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  1. My worry was that they would get stuck in the marbles and never be able to get out. Im such a worry wart. lol
  2. I have aquarium marbles on the bottom.. about a half inch diameter each. About 2 inches thick of them on the botom. I do not have a UGF. Just a regular 50 gal whisper filter on my 30 gal tank. I do temporarily have a nylon on the filter.
  3. still cant see any of them. i know some had to of survived
  4. I didn't even see page 2, I assumed no one responded yet. oops!!! hehe Well I didn't know that I could keep them in a bucket. I figured that it needed more filtration. I did put a nylon over my filter and put the baby snails in the bottom. How long til I see one crawling around? :listen:
  5. Well? *sorry i sound impatient* It isn't that. I am just so interested in this. It has been a really cool experience.
  6. Population control sounds so cruel, but I don't know what I'd do with hundreds of snails. Perhaps I could just swish them around and them put them inside the little hole of my ornament (that the fish are too fat to swim into) -- That way, they have a better chance? When will I start seeing them moving about and gooing across the glass?!?!?!
  7. The clutch is almost completely dissolved on the top and I can see about a dozen little snails in there. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?! I don't want them to fall in the water. The bottom half of the eggs are still pinkish and firm and top is white and crusting where I can see inside of it and see the baby snais looking like they could just fall right into the water. I don't know what to do! HELP!
  8. So even in the tropical tank they are still doomed? I want to transfer the clutch, should I just put it in a moist bowl with plastic wrap on it until they start to hatch more. Then in a couple days swish it and add them to the tank? What is the best route for transporting them? I want to transport them while they are still in a clutch, there is NO WAY I could catch these tiny little things once they get out.
  9. So They seem to be hatching kind of.. It is all white and stuff. I do not have anotehr tank to put them in other than my tropical tank which has tiny fishies in there.. i was going to put nylon stockings over the filter. Should I just do that? How long does it take for them to reach a non-eatable size? Since it is already cracking and broken in one place should I just shake it around in some tank water and release them in my tropical tank and hope for the best? I have 2 snails in my tropical tank that I can transport to the goldfish tank for now so they don't have to worry about them. I just have some mollies and tetra's in my tank. One is about an inch long and the rest are iddy biddy. I don't expect all of them to survive, nor am I trying to make money. This is just a neat experience and I'd like to give my grandmother some snails for her pond and my mother some for her tank.
  10. I noticed the top of one of my clutches was turning really white. I was spraying it and the top cracked a little revealing some tiny brown dots (snails). I left it alone and am going to let it take it's course. What do you think will happened to the exposed eggs? The clutch?
  11. alright... so I wonder about how much longer til they hatch!! I will put a nylon stocking over the filter as soon as I see progress in them hatching. how would i know if they weren't fertilized?
  12. They are attached to the glass but they are right up at the rim and there is black liner blocking my view from that direction. I have been misting them lately. They both seem really dry. Should they stay damp? Should I mist them more frequently?
  13. Im not sure which ones are the parents. Because I just found ANOTHER CLUTCH! THat makes 2 big ones and one tiny one. I think one i by my yellow apple snail. I have 4 snails. one ramshorn. and 3 apple snails (2 are yellow, one is black). I am going to mist them now because they seem a little dry. keep me up to date with what I need to do
  14. I'd love for them to hatch. I have an extra tank that I can put excess snails in. How many snails do you usually get off of a clutch? How do you know if they were fertilized or not?
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