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  1. Yes. And I'm happy to answer the question as it's an important one. Chelating agents are compounds (combined ions or atoms) that are added to stuff to detoxify it usually. They bind with heavy metals, lead, mercury and arsenic for example and make them inactive. They also have another related function which is the function that is wanted when added to salt. That is, the agent stabilizes the salt's inherent minerals. When added to water, the agent is diluted and then seeks to bind with minerals in the water but at a very low dose/rate. Chelating agents/ions are in other products we use in the aquarium. Antibiotics contain some for example. The main thing to consider is your own source water and it's mineral content. Using a salt with a chelating agent in can affect your pH. It will not harm your fish because the dosage is incredibly minimal but it can harm your water balance. This may be good or bad depending on your individual kH/gH factors. Very broadly speaking they will make the water a little softer and can lower pH but if your pH is stable usually and at the high end, it will be a very marginal thing.. If your tap water contained lead or trace arsenic (yes some do) it might actually be beneficial. Anyway, yes you can use it with ease. It is not a big NO-NO additive, like YPS for example and it will NOT harm your fish but I would advice you to monitor your pH closely while using it
  2. Hello and welcome to kokos!! Wow that is really a very small tank. It's just that the water is going to get bad so much faster in that space and tight space stresses fish which lowers their immunity. Thanks for posting the water params and pH, it helps Anyway, about the poop. Thick may mean you are feeding a lot and yes they may have parasites. Have you noticed any flashing or darting around. I assume they are eating well? White poop doesn't always mean parasites however it can also be caused by stress. Since your tank is not (nitrogen) cycled yet it may be stress but on the other hand new fish from pet stores do also come to us with parasites. Most important thing first I feel (since your fish are behaving fine right now) is to get them into a larger space using the same filter and get your nitrogen cycle complete. I don't know how much you know about the cycle process, we are all happy to talk you through that here.
  3. What an itsybitsy precious baby Absolutely love him and that is a keep for ever pic (one for his grandkids) Your rescues make a beautiful pair and were lucky to have found a great home
  4. Also remember that the amount of bicarbonate of soda that you need to raise your pH can vary quite considerably. You need to keep testing as it can suddenly crash back down. This is because baking soda/bicarb of soda will not affect your gH (mineral hardness) like coral or mineral releasing buffers will. It will only increase the carbonate hardness (kH). How much b.soda is needed to raise the pH therefore depends on exact gH and kH configs. I have sat pouring b.soda in QT tanks on occasion pH testing every hour to find a small raise dropped back within the hour. For a long term solution I hope you can get the mineral releasing higher priced commercial buffer or a natural buffer like coral
  5. Stable pH is a great healer. Really. It's a very under rated healer. Stable temperature too will heal sores faster. Is she eating? Try to feed some high vitamin C foods, a sick fish often calls for a new tub of commercial food too since vit C is unstable and deteriorates very fast after food packets are opened. it is crucial for boosting fishes immune response/healing. When you have a tap pH that is high and a tank pH that is low what you have is a low mineral content in your water. This means that over time the water uses up its supply of minerals that are holding the pH at a fixed level. If you get your kH and gH tested you can work out exactly what kind of drop you have. Bascially the lower the number when you subtract your kH number from your gH number, the more dangerous and fragile your pH holding capacity is going to be. Our water has a fluctuating pH too. The pH can plunge right down within a day. I use coral as a substrate as it releases minerals continuosuly 24/7 that hold the pH steady..... longterm. The cheaper pH Up fixes have a very short life span and may end up crashing your pH since it is impossible to time their 'effective' timezone span and when they are going to be used up and suddenly you are right back to square one. Buff it Up is one of the better pH commercial buffers as it contains a mineral cocktail that lasts/is effective longer.
  6. Oh dear, poor baby. The other fish look okay right? I can't actually see the sores but I suspect they may just be from bottom laying and getting her mobile may just be a question of getting the pH up and stable and the water ammonia free for a sustained period of time. Sores will heal themselves in perfect sustained parameters. pH low is acidic and causes sores to start for example.
  7. I have had the very same problems with HOBS. I feel your pain It helped me to fill the tank water to the brim but the water flow was still slow.
  8. mikroll, try the "online shop" not ebay...second down after home in left column. Italy comes up in the scroll down list of countries they ship to when i tried that.
  9. An only fish spraying just means she's happy, and ready No fry or hatch outs without a male I'm afraid so yeah just cleaning time for now. Congrats anyway!!!!
