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  1. If it's okay with you Kayla I will merge the threads I know the other thread was getting lost with all the new posts and threads and also got quite long but as Alex says the history is important so maybe it's best we join them up
  2. What was it (med name) the pond owner used on him right before he gave him to you?
  3. Okay I see it . Is it possible to set up a QT and do a water born treatment? Or actually if you felt confident a dip in abucket for 20 mins with some disinfectant type meds might be best. I am thinking this is skin/dermal and that the antibiotic foods treat internal stuff best and given his good swimming behavior he is strong enough to handle a quick dip or if you prefer a water born longer soak in a QT...
  4. Summer, I am so very sorry The video is so sweet and really he looked so happy and very fine back then. I wish we could have helped sooner. When you started this thread, the first thing you wrote was "my goldfish is stuck to the filter". This is a very serious condition.It is a big alarm bell in goldfish health. It is almost as serious as the C shape. It indicates permanently damaged organs.It is extremely hard to treat a fish with damaged organs. Not impossible always but a very tricky thing. Please understand we tried to help you and your fish!! As Mods and helpers here we have to weigh up the situation in each case, very carefully ;using our experience (thousands of posts similar that we have read and watched fish with the same symptoms and what worked or didn't) and try to give the best needs focused advice possible. Many, many fish in this condition have died immediately in antibiotic medication. Period.Antibiotics, all meds in fact work best when the fishes organs are functioning (NOT flipped) in a cycled tank. Most of the bacteria that get inside fish and cause damage are bacteria that are in all aquariums (cynaobacteria is indeed one, as I saw on the plant in your vid,I have also had it in my tanks many times-blue algae as it is often called is not toxic to fish in aerobic conditions). Ordinarily these bacteria do not affect the fish.The fish develop immunity to them. Stress factors in the tank build up to compromise immunity and the compromised fish (only) will succomb. Your fish was first compromised by something that damaged his swimbladder. This made him floaty and sticking to the filter and then in that very final curved shape. Based on what I have seen over 7 years helping in diagnosis forums here at kokos and my own medical research I want to tell you that you did what you could for your fish. In spite of feeling you could have done more . I am really, really sorry, your fish was clearly well loved and it is a horrible gutting experience to lose him like this.
  5. Looking sooo beautiful!! All of them and their ballerina fins~ I love the background print too, it works very well
  6. Love the shape of your tank Your babies are precious, I especially LOVE your shubunkin, he is so sweet with those huge black button eyes . Thanks for sharing Part One (not a hint or anything)
  7. So graceful Sakura. They are just lovely. Very serene swimming style
  8. Great job tithra ~marianna you are in excellent hands. And almost there Just a quick comment about "swimbladder" issues. The swimbladder is a balloon shaped sac twisted in the middle rather like those party people that do balloon tricks making animals you know what I mean? And those two sacs deflate and inflate as gases in the water pass through the fish. This is what keeps the sb fully pumped and functioning....the easy flow through of the gases. Some of the gases in water are: nitrogen, oxygen, carbondioxide to mention a few. The fish manages to osmote and pass through these gases, saving what he needs to use to swim and to stabilise his vascular system. Extras are passed out. IF the water contains ammonia gas and nitrite gas ---OOOOOOoooo .....>_< the fish cannot manage all these gases!!! He starts to reject the good ones in error and retain the bad That twisted double balloon begins to look deflated on one side. So does the fish So, in order for a fish to have good balance it is crucial the water is free or kept as low as possible of bad gases
  9. Hello marianna and welcome Yes the size of the tank mans that ammonia you are seeing will be even more deadly. Your tank is still "cycling" and these floaty symptoms are all to do with ammonia and nitrites in the water. Your very best bet is to find a larger space for your two fish. A plastic rubbermaid even, and set the filter on it and be committed to doing daily 80% water changes matching pH and temp until you can get the filter to cycle
  10. This is also a great "check how much the fish sitter is feeding" idea lol. Nice to get to see your pets this way while away. Your angels look so energetic and active as always.
  11. I'm so very sorry hun She was in a very bad way. Don't beat yourself up. Focus on your other fish and know you gave her love and she is at peace now.
  12. Have you ever treated your fish for flukes? That is something that needs doing. All your fish. 0.3% salt will also help your fish a lot with breathing but you need to take the salt up slowly so as not to crash your cycle or shock him more. Prazi and salt done slowly would be less harsh than an antibiotic and if you have never prazid this fish I would definitely do that. Again, personally I would not medicate with antibiotics a fish this weak but if you decide to, then you do need to separate him into a tub (you could use the bucket).
  13. hey Lisa. I remember you well, welcome back There are times when goldfish have to take a back seat but the hobby has a habit of biting back, so glad to see you back with it
  14. oooooOOOoooo very cool Your own channel!
