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  1. The fishes look like they are floating! Crystal clear water. What filter media are you using?
  2. Back in the day, i had a pearl scale too who lost an eye. The pearlie lived long with one eye. Just recently, while cleaning my tank, my calico demekin went up to the water hose and her eyes was sucked. She went to fishy heaven the next day. I hope your pearly will heal up quickly.
  3. Never had problems with canisters restarting itself. I have eheims and UP-aqua.
  4. I prefer bare bottom primarily for ease of clean up.
  5. How often do you change water in this set up?
  6. Solidgold on youtube uses air driven sponge filters only. She has really beautiful goldfishes.
  7. Haha i have yet to find out their gender. Both are as big as my fist.
  8. Thank you! I have yet to name them! Haha
  9. This is hit or miss. Will depend greatly on the fish's behavior. Dwarf shrimps will be very tempting to bettas.
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