  10. Thanks! Certainly will smell if there are hidden eggs that have either not been fertilized and are rotting OR are actually growing fungus Both those happeneings will make the water smell bad yes
  11. Yeppers. I tie them with elastic bands, as koko says they do get bunged up with gunk but are good for extra coral ...bio media etc if your filters can't home much
  12. The hormones released when a female is gravid peak and wane. As they peak the male fish get more active in their chase. As Lionchu mentioned they peak right before the fish releases eggs usually around dawn. The male nudging helps release them (usually) and the female's increase in hormone production is nature's warning to nearby males there are eggs in need of fertlizing. The eggs are released and then the males spray their milt over them to fertilize them. It is entirely possible she did release some eggs (first sprays can be just small amounts) and they were all eaten. They can be very hard to see and healthy goldfish can consume the whole batch within hours. As she makes more eggs and more neurotransmitters are released in the water the male fish will probably start to nudge and follow again. It can go on for quite some time. The female fish can get very tired too, watch out for that danger. Otherwise, enjoy the countdown to seeing eggs!
  13. Yes bucket to bucket and if you possibly can different python etc. Slightly cramped dorsal could just be stress from cramped space. Vivid color is a very GOOD sign!
  14. They are absolutely beautiful Congratulations Helen. A long trip and now they can relax and look forward to a long happy life in their new home. I am very glad to hear you did the salt QT bucket to bucket, it has always worked well for me. They actually look really good after such a long trip. Very exciting. Looking forward to tons more pics from now on
  15. Haha funny question It is true pond fish overwintering in real low temps will not be super excited about food. But anything above 10C yep, I'm with the 'never seen a unicorn' party. Breeders will feed their fish every 2 hours to get them to size for shows and the fish are eagerly hungry and eat their fill every time
  16. It is a good idea to treat new fish for parasites. What is the name of the maker of your Paracide (there are several kinds) and some precautions with using most of them. Massive extra aeration is for example really important when using any product that contains Green, formalin or trichlorfon/organophosphate. Are you able to make some dark area of the tank so the fish have a place to 'rest'. Darkness de-stresses fish and this boosts their immune response. Fish are extra stressed in new surroundings and water.
  17. Hello. It's been 10 days. Any improvement on your fishy? We all want to help! The questions that Spillie copied and pasted for you in post 2 are a necessary fill-in for this forum. We need to know how often you do water changes and how much for example. This will then help us help you and your fish best As Koko says nitrites and nitrate readings are also important so we know at what point you are with your nitrogen cycle. For example I know when my nitrates get to 20 I need to do an 80% water change etc...it helps us with the math and also to get a picture of your tank set up Do you have any hollow ornaments? Do you vacuum your gravel? To release gases that build up? If you used ich medication it is very likely that you have lost your nitrogen cycle. Did you see ich on your fish? Tiny white spots? As others have said please don't worry about your pH. 8 is a nice healthy pH if it is stable. pH changes around a bit and does need testing weekly or more however. Trying to bring it down could make your fish very sick. pH must stay stable-fixed. Hope to hear an update soon
  18. You could indeed boil it. A rolling boil for 10 minutes will kill everything, and at 12 years old I bet money is tight and that would be your cheapest option
  19. Don't forget all tetracyclines are light sensitive so the tank should be covered
  20. Thanks a lot. I still have them. They are now 5 years old
  21. Thank you very much and it's a pleasure. Happy fish breeding!
  22. Yes we really need more info Every set up is so different you see. Pics are a huge help too. But if you can't do pics, just some more info please! One thing I will quickly say is, with warmer water you do need LOTS of bubbles to get enough oxygen into the water and the surface should never be still in a tank. If he's gasping this is just ONE of the several reasons for it. we can talk you through all the others and help MUCH more when you fill out the doc's white box above (required info for this forum) please. Welcome to Kokos!!!
  23. Aw.Your poor baby!! That is a good box, it's fine the way you have done it too! As long as you occasionally release/lift it.There are many variations on this idea. i am wondering if your tank is cycled yet? Are you still getting 0 for nitrates? Cycled is so important for weaker fish. Also I'm wondering about your other fish, is he also bottom sitting? It looks like he may be in the picture above ?
  24. Yay. Good work team! Glad everything is working out. I'll move this over to discussion (diagnosis forum) as t is no longer an emergency yay
  25. Awesome work!! Yay!! Will move this thread out of emergency now
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