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  1. Thanks! I hope to get fishies in soon. I am breaking my head about the plants because the water quality is very different from Illinois. I tested it today and the pH was above the range of my test kit... For the background I am thinking about a rock wall photograph. The substrate is white fine gravel (larger than sand but still smooth). I have not visited the forum as often as I would like but the past few months have been hectic.

    Swift: post pictures of your tank soon! Try to visit the Champaign area fish exchange Summer auction... you'll find very nice plants and other goodies at low prices

  2. Hi! After selling my 29g and 15g tanks in Illinois, I put together a new 46g setup in Dallas. It is still cycling (fishless), and I am eager to put in plants and goldies. Here is a pic of my setup. I will update as soon as I add plants and fish.


  3. Hi everybody,

    I moved to Dallas and settled in my new apartment. Finally, I was able to put together a new aquarium setup... still cycling but I am already looking for nice goldfish. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find good quality goldfish. Can anybody recommend a good store? I may even consider online (first time for me)... Thanks!

  4. Green or brown film grows inside of tubing in canister filters. Here is a way to clean them and leave them as new. You will need bleach, 1 bucket, and a spare power filter.

    (1) Take out the media from your filter. Clean the media and place part of it in the power filter and the rest in a corner of your aquarium.

    (2) Place a bucket with clean water high on a piece of furniture (table, chest of drawers, etc) and place the inlet and outlet tubings of your filter in the bucket.

    (3) Purge the filter and turn it on. Let the clean water flow through your filter. Add more water to the bucket if necessary.

    (4) Add one cup of bleach. If doing this indoors you must cover the bucket with plastic wrap. I use Glad Press'n Seal to seal it perfectly and avoid chlorine odor in my apartment.

    (5) Let the filter run for 48 hours.

    (6) Discard the water and refill with clean water and add plenty dechlorinator. Run the filter for 6 hours and discard the water.

    (7) Put media back into the filter and install the filter in your tank again.

    I hope you find this helpful. It has worked great for me.

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  5. Hi! Sorry for the delay... My tank is a 29g All-glass aquarium with a black iron stand, a versa-top glass cover, two fluorescent strip lights (one All-glass and one Perfecto). The stand can hold a 29g on top and a 20L gal tank in the bottom. It will be available by the end of May. I will take some pics and place a post in the classifieds section within the next weeks.

  6. Thanks everybody, I will make sure to visit Tommy Hui in the near future! Daryl, thanks for pointing me to Andrea's collection of regional fish clubs.

    Swift, I live in Urbana... can't be any closer to Champaign. I need to keep both tanks until the first week of June (nowhere else to put my buddies) . I will post detailed info in the forum later this month.

  7. Hi Everybody! I am finally wrapping up my studies in Illinois and will move to Dallas, TX. Does anybody know of places to get aquarium supplies at good prices in the Dallas area? Also places to shop for nice goldies would be appreciated. I am hoping to sell my 15 and 29g fish tanks in Illinois and buy my goldfish a new home (55 to 75 gal) in Texas! Thanks for your help

  8. Hi Carole... I can see you have been tempted to go into aquascaping :)

    If you are looking for an impressive looking tank, you need to consider installing good lighting (seems that you have that already), getting a good substrate, and adding CO2 and fertilizers. You will need to get rid of your air stones and bubble wand because aeration strips out the CO2 from the water. Check your pH and hardness so you can buy plants that grow well under those conditions. Good luck with your planted tank!

  9. Air diffusers (or air stones) work very well for aerating the water. Smaller bubbles means more surface area for O2 exchange between the air bubbles and the air. Many wastewater treatment plants use something similar to airstones. I was able to increase the oxygen concentration in my 29g tank from 2ppm to 7ppm a few hours after installing an airstone. Sometimes water movement is not enough to keep the tanks aerated.

  10. Great job! Your tank looks great now and I am sure will look amazing by Summer. I guess you got quite a workout rinsing the fluorite :D What did you endup using to hold the riccia? Could you share your knowledge on succesful propagation of riccia?

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