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  1. Ammonia Level = Unknown Nitrite Level = Unknown Nitrate level = Unknown Ph Level = Unknown Ph Level = Unknown I used my drop test kit last week before I changed the water and finaly ran out of everything. The params were normal then (I did not write down the numbers to reference here, I should have Why couldn't they have waited till AFTER I get paid. Brand of test-kit used? Drops Tank size = 40 gallons 1.5 - 2 years What is the name and size of the filter/s? 2 Whisperbrand filters one is a 60 (does 600gph) the other is unknown (got at a yardsale and no Identity on it but its the same size as the 60 so probably the same if not higher) How often do you change the water and how much? Usually once a week at 25% and once at the end of the month about 50% How many fish in the tank and their size? = 4, three over 3 inches and one thats barely an inch What kind of water additives or conditioners? API tap water conditioner. Any medications added to the tank? None Add any new fish to the tank? 1 baby fish that is a fry of my current fish, he was in a 20gallon by himself with no problems. What do you feed your fish? Tetra Color sinking, frozen brine shrimp & bloodworms and peas Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Fins are starting to fray due to flashing, no bloody and there are scales missing. Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating,ect..? They are flashing their fins and rubbing up against the ornaments. The poop of the moor is stringy but the others is fine for now. The moor is bottom sitting but he has done that since I had him in the 1gallon over 4 years ago, I think thats just irreversable. I'm almost positive its parasites and a bit of swimbladder. I'm going to salt the tank tonight but I was wondering what kind of medication would be best to mix with the salt. I read that Medications containing Formalyn are good for parasites but can that be mixed with salt? It was vague on that. Plus I'm not sure what form of Parasite it is. There are no mucus patches, no extra film, no yellow patches or anything. Just missing scales, frayed fins and flashing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. My platy got ate today. RIP Smallz. Fatty McNeil on the other hand has grown signifigantly and is actually chasing the bigger fish. I think hes a little to big for his britches And now Im off to plague the disease forum ***WOOOSH***
  3. I got them all together and they are snug as a bug in a rug! The bigger goldies are not even paying attention to them... as of yet... FINGERS CROSSED!!!
  4. I did but its always nice to hear again! I wish I had the money to buy real plants ATM. I think I may get a chip clip and put romain lettuce or something on the inside of the tank to distract the 3 little piggs! I have and I really would love one, but again with money, my car just died to I had to buy a new one, then student loans and gas. I just had to take a second job! Hmm, though I have not asked my mom for a birthday Present!!! I may just have to ask for that! I love the name Fatty McNeil too. Its fitting, And if its a girl she can still be a Fattina!
  5. Thanks Chrissy, I'm going to move Fatty McNeil (the fry) to the big tank tonight along with Smallz (the Platy). Ill keep an eye on him and hope for the best! *Fingers Crossed* Ill look into tank dividers too, I didn't even think about that *Forhead slap* I wish I had my own place When I do I'm setting all my tanks back up
  6. Just to put a backround on this, I had to move back into my mothers house. While my space is decent, its not huge. I have currently been able to have 2 fish tanks with no problems, a 40 gallon and a 20 gallon. Well I have to take down the 20 gallon tank which holds one baby Platy fish (about 1/2 inch) and my Goldfish Fry (only one about 1 inch maybe more) because of storage issues. I have plenty of room in the big tank for them (the platy will be going to a platy pond) I'm just concerned about my big fish eating him. My big goldies are over 3 inches each and there are 3 of them. Has anyone ever housed a baby goldie that small with others that big? Should I even attempt it? I'm going to put the plastic plants back in there (currently it only has gravel) and take out some of the gravel so its not so thick. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Forgot to update this! Goodness Im a scatterbrain Hes about 1/2 inch from the tip of his face to the tip of his tail! I just noticed that his fantail is fused at the top. Genetic defect! Sketti is definately his daddy. It almost makes him look like hes got a single tail.
  8. I would put his size at about... 1/2 inch to 2/3 of an inch. Not sure but I can check tonight!
  9. Thanks everyone! Well that settles that, I'm just going to keep on keeping on and leave it alone! I can't wait till Fatty McNeil is big enough to go in with them! That will probably be about a year though!
