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  1. Hi everyone. I see a similar topic on this board, but am starting a new topic because of the type of pond I have. My 12 year-old goldfish live in an above ground 300 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank. I have a small pump/fountain in it. As soon as we have a warm day, the fuzzy green algae goes nuts, and I usually wind up having to do a complete water change and scrub down to keep it at bay for a few more weeks. I recently added a barley ball but so far that doesn't seem to do much. I emailed the MicrobeLift people asking which product they'd recommend, and they said the algae killer that drops the oxygen levels in the pond, which I won't do. They talked about liquid barley straw extract as well. Since it's summer, and it's finally starting to act like it, I need to find a surefire additive for my pond that will stop this algae plague. It's a small pond, and I want to avoid treatments that will overwhelm the fish. I'm grateful for any suggestions as I need to get this under control asap-- thanks!
  2. No more pond drama. I'll stay with the pond I have. My fish started their lives as tiny guys in a 1200 gallon backyard pond. A few years later, the house had to be sold. There was no way I was leaving my pets at the mercy of first-time homeowners with a high-maintenance pond. I bought a 55-gallon aquarium and had them inside for a couple years. I had to figure out a way to get them back outside due to the unreal amount of time and mess spent trying to keep the aquarium clean. That and their size-- they were still growing. I asked the landlords if they cared if I bought a stock tank, as opposed to putting in a pond feature-- the stock tank can come with if I move. Not only did they like the idea, but they had exactly the size stock tank I wanted laying around unused because their koi had gotten too big for it! They delivered it and everything! It was meant to be. Pets are a lifetime commitment. I wouldn't want to be discarded if I was inconvenient for someone. My fish are simply cool and relaxing to watch, like my new Betta.
  3. I have a 300 gallon stock tank pond and 4 large goldfish. 3 of them are about 9", and one is about 7". I'm guessing I'm already maxed out. A friend is having to make an emergency move and needs to find a home for 3 2 1/2" goldfish. He wants to get rid of the 10 gallon aquarium with the fish in it, but I don't want an aquarium so offered the pond IF I could fit more fish. I've heard a rule-- 1" of fish per 10 gallons of water. If that's true, my pond can't take any more fish. Thanks in advance for the help! I learn so much good stuff here.
  4. A word of caution on this. I used this product about 6 years ago and the oxygen levels in my pond dropped so low that the fish were gasping for air. It was an absolute nightmare. I've heard this from other people too. I don't think it will work for everyone, although if it worked for you cool. MicrobeLift is great though. And I saw in the Fosters & Smith pond catalog that there's barley straw concentrate in liquid form. Never seen that before.
  5. I do have a digital camera but am unable to download photos. Someday! The USB ports on my computer are blocking it from recognizing my camera. I have to take the computer in to have that fixed, turning the ports off don't do the trick, I've tried everything.
  6. Thanks for the info., especially about the size of the stomach. I had no idea it was that small. His favorite thing seems to be getting into the middle of his fake plant and hanging out. The kit he came with said to keep his water above a certain temperature. I put him on top of the fridge as it's warmer up there, but am wondering what I'll do when the fall & winter come. Thanks again!
  7. Hi! I'm the proud owner of 4 large outdoor goldfish, but miss having inside fish, so today I boughta betta. His name is Neva bin Betta. Bin is Arabic for "son of", but obviously the point is the whole phrase. His tank came with tiny flake food which he likes. But I'm getting conflicting info. on how often to feed him. He's a crowntail, blue with rainbow highlights. It's relaxing to watch him. Thanks!
  8. Thank you! I'm so glad to be able to talk to people who know more than I do about this stuff. You all are such a great help. I don't know anyone with a fish pond in "real" life. Today I boughta betta. He is blue with rainbow highlights, and his name... Neva bin Betta. He is really cool. My cat and dogs like to sniff his tank for some reason (smells like sushi?). He will be protected though. I was surprised to learn they can live 3-5 years! "Bin" is "son of" in Arabic, in case anyone's wondering. People at work had a field day with that one. I posted this link to another spot on the forum, this is really creative! http://www.nettally.com/palmk/FishHiRise.html Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. -George Eliot
  9. That is so cool-- it is very similar to mine. I have been considering putting rocks on the bottom of mine. But mine is not fully supported underneath, in the middle, because of the drain pipe that's attached. I clothespin bird netting over 2/3 of the top to keep predators out. The other 1/3 is where the water plants hang out. I also have a flat slab of stone sitting on top of 2 flat landscaping stones that serves as my underwater cave. That was a successful protection from predators in my first pond too (same fish). I want to add a large piece of drain pipe since exploring is fun for them. Also thinking about how to decorate the outside-- netting & floats? Bamboo somehow wired together? Does anyone use a pond vac? I've seen a couple in the $50 range which operate on suction. I get sediment on the bottom so am considering. Here's the link to the site where I got the idea for a stock tank pond: http://www.oaktrees.org/garden/pond.shtml And this is so cool, a way for fish to see out of the pond! http://www.nettally.com/palmk/FishHiRise.html Lastly, today I gotta betta. His name is Neva bin Betta (bin is "son of" in Arabic). He's fun to watch. Good job on your pond!
