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  1. 65 gallons here, counting my tanks and rubber maid.
  2. I completely fell in love with the black sankin.
  3. Thanks for your replies! My boyfriend says the styrofoam might crumble (though it's unlikely) so I'm gonna go with the board I think. I've measured the slope and the difference between the front and the back is ~4 mm. Doesn't sound like much but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  4. I'm stunned really! I saw last night that my tank is slightly tipped forwards. At first I thought the tank was supposed to look like that but when I checked the floor around it with the water level it turns out the whole floor is sloping! It's all empty now so there's no emergency, but there surely could have been. What can I do to correct this? It's not a major slope, but I'm still worried. Should I be? I had it running for 7 months and nothing happened. There's no other place for the tank so I can't move it. And I can't do anything to the floor since I'm only renting this apartment. The tank itself is a 47 gallon bowfront, the front of it and the sides are cast in one piece. It's glued to the back and the bottom though. The stand came with the tank and has 6 legs. I have no batteries for the camera at this moment but I can post pictures tomorrow if you need some. I hope I can get some advice on this, and that it can be fixed as soon as possible. /Nattviska
  5. I'm very suspicious about feng shui. I don't really believe in "chi", but I do believe in harmony. I think of the tank as a TV, or a painting. It should be placed so that I can see it from many different places in the room, but not take my attention from the other furniture. As Blue was saying about beds facing doors, it's simply a way to get better rest since you easily see who's coming. For the very same reason you shouldn't let couches and chairs face the opposite way of a door. If you have to, place a screen or a bookshelf behind it. A superstition I've heard is that it means bad luck to name fish.
  6. Since Lucifer died I have been doing 30% water changes every day, just in case there would be something funky in the water. I fed Scales some pea to clean out his system in case he's been eating of the plants and later that evening I caught him pooping, and the poop was very normal looking. No weird behaviour, no clamped fins, no scales poking out, water readings perfect. Today he's on his side, gasping, and will probably die in a few hours. Just like Lucifer did a few days ago. I don't understand. I can't do anything to help because I can't find the problem! I'm just so upset right now. When all this is over, I'm off the goldfish. Apparently there's no point in getting them because they all die on me of disease or freak accidents. I hate this. I hate it. I feel like such a failure. I've tested the water again and again and there's nothing wrong. I don't understand what caused this. He was fine yesterday. And so was Lucifer a week ago. I just don't get it. I keep getting bashed by life. I've lost my family, my health, my fish, my money, and definately the lust to keep trying. There's just no use in doing anything anymore, because I seem to fail at everything. I will come back and read about your lovely fish, but I will probably not get any more of my own. I can't deal with this anymore.
  7. Indeed I have.. I'm on the verge of giving up Scales to a friend and get tropicals instead. Sorry to say that, but this is just too hard. Devs, he didn't twitch/scratch his sides, he just swam right into things head first and then lay there. He didn't react on seeing me either, and that kind of scared me since he usually could spot me from several meters away.
  8. I'm sorry to say that he didn't make it through the night. I looked inside his mouth yesterday and couldn't find anything. I soaked the food, tried different kinds, noting would get him to eat it. He would taste it and spit it back out, and later on refuse to even taste it. From what I could tell he didn't poop at all. But maybe I just missed it, his poop was always a little strange. It would be more like short bits than that sausage like poop which goldfish have. He also ate very slowly. Since I can't find anything wrong with the water I'm going to assume that his digestive system failed. Goodbye my dearest Lucifer.
  9. I've tried getting Metro-Med but GC won't ship outside the US and the petshop doesn't import. <_< If the plants were causing it, then Scales would be affected too.. I'm going crazy here. Lucifer isn't looking too good right now.
  10. No, nothing wrong except the fact that he won't eat. He's just getting weaker and weaker.
  11. I'm not sure what makes it cloudy.. I recently got new tank lights (Aqua-Glo), could that be the cause? The parameters has been normal, no spikes or drops. No strange behaviour other than the bottom staying, no cloudy eyes. I don't know what to do! He's looking worse today. My internet connection has been down all weekend (just my luck) so I've been very stressed out about this. Is there a way to force feed?
  12. I seem to be jinxed. Lucifer is lethargic and hasn't eaten for two days, going on the third now. Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 5 Ph 7,5 - 8 Ph Level out of the Tap 7,5 - 8 55 gallon tank, home to 2 small fish. Don't know the name of the filter, but it's a medium large temporary one. No medications, no new fish, no additives. New plants recently removed (see below). The fish are looking fine and Scales (the other fish) is acting normal. Gills are red on both fish. Lucifer is staying on the bottom, and won't eat. I've changed 20% of the water every day due to cloudy water. He doesn't react on seeing me, it looks like he's gone blind or something! When he swims he bumps into things. I've tried to get him to eat by isolating him in a container (in case he really did go blind) but he's just not interested. Some of you may know I added plants to the tank a while ago. Well, they didn't make it. And ever since I removed them he's been acting this way. Is he depressed or something? The plants came from a tank with snails, but no diseases. It's so odd that Scales is prefectly fine when he's not.. Can I force feed him somehow?
  13. You tell me, the algea died suddenly. I've got new tank lights (Aqua-Glo) and a small filter in there to establish a culture quickly. Right now the water is murky looking because of brown algea, I can't scrape it off because I've lost the scraper. Hopefully I'll be able to grow new green water later on. I tried to do so a few weeks back but ended up with the wrong type of algea.
  14. I got some plants from a friend (made a thread about getting rid of snails), and now they're in the tank! I couldn't find any bleach so I got some vinegar instead. Hopefully I nuked them, so far I have not seen any. The fish love them, and doesn't seem interested in eating them. Scales and the plants. http://files.upl.silentwhisper.net/upload1/scales_01.PNG Scales pops his head up. Time for food? http://files.upl.silentwhisper.net/upload8/scales_02.PNG I'm gonna throw in a picture of Lucifer as well. He's not enjoying the plants as much as Scales, but likes to "get lost" in them. http://files.upl.silentwhisper.net/upload8/lucifer_01.PNG Enjoy.
  15. He could have gotten internal damages when he got stuck. I think that was what happened to my fish when I got my new tank and filter.
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