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  1. Funny you should mention that! I did send this request to two local koi societies and I got 3 responses. Two said they were trying to find someone who had a quarantine tank large enough and were going to get back to me and one said he already had someone with a quarantine tank ready to take it. He'll be coming by to catch the koi next week! A happy ending! Thanks everyone. Angela
  2. Hi, This pond has been here since the building was built in the 1970's. I was surprised when I found out that they don't have a fish expert on staff! The lady from the zoo tested the water and told them what to do to correct it (a good pond cleaning I suspect! Probably high ammonia). I suggested they feed all of the fish some antibiotic food for a couple of weeks but I doubt they will. Sad state but I only work here, I don't have the authority to implement things regarding facility maintenance. If you know anyone up in this neck of the woods that would take this koi, I'd appreciate hearing from them. Angela
  3. Hi, I work at Scarborough Civic Centre in Toronto which contains quite a large indoor koi pond. I have kept fish of one sort or another for almost 25 years so I can recognize most diseases fish can acquire. One of the koi, which is probably at least 15 inches long, has pretty severe fin rot. I have spoken to the building supervisor regarding this and I contacted the metro Toronto zoo fish curator to come and assess the fish. She suggested quarantine and treatment to the building supervisor who told her that he doesn't have quarantine facilities for these fish nor does he have staff that are knowledgeable regarding treatment. The only other option suggested by the Toronto zoo expert was to euthanize the fish to stop the spread of the disease to other fish. This comes to my request. I have spoken to the building supervisor and have asked him if he would be open to the idea of someone taking this fish for treatment instead of euthanizing it. He seemed quite happy with the suggestion. Ofcourse whoever takes the fish would also be it's new owner! Please let me know if there is anyone among you willing to take this poor fish. It would be a nice Christmas present for him! Other than the fin rot, he looks very healthy, is active and is eating. Please let me know asap! You can call me at (416) 396-8136 or email me at adaust@gtamail.com. Thanks, Angela
  4. I don't think you have to worry about Markus giving you a hard time about how many tanks you have anymore. I think he has slipped into the abyss that is goldfish addiction along with the rest of us. If anything, you'll have to start controlling how many tanks he gets!!!!! Maybe he'll start blaming me as well for the number of tanks you guys have!!! (funny how I only have a 7.7 gallon tank, but ofcourse I'm the root of all the fishy evil! )
  5. I was thinking of putting a couple of neon tetras with my bettas. The only problem is, my ph is above 8.0!!! I've read that neons like a ph around 6.5 - 7.2. Would adding some driftwood lower the ph enough for them? Also, I have some Indian Almond leaf water. Would that lower the ph sufficiently? Last question: I have two male bettas in a 7.7 gallon divided tank. How many (if any) neons could I add and would the bettas be aggressive toward them or vice versa? Any advice appreciated.
  6. Unfortunately, the Aardvarks keep eating my flowers. Darn Dragonian Aardvarks!!!! Sorry guys, inside joke.
  7. Hmmm....why does it do that sometimes...double post? I press post once, it locks up, and when it finally straightens itself out, there are two posts!!!! I don't get it.
  8. I agree! They make great fire starters for bonfires too! By the way, I'd like to hire this guy who dug a 356 gallon pond in one night. I have a heck of a lot of landscaping that needs to be done!
  9. I agree! They make great fire starters for bonfires too! By the way, I'd like to hire this guy who dug a 356 gallon pond in one night. I have a heck of a lot of landscaping that needs to be done!
  10. I sent my husband to get some peas once for my fish. Don't send a non-goldfish person to get peas! Even though I told him no salt and no additives, he proudly came home with what he thought was the perfect bag of peas. They had added butter on them. Sheesh! Can't even get the peas right!!! But at least he's really cute. I guess I'll have to keep him for that reason. Otherwise, after that pea faux-pas, he'd would have had to go!!!
  11. Well, that's sort of how the story went! We did go to the plexiglass place and had the dividers cut to size, but I drilled the holes myself. Methinks Kat had a few to many gin and tonics at lunch to remember that detail :linedrink Hey I keep inviting you to the old bags bar!!! When ya gonna finally come???? Or do I have to physically pick you up and force you to go?
  12. I've got two bettas in a 7.7 gallon tank with a clear and opaque plexiglass divider with holes in the middle. I have two sponge filters (one in each side) and the setup works great! Can't see why you can't do two dividers with three sponge filters. I change 50 % of their water once a week and they're healthy as horses!
  13. Hey Kat, I forgot to ask you. I have this tank of 9 inch long pirahnas. Are you interested?
  14. What a bunch of cuties! They've grown! Especially the little guy. I miss them! I'll have to come visit them again! You're doing a great job with them Kat! Makes me happy they have such a great mommy.
  15. HOLY COW!!!! And I thought the water was green when I had it! Is there any fish in there?
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