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  1. Pardon the poor pic. Here is my first purchase for 2012. He is a calico ranchu. Around 3 inches. He is in my main tank now since he came from a fellow hobbyist and not from an lfs.
  2. I got this baby real small. He has grown a lot buy a few weeks ago lost his eye for unknown reason. Hea still healthy and happy though.
  3. woah! this is my first time to see one! ive never seen one in my tank! maybe my fishes doent have teeth! lol. time to get them dentures. lol
  4. did a huge water change 70% on my 180 gal the day before christmas.
  5. thank you! tele is a male! he likes chasing my female ranchu! haha.
  6. amazing! can you tell us about his set up? his grooming procedure?
  7. fed them steam scrambled egg for the first time.they loved it but boy it was messy!
  8. i soak mine for 5 to 15 mins. i guess it is bad because you guys dont do it. haha. one of my ranchu gets floaty when fed unsoaked pellets.
  9. 3 months for my first 3. everyone came in with a week or two interval. i have a total of 13 now.
  10. this ismy dream goldfish.i have yet to see one from where i live.
  11. she is beautiful! how big is she? lipstick is a good name. hehe
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