  15. Hi. I have no experience with Seachem cycle product. I'm sure someone else will have and will comment. It seems unusual to have never seen any smidges of any nitrites or nitrates. i think the appearance of nitrates in an unplanted tank is the most reliable test of a cycled tank Sounds like your fish are fine though! Which is the main thing! I would keep checking all params for some time to know what is what. I think you have two spray bars with those filters (I have used both). Are they placed on either opposite tank ends? That gives max circulation of filtration Good filters. Over time you will need to bleach out the green hose as they can get filled with gunk and quite stubborn 'algae' growth IME. Yes always alternate filter cleaning and never over clean the biomedia...always with old tank water temperature matched too as bbs are esp sensitive to sudden cold temps.....what kind of bio media do you have in there ? You said you are washing the driftwood with hot water? That will kill any beneficial bacteria on those. That is fine if you have a strong cycle, but again..not sure on that yet. You say you have brown oxides? That suggests a tentative cycle start to me...confusing really. I would wipe those off as soon as they appear and make sure the tank gets some bright light for a short time every day to encourage a small area of green algae. That can be controlled too...with a little skill....to a small area where you want to have it. It can be invaluable as a food source, redox balancer and general fish health aid. How does your pH hold? Same from tap? Have you tried testing a few days apart without water change to see how it holds? Just a few thoughts.
  16. I'm glad to hear the pH is up Your tap pH is so low, how do you keep it higher in the tank? Buff it Up? Forgive me if I missed that part. I was wondering about your cycle. You say you used TC, then we tried Mar 2 and now Furan. It's very possible the cycle has been lost here as antibiotics can be very harsh on beneficial bacteria. Are you seeing any ammonia? What is the history of this tank? I went back to your first post hun and can't find when this tank was set up and if your baby was always alone? She is a cute little thing! I feel your distress, I hope we can get her back on her fins! Any more info would help...what about your filter..any biomedia in there? What do you have in the tank...ornaments wise? Any chance we could have a picture of the whole tank? Do you have a bubble wand? Splash on the surface? Just trying to rule out all the possibles for cause.
  17. When I had my pleco fry in a collander in the trop tank, I didn't want to move them because of the temp issues with matching the temp..so I would have one of my kids hold the collander in the water -lowering it slowly- while I did a big python vacuum and water change I seem to remember this went along with a small bribe of candy or a few coins.... I attached the collander with large plastic laundry clips and some clear selotape to keep it stable and had to redo all that each change. However it was worth it as it avoided moving them out of the water even for a second and also avoided any shock.
  18. The best you can do to help next is try for some stabilty. Some good aerated water that won't disturb him too much. Stable temperature and pH.It may be that after a few days in stable conditions without the shock of more moving- he may regain his appetite. Peas and strong smelling food like krill are very good to entice him but should be removed after 10 mins if he wont eat it as old decaying food makes a sick fish lose his appetite farther. The curved shape is a sign organs are malfunctioning. It is not good but there have been fish that have recovered from this too. Don't give up on him. Stay calm and know you are doing all you can. How are you going to be able to do water changes in the main tank with a collander attached? I have some ideas if you need some...
  19. Thanks mary-beth for your input. I don't know the ornament but there have been countless threads where fish have become floaty and returned to normal once gravel and ornaments were removed. You just never know. Plus some fish are more sensitive than others. Just like people. One is allergic to strawberries, another to incense sticks or whatever. I have had my own fish covered in "fungus" -floaty, flippy -countless times from plastic plants, bamboo -to name a few. This is absolutely normal. When a fish has new surroundings- give or take, they will become hyperactive and curious. You are absolutely the opposite!!!! You came here for advice and we are trying to help as best we can. We have all- every single one of us on this board I can guarantee- made small mistakes or large ones and lost fish ourselves. Nobody is the perfect fish owner and you are in the top 5% of good goldie keepers for the very fact you care enough to be here and getting help. Please do not blame yourself in any way. Goldfish are extremely difficult pets to manage. One of the hardest of all. I'm going to give you my opinion. Whether you take my opinion and act upon it is entirely up to you. You must decide. I think that your fish is suffering from a combination of malfunctioning sb and has also absorbed some anaerobic bacteria that are in all gravel tanks. These bacteria are very difficult to treat once the swim bladder has been damaged and medicating often pushes the fish over the edge because he is in such a weak state organ wise. Organs need to be functioning (kidneys and sb to expel waste). for medication to work. All your fish have been exposed without a shadow of doubt to the very same bacteria, because it only takes a few seconds for bacteria to pass into water and multiply and because these bacteria are the very ones that are living in the gravel and around all tanks. Their ability to deal with these bacteria will either make them stronger or they will in some weeks or months down the road also succomb to the same bacteria (far less likely if you reduce the amount of bacteria via large water changes and more gravel cleaning to keep viral and bacterial count low). So, if it was me I would return your moor to the main tank IF you could manage some way for him to be safe and secure and not bothered by current in there. I think so. I know how horrible this is, I know it is heart breaking feeling so helpless but really, talking this through, getting opinions and trying your best is all you can do How is he behaving in the bucket now? The same?
  20. Can you attach a filter to the bucket and put him in there ? I agree with Amy that cycled is a priority. Your baby is so weak right now the slightest thing will push him over the edge. Stabilty is really key. That means no tiny fluctuations in pH and temp (as inevitably with constant water changes).
  21. Your moor has been with the other fish before. Whatever he has been exposed to the other fish have too. It is probably the anaerobic bacteria that live under the gravel. If you can set up a separate tank or tub that would be good but it must be cycled and constant water changes to make it that way is so hard..on the fish.This is why I was asking about media, if you could somehow transfer a cycle. I am so sorry about your betta, that is awful. Could it be there was soap residue on the collander? Grasping at straws here.
  22. Okay so you need to get your moor out asap and back in the main tank in a collander. What kind of media did you say you have in there? He needs cycled water. How is the other fish? How many other fish in the main tank? They are all behaving fine yes?
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