  10. I have No Idea! I had two batches of Fry about a month and a half apart. He was either born in November or Early January. He didn't start getting that big till the other ones started to die off. I'm hopeing for Orange with Black and Moor Eyes! But what I want is never as good as what I get
  11. Thank you! He probably could eat smallz! Oddly enough she chases HIM around! Its funny to watch them. He will find her hiding spot and she will chase him away. I think he does this on purpose.
  12. This is a bit of a double post, one to show how huge my fish are getting and to ask a question about a growth on Frida! First the pictures! Frida (orange fantail), Pompe Magnus (PomPom) and my Moor Sketti! Now the question. Frida lost a scale a few months back, I salted the tank and kept an eye on it. A small bump appeared and just kept getting bigger. I'd say the time frame for this was about 3-4 months. Has anything like this ever happened to your fish? This one is probably the best shot that I have of the bump. It doesn't look infected or painful, shes not flashing or lethargic, always hungry so I'm not hugely concerned, but if there is a way to maybe treat this I would love to know (if it envolves me cutting it off, Ill just leave it alone. And this one is just to show how big she is compared to my hand! I had to buy a bigger net to catch her in!
  13. I posted on here a long while ago that my Frida and either Pompe Magnus or Sketti had some fry! Well only one survived, I have nicknamed him Fatty McNeil because it's just getting HUGE! Here is Fatty McNeil, and a surviving baby Platy named Smallz VIOALA! One Baby fish survived my first spawn of fry! Thats a mirical to me!
  14. I've been home with a virus for the past 5 days and neglected my tanks. They were starting to look a little funky so when I felt better I decided to do a water change on my big tank and a complete tank change for my goldie babies. Oh I managed to find someone that took all 30 of my Platies too. She has a 70gal HUGE live bearer aquarium that they are going to settle into nicely. I managed to miss two of my babies in the tank but thats ok. They are the same size as my goldie babies they can co exist till the platies are big enough for my friends fish pond. Back to the water change. I cleaned out my 20gallon and put new water in it, rinsed out the filter in the old tank water with all the good bacteria in it and floated my babies for the transfer into the bigger tank. I have 4 baby goldies by the way so a 20gallon will be ok for them for a little bit. I forgot to add water conditioner... remembered in the big tank, forgot in the baby... *Slapforhead* They were all bottom sitting when I noticed and remembered, I added the conditioner and they seemed to be doing ok. The next morning 3 of them were stuck to the filter, 2 dead. I managed to gently get the survivor off the filter and get her into a breeding net. She floated and struggled. Today she is doing much better, not bottom sitting anymore and is swimming a bit normal. My male platy that I had died this morning. So the only two that survived my idiocy was my biggest baby Goldie and the tiniest baby Platy. The goldie in the breeder net is still on the edge of the sword. I feel so awful, I had never done that before.
  15. Im going on 4 years with my black moor Sketti. He was living in a 1 gallon bowl for almost 6 months, then a 5 gallon for 6 months, then a 20 gallon and now hes sharing a 40 gallon with my other two fancys Frida Khalo and Pompe Magnus. Frida is close to 3 years and Pompe is hitting 1 1/2.
  16. You can not use table salt, it has Iodine in it that will kill the fish. Aquarium salt is the best way to go because you know its safe for the fish. You can decent size container of it at Wally World for minimum money, its not much more then buying normal table salt and you know its safe. Bloody fins can also be caused by something tearing at them. I would move the tigerbarbs ASAP but remember you will have to treat that tank for Ick too. The Hemmoraging is just reffering to the blood from a broken vein, its not fungal, but can become infected if not treated. Salt will heal up any damaged fins that the tigerbarbs have caused, or if its fin rot it will help that too. Don't worry, salt is not to drastic if in the right dosage. Its when you start mixing medications that it can get really messy.
