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  1. Hey Tahfit Sorry to hear things aren't better I would recommend you purchase some Metro-Med, its made for Hole in the head MetroMed I was giving my Oranda that and treating her with general cure. You can purchase it on ebay and ask the person to ship it express,you will pay a bit more for the shipping but it will be worth it. General Cure Those things combined treated her really quick. The dosage is one tablet per 10Gallons.
  2. hehe that reminds me of ducky my ranchu, he will go in the line of bubbles,let himself fly up with it and then eat the bubbles,after that he will spit them out and go back and do the same,its quite amusing to watch
  3. Awww pudgey is soo oooo cute!! look at the face on that little guy congrats Erin
  4. Congrats on your new fish she looks beautiful,hope you can show us more pics of her up close and clear
  5. Thank you Marco Hopefully i can keep him,he's acting like a little pest right now with my Bear's tail.
  6. Hey nichjake thanks again for the help, I do not have zeolite in my filter which is a good thing One last question,how long do i do this for? & Do i just put the salt in or i have to disolve it? thanks alot
  7. I really hope puglsey and capt.spaudling stop nipping bears tail .
  8. your fish are cute,i like the look of Mojo
  9. oh i forgot to ask,should i take the filters out or the salt is safe for my filter cartlidges?
  10. Thank you veryy much appreciate the calculations Im wondering if they are just bugging Bear because they are new? I remember my other lionhead would always bother new fish and now he doesn't do it anymore. I hope they stop or else i wont have a choice to get rid of them since i already am taking up space with Bubba in another tank.
  11. Hi Tahfit I don't know how it started,just out of the blue she started with a big red mark under her eye,then she got a hole in the head and a cut where it was red on her cheak.Soo i went to buy GENERAL CURE for hole in the head and it was great! worked out from the moment i put it in the tank,the next day the redness was already almost all gone.
  12. thanks alot for your answer Nichjake, how does it work .1% for a 60 gallon tank?
  13. Hey guys I am pretty sure Pugsley and Capt.Spaudling are nipping at Bears long tail.Now bear has big splits in his tail. What should i do with the splits? and also is there anything i can do to make them stop?? I think they are picking on him cause Bear is the only really big fish in the tank,hes 7 inches long and has a super long tail,now hes surrounded by smaller 4-5 inch fishes. Thanks for the help OB
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