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Here's the latest. The landlords couldn't believe they complained about the sound of the water either. Evidently something was said to them, so I'm glad I brought it up. The landlords were under the impression that I had a noisy pump. You can't hear the pump AT ALL. Thisis a very small setup. The neighbor's issue was the pitch of the water as it was dropping into the pond, the "sparkle" sound. I spent the $10 and put on a fountain head that makes the water into a "bell" shape. Problem is, because it's lighter than the other one, as soon as a breeze comes up, the sparkling sound starts because it disrupts the shape. I love the sparkling sound. I do want to be a good neighbor, so was willing to compromise. Although they didn't ask, I'll bet they thought I might turn off the pump completely (definitely not). Their house is fairly close to the fence, and the pond is within 10 feet of it on this side. So it may be their own fault for cutting the brush down. I know I certainly hear more noise from them now, so the reverse must be true also. I agree with people that certain noises can bug the crap out of you. I know I have those. So I'm hoping that by changing the pitch the majority of the time, that solves it. If they say anything again, I'll tell them I already bought the quietest fountain head there is. There's really nothing else I can do. My fish are 7 years old and are pets, they stay. Someone asked how deep my pond is. I'm guessing 2 1/2 feet. It's a Rubbermaid 300-gallon stock tank. Do you think an aerator would help? I wonder if it would help my pond plants too. Thanks again for everyone's help. Love your neighbor, yet pull not down your hedge. -English proverb
  11. This just keeps getting stranger. I e-mailed Beckett. They promptly replied and said they offer a cheap nozzle kit, #1420, which makes bell-shaped and trumpet-shaped water flow. I think I'll buy it, but I don't know if it will be quieter. At least if I do I can say I did something. I'm still thinking of adding an aerator anyway when I can afford it, since the fountain doesn't do a super job aerating regardless. Anybody have both? Beckett's customer service person replied: "Now I've heard it all!" For health reasons I can't travel, so coming home from work and getting a long weekend like this weekend IS my vacation. My backyard is my oasis, my safety zone, where no one can bug me and I can completely relax. Or so I thought. I think that's why this really bothered me, that it may seem like a small thing to them, but having the sound of water around is a huge deal for me. It's therapeutic, and my fish like it too. If anyone knows of a good brand of aerator for a 300 gallon tank-- thank you! I am not eccentric. It's just that I am more alive than most people. I am an unpopular electric eel set in a pond of goldfish. -Edith Sitwell
  12. I'm glad to be getting comments from the noise sensitive people too. Cost is an issue. Since I have a good relationship with the landlords, I think I'll give them a heads up about this. This might not be solved for a couple paydays. It is weird to me that this is the first time they've ever spoken to me, and I've had the setup 10 months. We have been having hot weather, so maybe this is the first time they have had their windows open at night. I will admit that it wouldn't hurt to have an aerator in the pond as well. I cleaned it just a week ago and it's already murky thanks to the hot weather. How to plug it in, no idea, unless it comes with a really long cord, and then I'll have 2 cords hanging off the back porch. Does anyone have both a filter/fountain and aerator (both)? The neighbor was nice about it, it just bewilders me that people never see their own actions as annoying. To answer the person who asked if I'd done anything to tick them off recently, can't think of a thing. I never talk to them, they're usually the ones with fairly noisy company, my pets stay in my yard, etc. She doesn't strike me as that kind of person. But while I'm young, they're younger, college students, which might explain some of it. Except that I'm a college student too...
  13. Thanks. I just don't think of water noise the same as the problem dog barking nearby, or the drum player 2 houses over, although we discussed those things tonight too. Their house is owned by the same landlord, which is one reason to care. But I've had the setup for 10 months, and this is the first time anyone's said anything. Also, the landlords were the ones who gave me the stock tank, so I think they'd be understanding if it comes to it. I have to admit to being irritated because-- right now, for example-- I'm inside with the windows open, and don't hear my pond. We're having hot weather and my fish need aeration. I've been shopping online, but am upset about this because one of the coolest things about having a pond is seeing and hearing the fountain. It's a centerpiece of the backyard. And I don't really want to spend any money to solve this. The neighbor didn't say she's against the fountain altogether, but is just hoping that I can find something quieter with a different pitch. Maybe there is something more "misting" out there... I wish I would have discussed the cat issue when she was here. Because if I ever do it, it will seem like revenge for the fountain. You're right, people's pets are supposed to stay on their own property. Recently I had to rescue another cat from a tree in my yard when their cat chased it up there. Grr.
  14. Tonight my neighbors came over to tell me the fountain on my fish pond is too loud. She was very nice about it, and said the "pitch" of it gives her a sick stomach. This is the first time we've ever talked, and she brought another neighbor with her because she didn't know how I'd react (the other neighbor assured her I'm nice). I'm simply sick about this, because the sound of the fountain is a major de-stresser for me. I love hearing it and find it very relaxing. Also, it's the only thing I have to aerate the pond, which is critical this time of the year because of the hot weather. I feel like saying, "fine, I'll find something else if you agree to keep your cat inside". I love their cat, but because he's outdoors he goes after birds, squirrels, etc. and fights with other cats, defeating some of the reasons I keep my cat inside. I have a 300 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank with a basic Beckett Biological Pond Filter. It's in the only shady spot in the yard, and within 25 feet of the back porch plug-in, so I can't move it anywhere else. I've been using the fountain head attachment with the holes in it as this creates a nice spray. The only other attachment it came with has slits in it, which divides the water into 3 parts and makes it even louder. For now I've taken the head off, and the pipe is just barely above water so I don't think it's going to provide as much aeration. Suggestions?? I just e-mailed Beckett to see if they have any other attachments. I need to find a compromise-- quieter, but will still have a fountain effect and do the job. Any help would be much appreciated. I've got to figure something out fast.
  15. Yeah, a coworker found it hilarious that the chimney owner was eating fish & chips too-- because it was potentially the potato peels that saved the fish's life more than anything. Who throws potato peels in a fire, by the way? And I had the same thoughts about "what if the pet store doesn't know how to take care of Sooty"? Anybody know how we could find out the name of the pet store and inquire? Is that too nosy? I've got a new invention. It's a revolving bowl for tired goldfish. Lefty Gomez
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