  17. The easiest way to treat Ick is with salt and heat, the bloody streaks in the fins is probably fin rot, I should know, my black moor suffers from it on a yearly basis for some reason . If you could get a picture of that posted here it would help. Your going to have to do a waterchange every day with that many fish in the tank. Possibly twice a day and at least 50% or nothing we say here is going to help much as your tank is not cycled yet. You can get aquarium salt at most local pet stores or at Wally World for a couple of dollars. Follow the instructions on the package to salt your tank to .1%. If your not sure of the dosage just ask us here. You will have to vacume the gravel every day while doing the water change. This will get the ick out of the gravel. Every waterchange you will have to add back the salt that was lost. You will need to gradually increase the salt to .3% over the course of 3 days, thats .1% a day. Just take a glass, get some of the water in the aquarium, add the salt, stir untill dissolved and pour back in. Do not add the salt directly to the tank as it will burn your fish if they try to eat it. Do you have a heater for your tank? You may want to consider getting one if not, or you can just keep the light on all the time. That will cause alge to grow but thats better than Ick. I would not reccomend any medications as you will have to do a lot of waterchanges with all of those fish in there. Ive never used medications on ick, fin rot I would Reccomend Melafix if the salt dosent work. Here are the links to the help areas on Kokos for Ick and Fin Rot. http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/Ich.html http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/Finrot.html I hope that helped. *Edit to add Links*
  18. I tried to get a picture of them last night, and they were all gone. Im just going to salt the tank, do waterchanges daily and rinse the filters.
  19. Im not at home currently so I can get a picture as early as tomorrow morning. But I did find a video on Youtube of someone with a similar problem. These look just like mine. Apparently they are called planaria, Im finding mixed ways of getting rid of them. Anyone ever had those before? Thank GOD my tank is barebottom, gravel cleaning is apparently the best thing you can do.
  20. I do not have the test results yet. I was leaving for work when I noticed. Tank Size : 40 gallons Filters: 2 Whisper, one unknown (guessing about 400gph) second one is 400 gph Water Changes: 10-20% every week 50% once a month Fish in tank: 3 Fancy Goldfish, all about 2 inches Water addative: Aqua Safe water conditioner Medications: Melafix (had finrot 2 weeks ago, I did a water change after the treatment) New Fish: None Food: Tetra-Fin Sinking Pellets, Bloodworms, Peas and Brine Shrimp I found something swimming in the tank. It looks like a little worm flipping around. At first I thought it was Fry again, but its not. They are congregating around the top of the tank, near areas where the water is not moving as fast. They look like little worms with heads. They are a brownish color with clear tails. I did notice that my Black moor is missing a scale too, not sure if that has anything to do with these. I checked the fish, they do not appear to have any hanging off of them so I don't think its anchorworms. They were yawning as of this morning, I didn't notice any flashing but I will check. Im going to do another water change tonight at 50% even though I did a 20% yesterday. Im going to take out the activated Carbon and add some salt. Any Ideas what these might be?
  21. My Cat Drinks from the Platy Tank My dogs... They don't even notice them
  22. lol Sadly they both have the stars and they were Both Unruley! Maybe they are BOTH the babies Daddy! I won't know untill the babies either develop Bubble eyes or Poms huh? I can't wait!
  23. Some of you may remember my post here when my Frida dropped a bunch of eggs. Well folks SHE DID IT AGAIN! only a couple of months later, the only reason I know it was her is because the PomPom flashed me some breeding stars just last wednesday. So now the question.... Whos Fridas Babies Daddy???? Is it Pompe Magnus the pom pom? OR Sketti the Black Moor???? The second set of babies are in a breeders net in the big tank, so are the ones that were in the 5 gallon hex tank (two seperate breeder nets). The first round are still to small to get the camera to focus on so no pictures as of yet. (My camera Stinks) Oh and Pompe Magnus has fin rot, SUCKAGE! Nothing a round of Melafix and some salt wont fix!
  24. Im sitting at work crying now. My boss thinks Im crazy lol. I want to be the person who someday helps those rescue animals across the bridge.
  25. I have a black moor too, I bought a cheap little breeders net and would get him to swim in it durning feeding time. I tapped on the glass lightly three times and started Hand feeding him (the tapping was to signal it was dinner time! Eventually he got that when I tapped three times it was time to eat and he would swim to the top! Hope that helped. You can get breeders nets at Wally world or your LFS for anywhere from $2 - $6 (Don't get the expensive ones they are the same thing
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