it but Who knows what that will yeild. Later!
  21. Yeah I think Im going to do that. Theres only the two of us living here so the activity level is minimal to moderate. Time for a trip to Wally World for a little table for him. I have a mirror for him to play with till I get one. Thanks everyone!
  22. I understand that you cannot under any circumstances besides mating put another betta in a tank with another one, but I have a bit of a different problem. My mother bought a betta and had him in less then a half a gallon bowl with a mini filter that just was horrible in my opinion. She kept him like that for 3 weeks before deciding that she didn't really want him, he was to much mateinance so she gave him to me. I happily took him, I had a 5 gallon Hex tank that I was not currently using so I boarded him in there, the only problem with it is that he is in a kindof back room thats connected to my bedroom. Im hardly ever back there except to feed him. Otherwise its dark and quited all day. Im just wondering if maybe he will die of bordom eventually. Im trying right now to get a mini stand/table to put out here with my other two tanks, Goldies and Platies. Its hard because my apartment is small, were crammed as it is. My question I suppose is will he be ok all by himself all the time or would he benifit from being able to see the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Thanks
  23. My They are all getting so BIG!!! I finaly figured out the paternity of my three little darlings and their Genders! I posted about them all a bit ago in these posts #1 and #2 In case you are all wondering... Ninja is indeed eating Madonna is Ninjas Mother The tank was above 75 Degrees the whole time They LOVE Mashed flake food and now eat from the surface of the water. Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds is the mother of Dear Prudence and Dizzy Miss Lizzy. All Of my Fry are girls! First things first lets get some pictures of the Parents and Godmother. This is Miss Lucy i.t.s.w.d. Mother of Dear Prudence and Dizzy Miss Lizzy. This is Lady Madonna Mother of Ninja Sgt. Pepper Father of all of them Godmother Eleanor Rigby And now the babies!! Ninja the oldest Dizzy Miss Lizzy (the one in the front) Last but not least my Dear Prudence. That is my new family! I will get new pictures of them in 2 weeks, to show how they have grown.
  24. The finrot is gone, Im sure. His fins are just still tattered but healing, and Frida never got it. Im sure if he still had it she would have gotten it by now. Ill try that parasite med, and Im going to salt the tank to .2 today, and bump it to .3 tomorrow. The previous tests, that were also showing that 0 reading were the ones that I had taken to the LFS to have done. I just got that dropper test 2 days ago. Im glad I understand it now. Thank you for your help Laurie.
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