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  1. It's more important to have zero ammonia. I would add more meds. Columnaris is fuzzy. It is unmistakeably fuzzy and soft- looking like fluff. There is usually a white pimple somewhere that remains small and does not grow and has a tip to it. That doesn't sound like the white sore on Smokeys mouth initially..the fins are usually badly affected and there is a definite yellowing necrosis at fin bases and in the "armpit" area. It usually works its way up from the peduncle to the gills with sore places presenting in that order.This looks different to me. I would stay with the meds and get as much aearation going as you can. These kind of medications can absorb as much as 70% of available dissolved oxygen in teh water. Increasing that -if you can- may help him get some appetite back.
  2. Very exciting! Congratulations. How many babies have you been able to find? Whoot!
  3. He's swimming around which is a good sign. Has he eaten yet? Quite right to take old pellets and food out, those can turn nasty so fast and wreck his appetite too. I can't really think of any food that keeps in water. He will be okay without food for the 24 hrs. I would leave the lights dim like this the whole treatment. It makes the medication work much better so you won't have to repeat it as many times. Have you seen any improvement/healing in any of the sore places?
  4. Okay so you could theoretically use 2 packets in 20 gallons at one go and then pick up some more meds... The sponge is sort of okay. Technically some sponge types absorb more than others...if its very tight knit spnge for example it will soak up more meds and if its a looser weave the meds will pass through easily.. Yes I always do water changes in between meds and re-figure the dosage. Almost all med instructions assume that you are treating a whole tank of fish in their own tank. For some obscure reason, fish medication makers have not caught on to the idea that people QT their fish to medicate :/ You need to dissolve the powder into a small paper or plastic/glass cup of tank water before mixing it in Check the water params daily. Even with meds ammonia and nitrite will read accurately. If you see either you need to water change. Hopefully the filter will hold the cycle for at least the first 12 hours and hopefully the full 48 for one course. Feed as normal. I totally believe in feeding sick fish!! If they will eat, feed them up. They need the nutritional boost.
  5. Oh okay so if you cant get more meds could you do 10 gallons in there or will the filter not reach? Yes the ceramic beads are perfect. Not the floss type mechanical (carbon, floss) filtration as that will absorb the medication as it passes through. Its the kind of medication that disintegrates over time so the first 12 hours are max effective and then slowly it degrades...so I would want to be "on watch" for some of that first 12 hour period.
  6. First of all, well done getting those meds. Good choice. Next..the directions are for a cycled tank. He will not be in a cycled tank so you can disregard the "replace carbon". Actually you can just chuck all the water and return him home after treatment As for the filter. The main thing you need to be aware of is the fact that these meds all consume an enormous amount of oxygen. Just the way they work. So the #1 priority is to get lots of aeration going. You also need to cover the tub so he feels like its night time, dim light anyway. This actually reduces stress hormones making the meds more effective. The filter: You need some media. NOT carbon but other media. What do you have besides carbon and filter cartridge? If you have nothing else, then I suggest you add a handful or two of gravel to the tank and maybe a little into the filter if it doesnt stop the impellor/motor..not familiar with your filter type. Exact dosage is very important with disinfect type meds. If you have 15 gallons then don't you need 2/3rd dosage ?...*bad at math I cant say if you should start now...whenever you feel ready and calm and have the time to set up properly and measure well. Smokey will be ok overnight but on the other hand sooner is better....hmm.
  7. Okay hun He will make it so long as he is in reasonable health (= not bottom sitting/floating or refusing to eat) before the med QT. I think he was stressed with the dip and got worse so leaving him overnight as is sounds good! Set the QT up ready to go for when you get the meds. Look for any mediaction that contains one of the greens (they are all the sameish as long as they have the word green in). If you cant find what I recommended above. Salt is good to ward this off and works on very minor cases, once it gets worse you need the Green. And it does work so don't worry too much He is a sweet fish, I am really attached to him too!!!!! We will do our best for him!! How soon can you do this?
  8. Yes he does look worse. Can you get Mal Green or formalin. He should be treated now more aggressively. Meth blue also works. Basically you need disinfectant type medication with either Green or formalin or Meth blue in. Quick Cure should have worked on this btw. It clearly was not dosed correctly or used properly, or possibly it was and it was kept at bay... I suggest: Fungus Cure by AP. Powder pack or capsule. Ick Clear by Jungle These both have Green in. As does Quickcure by Aquarium Products.
  9. Nah hun, I think I started the trouble..with the title Yes dnalex he is a funny guy fumi!!! Fang~ I should read those tip of the month entries more often
  10. Tithra~ your bubbles have a wonderful green about them! Thanks for showing. They look great I think I posted in the wrong section indeed I was away for some time and am still trying to work out how to navigate the new site. Seriously non tek minded. Helen, I think Imo is hitting on you! It's one of these dip and pour fish-transferring type of containers like they use them at the LFS to pour the purchased fish into the bag I just drilled about 100 holes in it for water flow. Really ghetto, but the pothos is an awesome and beautiful nitrate buster QUESTION though: Is it intention that this topic is in the exclusively subie section? Lol.I don't swing that way but a nice bubbly fish tank wins me a friend!! Very cool. I never saw that idea. Should be in tip of the month. Subbie thing~ replied above. Lol! Thanks MR B~ Glad you are enjoying!
