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  1. i just tried to get a pic but it was too difficult. Hopefully in the morning i will have better luck then i can get away with not using the flash on the camera. Basically it looks like his mouth is wide open. Its the bottom part of his mouth. What would be called the jaw on a human, not sure what it is called for a fish.
  2. I wouldnt dare try and do it. You cant help but feel like doing it when you look at him, but i wouldnt dare. He is so tiny I would squash him. I am not sure if there is any clubs near me. Maybe someone knows? Karen.
  3. He is only just over an inch in size and no vets near me have any idea when it comes to fish. I feel like putting his mouth back into place for him. It looks so awkward. He is swimming around fine, just looks like he is whistling all the time. I dont want to let him keep going if it is going to cause him problems as he gets older. If it is dislocated can it go back into place as i am certain this has only happened in the last few days. He was not like this before. Karen.
  4. Hi, I have a comet who is only about two months old approx. When feeding him today I noticed his mouth is fixed open. I have never noticed this before. He is managing to eat and sucks the food in but I am wondering can they dilocate their mouth? I know it is a strange question but I am trying to work out whether he has hurt himself or if it is a deformity. If he has hurt himself, can a fish survive ok with its mouth fixed open or is it cruel? Any ideas/suggestions would be great, thanks, karen.
  5. He didnt put heaps in. I was lucky to find it still floating. Prob about and inch square which is enough for babies to get. I did a water change and them seem ok. His mum got a big lecture for not watching him. The tank is not that easy for him to get to. Karen.
  6. Hi, does anyone know if bread can kill or harm goldies if they eat it? I have just discovered my nephew has put some in my tank where my babies are. They are big enough to have munched on it so I am worried. Obviously his mum was not watching him at the time, so i am not happy! Karen.
  7. The one you saw in my pic would be my biggest, he is about 2.5cms but then the smallest i have is barely 1cm. I have six left from 20 originally. My biggest is a bronze colour but the others are transparent/white. They are living in a tank with those tiny snails that breed non stop and i have discovered they are eating the snails eggs so it is good, it will control them breeding for a bit as it was going crazy there for a while with masses of snails. Out of my older guys, the five months olds, there is 21 of them. Some of them are not much bigger than my news guys, others are huge. Some just dont seem to thrive as well as the others. My bigger guys are still all varied colours. They are a mix of comets and commons and one of the fathers is a transparent white so a lot are the same as him. You can see their gills and insides. Looks strange. When they get a bit bigger i am going to have a problem with so many of them. I am going to have to start digging a pond real soon. Karen.
  8. OK, hopefully this works. I will put the links up for my guys. Some are of my five week olds and the others are five months old. The smaller ones look big, but it is decieving in thepic, they are smaller than yours Jen. They are currently living in my ghost shrimp tank (he died) with plenty of snails for company. five week old another five week old five month old my biggest five month old
  9. Hi, they are heaps bigger than mine yet were born aournd the same time. Its amazing the difference between raising them indoors and outside. (Mine are inside.) Once my computer stops being too slow, i will post some of mine so you can see the difference. As for what setting on the camera, I use macro, looks like a little flower. It helps when taking close ups. As for what else I have no idea. I would not know what half the settings on my camera mean. Karen.
  10. Hi, yes the guy said he had had no success with cycle but raved about the sachem. I was just curious that's all. I have media, plants ornaments in there from one of my cycled tanks already. Was actully looking for ammonia but have had no luck anywhere. karen.
  11. Hi, I went to my local fish store today as i was having trouble locating some ammonia to start off a tank i wish to cycle. The people who worked at the store had no idea about ammonia being used to start off a cycle????? His suggestion was to put some bloodworms in the tank and to add some seachem stability and he claims the tank would be cycled in a week. I find this hard to believe. Has anyone used this product before? Karen.
  12. Yes that was my worry. Technically urine is sterlie but it still doesnt sit with me that well. Karen.
  13. Hi, this is a strange question.....I read a few weeks back someone mentioned that people have used human pee in tanks to start off cycling. Is this true? And if so, can it do any harm?? I am having trouble trying to find the safe ammonia to buy at the moment and as much as i hate the idea i was consiering it. Any ideas? Sorry, it does seem gross to me too. Karen.
  14. Thanks for that info. I ended up buying the aquaclears today as i figured i may as well keep with the same model so if one breaks i can keep it for parts for the others. I also like the media baskets.
  15. Hi, no need to apologise, I am glad you gave me some answers, its the only way I will learn and I dont want to put them in an uncycled tank. Looks like I will need find where i can get some ammonia from. Karen.
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