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  1. new large ryukin. currently under quaratine. pardon the poor pic quality.
  2. i did my regular water change of 50%. went to several lfs and finally got a good size ryukin.
  3. i am practically co,or blind. lol but seriously i cant see the difference either.
  4. i have yet to get koi clay here but ive used agar in my gel food. it does really help. no more floaty big momma rancu for me unkess he eats hikari.
  5. i would first get a bigger tank since a gallon is not enough. that is slow torture for your fishes.
  6. 1. cleaned the tank. wiped glasses. 2. cleaned one of the four filters. 3.changed 50% of the water. 4. fed 5.went out to an lfs in search of a new baby but didnt find any. 6. made a new batch of gel food
  7. gosh your orandas are very lovely! the calico is stunning!
  8. will do as soon as i can take decent pics. i have more ranchus to show. i like your orkin btw.
  9. this is pingoy. prolific egg layer. she is sometimes floaty when overfed. around 4 inches. my first 2 black thai orandas. color has been fading and changing to bronze but they are still very lovely. red white oranda. i think he is a male. he used to be sickly but frequent water changes helped him a lot. i have more fishes but i could not take a decent shot. will add more as soon as i can .
  10. fargo is the cutest ive seen in my life!
  11. he is still very beautiful! i want an all white oranda!
  12. +1 on telescope! red white or pure white!
  13. i used to feed hikari lionhead to my goldfishes every two hours; two pinches of pellets. ive now reduced it to 3 to 4 meals a day and i only feed gel food and fbw. each meal would be a small cube of gel food. around an inch ( guestimate )
  14. goldfishes will surely love to eat them. adequate water movement will prevent that from happening again.
  15. soon to have on my 180gals. when im done cycling my 100, i would probably have one or two too.
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