  11. Well done Kayla. Excellent job. I am not thinking this is bacterial at all now. I think it is viral or even possibly true sap fungal which occurs usually on pond fish and does have an incubation period. Here is a pic of true (really bad sap fungus) also known and easier to pronounce lol as water mold: Whichever it is, salt will help and antibiotics will make it worse so I think we are on the right track. You could even do another salt bath at a slightly higher strength if this comes back and does not clear up, since he did so well in the first.
  12. stakos~ your bubbles look so pretty. Fang~ I love the whoosh of a HOB spray. You can get so much splash with them. And the 20 gallon looks really super bubbly. (Are your plants in a breeding box in that tank? ) It's fun to see people's tank tops and bubbles, keep 'em coming
  13. Wow. Very nice . i never saw such a huge bright moss ball. Perfect shrimp home. I can't wait to see more pics as you go along.
  14. I'm sure that would be okay with koko. I'll take the rap if not ok!! It's more advertising links or links to other goldfish site links not allowed. People often link to petfood or medications on sale etc.
  15. Aww You must have a difficult time choosing your favorite! Perhaps you dont ....I wouldn't be able to as they are each of them so precious!!!!! In the first video the music is so well chosen it is really just as if they are dancing in time with their little wiggles and shuffles..and the second tank..I really like the black sand so much. How it is to clean and keep? It looks stunning. As do your fish
  16. Haha!! People say that to me too! "Are you outside i can hear a lot of water" Well some people have music in the background, I have water
  17. I love the splash and bubbles in tanks . I like the noise better than the filter hum and I love the way they look. Not to mention how great they are for the fish. Let's see your bubbles Surface or in the water
  18. Eek yes it is certainly a lot more tricky doing w/c's when you have a big tap tank pH difference! Not mission impossible though. He does not need a large container for the dip. (Saves on salt too!). In fact 3 or 4 gallon bucket is okay. I would never put a fish in anything less than that size for more than a few minutes. This is 30 mins only so yeah 5 gallon, 4 gallon...a large bucket would work. You say you have a 3 gallon bucket? Is that the largest? Can you fix an airwand in your largest bucket/container so that he has bubbles. The bubbles are important to relax him. Oxygen is very de-stressing for fish Some splash really has to be in that bucket. Worst case scenario ...and I have done this CONFESSION OF A FISH LOONY alert follows : Sit by the bucket and continuously fill a small plastic cup from the bucket and pour it gently back into the bucket making splash: repeat: over and over: not stopping for 30 mins The reason I was thinking fresh water is, as you have guessed, there is a sort of headstart on the treatment as you will not be transferring any of his already sloughed off skin cells from the water in the tank. It is a nice fresh start for the salt to work really good. If there is no other way to match the pH then you will have to do it the way you are suggesting BUT I was thinking maybe you could add the buff it up to tap water and wait??? How long does it usually take to work (sorry not sure... I use coral to raise my pH not B-I-U). Thoughts?
  19. Absolutely!!! Well caught! I was going to say that after Kayla posted back as I didn't want to confound her with a huge long post with tons of info as I have a terrible habit of doing to people But this way with your post following it is perfect Two buckets or containers are crucial here. One with salt, one without for the rinse.
  20. The concentration should be 4 teaspoons per Gallon and the duration of the bath about 30 minutes. This salt strength will stimulate the protective slime coat, which will in turn enhance the immune response. The idea is the top layers of "skin" are sloughed off (usually you will see a white kind of peel left in the water after the dip). Surface bacteria and some parasites slough off too along with this peel. You need to get ready and allow 30 minutes of solid "observation" time. You have to watch him.This is extremely important as if the fish at any point FLOATS or FLIPS onto one side or even worse FLIPS OVER he must be removed immediately. But don't panic. Most single tail fish can handle a dip okay This strength is not too much to be a risk to a small fish like yours either. Get a bucket ready of fresh primed water that is the EXACT same temp and pH as the tank. Add a bubble wand. Dissolve and add the salt. When ready add the fish NOT with your hands....but by transfer using a plastic tupperware (no soap residue) or jug so he is AT ALL TIMES surrounded by water. If he experiences any transfer stress the benefits decrease so this I think is also important.
  21. Never mind hun . You did great. Please don't blame yourself. He is at peace now. It's funny what you say about that sudden recovery and then retreat. When one of my fish was gravely sick once after a parasite outbreak, he floated badly and felt light. He was at death's door I knew.But the day before he died he did something amazing. He swam around the tank all perfect looking, like a last goodbye to his tank mates or life. He died the next day. Don't want to get all heavy or anything but they say with terminally ill patients, the very same thing can happen. A last final spurt of immune strength to give them a final moment of health before passing on . Quite weird but not unusual at all. I wish all the strength in the world to your remaining fish. They are so cute and need you too
  22. He seems way too active and normal for this to be parasites in my opinion. Plus the fact that QuickCure treats costia, chilo, trich, velvet, ich, most of the main parasites. It is malachite green and formalin. Strong stuff that may have damaged his top epidermal layer. I think it is a viral or bacterial dermal/skin thing. This diagnosis might change if his behavior does and you need to watch closely for any signs of change there. I think you have two choices, a high salt bath for 30 mins to slough off old epidermal tissue and if that fails to work an extended QT treatment. I would try the salt dip first.
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