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  1. Back in the day, i had a pearl scale too who lost an eye. The pearlie lived long with one eye. Just recently, while cleaning my tank, my calico demekin went up to the water hose and her eyes was sucked. She went to fishy heaven the next day. I hope your pearly will heal up quickly.

  2. Lovely! :D

    Hygrophila pinnatifida is one of my favourites; good choice!

    Thank you dan. Since you reminded me of the name i think inrecalled some of them.

    Pogostemon erectus, hygrophilia pinnatifida, ludwigia glandulosa, tonina sp belem, mini reinickii, HC, staurogyn repens, ludwigia red rubin, anubias nana petite, ammania sp bonsai.

  3. Hi everyone! Here are shots of my 15 gal planted. I have so much plants i dont recall their names anymore. Tank has pressurized co2 and diy led light. I dose the full line of seachem ferts. It has neon tetras platties rasboras, otos, amano shrimps and red cherry shrimps5225ac9f082cf4d1d54bb47405e45c2a.jpg97d9c579228f9ebb897b875f634842fc.jpge7d2185b6e3161f6e113b40beab62fdd.jpg028b056a349e4174332655fdc3f3c203.jpg24026cb978501fb5f08e445457d34d59.jpg

  4. Hi goldfish lovers. I have a 75 gal tank coming this sunday. I will be using a canister filter suited for the tank. I have a few pounds of ceramic rings that i have been seeding for over two months now. My question is, how soon can i add goldfishes into this tank?

    Hi PinoyGoldfish!!! welcome to Koko's!!!! And congrats on the new tank!!! I agree with the opinion/advice of the others.. test water parameters.. :)

    Thank you fastlane. And yes i will be monitoring water params!

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