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  1. Can someone tell me how to add photos from a windows xp- I wanna show my babies!
  2. I wondered about new fish brining in ich/ick. Every time a new fish comes something gets upset, the tank, the fish I was wondering if it isn't as much the water that we let in with the bag that the new fish is in. I mean one fish in our clean, cycled robust tanks surely can get better quick but a whole bag of scummy water form a bad tank in the shop might contain millions of problems. I got a new pearlscale for xmas and held the bag for 3 mins letting in my tank water but not letting out the shop tank water and then scooped my new fish quickly out and dumped the bag of potential poison. I've lost too many beauties in the past and hope this will work better.
  3. Lucky Wilbur. The last survivor too. He's a beaut. On the same horror level I was at a friends and saw her scoop up a fish that was floating upside down in her teeny bowl (who could blame him) and throw it down the kitchen sink! Iwas speechless and unfortunately too late to do anything. She was making pizza a way away from me and it was all too quick. I feel terrible! You did good.
  4. Thanks sandy. I came back today to find the thermostat wonky again. Water feels so cold but the reading is 15 evn though I have hd it on 18 for 2 days- just won't go the distance its so cold outside the tank.. anyway maybe I'll try the kettle again for w/c's. Thanks. Must be cold in Scotland too???!
  5. This is about heating cold water tanks. I never used to heat my 2 tanks. After all goldfish are coldwater fish right?However,In winter it gets down to 2 degrees here in North Japan(thats Celsius) and for the last few years my fish have slowed down to stop and hardly eaten on days when the night temp fell this low. I thought maybe such long cold winters were to blame for a lowered immunity last spring when I lost 4 dearest fishes to ick. Sooo began the heating thing. First I got a heater that had an unreliable thermometer..and nearly cooked the tank. luckily caught onto that in time and invested in a more expensive=better? thermometer that has a lower lowest temperature (that is 15C). It has been fine but.. :crp Then,I had this problem about water changing. If I used the water left sitting by the tank as I did in the old days when tank cleaning was so simple!-I was going to be rapidly lowering tank temp and/or pouring in on top of my enegetic curious fish family a nasty and dangerous cold shower. In fact I did this once and had my black moor turning chilly somersalts under the shower and she wasn't doing that for fun. What to do.. I tried so many things. Boiling a kettle of the saved water and adding adding water ever so slowly etc..but it was so hard to get the same right temp by guessing/feeling. Anyway, eventually I bought another heater to heat the waiting water to the same temp and have had no problems so far. Sounds basic but I didn't know that I had to buy s o many thermometrs/heaters!! Just wanted to share this and see what other people do about heating.
  6. I wanna see the tank. I am so envious. Suddenly my 20 gallon looks very inadequate.
  7. Interesting research. I often wonder how much you can teach them. my calico fantail Braveheart also ate from my fingers while sitting in the palm of my hand when it was very sick and on the tank bottom. It miraculously survived the ick and now is very tame always coming to my hand when i put the food in for him (he had babies last year with a molly) and his tankmates. I think fish iq is high and underestimated!!
  8. I love your fish and what a big snail!
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